Happy Birthday Alvin

Baby Alvin

Today marks the one year “birthday” of Alvin joining our family.  The above photo is from the night we first met.  I remember that night clearly.  Earlier in the day,  I received the phone call to go and meet him.  So after supper, Amanda, Steven, me, Elton and Penny all drove down to where Alvin was staying.  The home of his foster parents.  It was a cold night.  Little did I know that my life was about to change forever.    When we arrived we were greeted by this little black and white cocker-spaniel puppy.  He was nervous but excited to meet us.  There was an instant connection between all of us.  My daughter and son-in-law loved him immediately.  Their dogs Elton and Penny were curious, but excited as well.  After a formal introduction and some conversation it was final.  I was a dog owner.

One year later, it is like we have always been together.  I cannot imagine my life without him (nor do I want  to).   As someone famous said on television this morning, he is the Gayle to my Oprah.  I think that is possibly one of the best lines ever.

When I begin each day, I always have a plan in mind.  A mental “to do list” if you will.  Or at least most days.  Somedays, I actually get through most of the items on the list and others, well,  I just skid by the seat of my pants.  LOL.  Today has been one of the latter.  I am okay with that ….. life is like that.  I learned a billion years ago to loosen up.  Too much structure is just too much structure.

So today, let’s see what have I done thus far:  got up, wrote my morning pages (kind of like journalling), shared an apple with Alvin, checked email and FB, had a shower, had some oatmeal (from scratch), emptied dishwasher, watched Regis & Kelly while having my morning cups of coffee, made first attempt to help my neighbour get her car out (she had got stuck out front), walked Alvin, had lunch, more coffee and watched some of The Talk (love this show).  When another friend’s husband  got home we pushed the car out of the snow.  There is a very low drain out front, and with all the snow it was hard to see.  But thanks to another (guy) neighbour we managed to get the car out.  It is parked in my garage so that is good.  There is too much snow out front for cars to park.  It only took two guys and three women to “unstick” the car.

After that was done.  We (my neighbour to whom the car belongs) shovelled the driveway to the garage.  I guess that is what you call it.  Anyway, I felt sorry for Mr. Alvin and figured that I would let him come out with us.  As we shovelled he would run to the back lane.  I called him back to the garage (only a few feet away), and he would come back.  This went on for about three times.  Then I decided that I had better grab him, and put him into the back yard.  Alvin had another plan.  He made a run for it.  Now as he has done before ….. his idea of making a run for it …. is to run into my neighbour’s back yard.  So off he went.  It was funny to watch.  There are times when I wished that I always kept my camera in my coat pocket.  The snow going into to her backyard is quite deep, and he just ran.  Bobbing up and down …. reminded me of a rabbit.  He ran straight to the back door of her house.  He could see her Mom through the window.  Once he made it through the snow,  and up onto the back deck, I could see his little tail wagging away.  So cute.  My neighbour Sherie and I just laughed.  I called him and he came back to me.  I could tell that he was so pleased with himself.  Happy to have had that taste of freedom.  Not on a leash.  Just on his own.  I figured that was a good birthday present for him.  I am going to the Bone & Biscuit store in a little bit and will pick him up some treats.  Perhaps a bone or two ……

“Too Cuteness” …..

One can never have too much “cuteness” …… Alvin with my friend and neighbour’s daughter Mahee-Lee.

Alvin at Christmas time.

Happy Birthday My Friend ….. I want to wish you many Happy Healthy Years.

We love you, Alvin.  I can honestly speak for everyone that knows him ……. he has a zillion friends and everyone LOVES him.

Isn’t that a great accomplishment for only being about one year ……..

P.S. I am so blessed and my life is RICH.  Thank you Alvin….


My Little Friend “Alvin”


You came into my life almost a year ago ..

You were small, needy and unwell..

You made me feel anxious and sad,

Helpless and mad.


But then one day … the veil lifted.

I fell in love with YOU.


Loving your dog is unlike the love you have for a child, friend or sibling.

It is unconditional.

No strings attached.

No arguments or compliments

The view is one-sided

Or perhaps it is not.

But the feelings are felt.

It is true and inspiring.


You have taught me patience.

To be more loving.


You came into my life late one night.

Almost one year ago.

An idea not conceived thoroughly

But yet ….. it was …

You are where you are supposed to be.

Lucky ME.

I am blessed to have you in my life.

We are joined at the hip (sometimes at the foot) LOL.

But nonetheless we are joined.

I love you Alvin.

You bring me great joy.

Continual amazement.

I know that you understand me.

Each word ….. even when you tilt you head to the side.

I know you know….

Thank you so much…..



Always, Your “Mom”



This KISS, this KISS (please stop, Mom you are embarrassing me!!)

Life is like that …. Part II

I must admit, and I do on a regular basis that I have lived an incredible life thus far.  Note to self and to everyone – plan to live an incredible life today, tomorrow and for the next fifty years or so.  Now that being said.  I must share with you a couple of stories from my youth.  Most people are lucky enough to have a friend or two throughout their lives.  Someone who sticks by you through thick and thin.  That can be literally translated.  But you know what I mean.  I am certain that I had friends from the moment I came into this world.  The nurses and the doctors were my first friends.  I really do not remember, but I do recall my Mom telling me about them.  They have to be your friends ….. cause who else would want to clean off the “stuff” from your tiny little naked body, let’s call it that ….. cause the proper words well I would prefer not to mention them (by the way, Alvin is listening as I type these words) LOL.  Would you trust a stranger to gently whack your baby’s bottom?  Okay, I am getting slightly off track but I believe that you get my drift.  I am a “friend magnet”.  Truly, I am.  My family have cajoled me about this my whole life.  I can be in a lineup at the grocery store, and start a conversation with a total stranger and within a couple of minutes they are sharing their deepest darkest thoughts and memories.  I love being this kind of soul that attaches to people so quickly.  I love hearing their stories.  People absolutely amaze me.  Okay, back to my childhood.  My FRIENDS.

My first friends were the Obrigewitsch brothers Trevor and Tim.  They were close in age to me and my sister, Cindy.  Our Dads grew up together.  I have so many photos and honestly we could have passed for quadruplets as we were all about the same size.  The boys looked alike and we girls did as well.  Okay, to this point I have not named names but I think that naming your friends is a good thing to do.  After all, everyone knows my siblings names and parents etc.  We used to play hide and go seek.  It was a good game.  I honestly do not remember all of the games that we used to play but that is okay.  We had fun and I do remember that …. for sure.  It is funny, or strange how life comes full circle.  When I was 16, I moved back to live with my Grandmother on the family farm.  My Grandpa had died in a combining accident.  Guess who our neighbours were?  Now the boys were all grown up.  I do remember the fun that we had together.  They had skidoos.  We spent lots of time driving them back and forth in the fields that first winter.  I remember driving one of the skidoos right through a barbed wire fence.  You see on the farm there are no street lights.  The only light you have is the moon’s glow and if there are any nearby yard lights.  It was scary, but we came out of it okay.  I will always be grateful to the boys for taking the time to be with me.  They were truly the best guys.  I loved their parents Les and Venita.  Such wonderful people.  Always made me feel like I was at home.

I guess to be truthful my first girl friend was my little sister Cindy.  Even though she was my sister – she was and remains my friend to this day.  When we were just little we played outside with whatever we could find.  Our imaginations played a grand role in our games.  We would pretend to be almost anything – farmers, world travellers, beautiful women with lots of shoes, (that is another story), nurses, teachers, horse trainers and so many more.  Sometimes we did not get along but at the end of the day …… we always made up and carried on.

My first girl friend outside of family was “Deanna Lee Callfas”.  We were not yet going to school when we first met.  Our parents used to visit each other from time to time.  Our farms were not close together but I was thankful anytime that we went to their house. Deanna had a twin sister Debra (Lynn) and several siblings.  She was my confidante, my shoulder, my go to for anything.  The first time that we truly was separated was the winter that we spent in Texas.  My Dad owned some property in southern Texas.  He did not like prairie winters (as I have already mentioned).  One winter my Mom put her foot down, and we all went to McAllen, Texas for the winter.  Now that was an experience that I shall not soon forget.  There are small tidbits of that time that I remember with a clarity that brings a smile to my face.  I remember the teachers being so upset about Dad pulling us out of school.  I was in grade six, Cindy was in grade four and John was in grade one.  But as I had mentioned earlier I loved school so I became the teacher.  We had what we called the “sun room” and a couple of desks.  The teachers had relented so we had all of our school books and supplies.  By the time we came home –  we had all completed all of our studies.  The only subject that was troublesome was math.  It was the “new math” and I was not able to finish the text before returning home.  We all passed with honours ……  During the time in Texas, Deanna and I wrote letters to each other.  We would send small gifts like a handmade bracelet or a book mark.  Even though we had a grand time in Texas it was wonderful to go back home to my best friend in the whole wide world.  I missed her so much.   Another circle completed when I moved back to Saskatchewan (we had left the farm in 1971 to go to B.C. – another story) in 1973 to live with my Grandmother.  Guess who was in the school that I would have to attend “Miss Deanna Lee” ….. my best friend.  When we left the farm …… throughout the two years we were apart ….. we always kept in touch by mail.  I guess that is why to this day I love receiving letters.  My Grandma used to write to me as well while we were away.  Love letters.  Together again.  We started school together in Grade 1 (before kindergarten days) and went to the completion of Grade 8.  Now in Grade 11 we were back together.  Even though my Grandma sold the farm and we moved to another neighbouring town “Windthorst” – we were living in the same area so we could see each other often.  She was my rock and I believe that I was hers.  We remained in touch after graduating from High School and for a few years before life grabbed hold and pulled us in different directions.  But you know what I am so blessed because after many many years and in quite an unexpected way – we came together again.  This time we were all grown up.  Had children of our own …… some out on their own.  One of my dear friends from work was attending the same church as Deanna.  I guess at some point my name came up.  Anyway, long story short.  Heidi hatched a plan that would bring Deanna and I back together again. Their church held a monthly Ladies Potluck Breakfast.  The plan was that Heidi would pick me up and take me with her.  We got to the church before Deanna and I hid so that she would be surprised.  She was surprised.  Tears were flowing and life was great.  Deanna’s Mom Betty also was there that morning and it was so great  to see her again.  I attended those Ladies Breakfast for several years before moving to Edmonton.  Even though we don’t see each other often, I know she is my “forever friend”. … always in my heart and always in my mind.  She is the best.  A life long friend.  I am so blessed.  I have so many friends but there will always be a special place in my heart and soul for Miss Deanna Lee Callfas.

Life is like that …..

Well here we are …. Thursday, December 30th, 2010.  I wonder where the time has gone.  My plans have gone slightly awry but oh well.  Life is like that….  I must say that no matter what …. I do the best that I can every single day.  Somedays that means getting up, spending time with Alvin (my dog), eating and perhaps going for a walk.  But most days – life is busy.  How did I get to this place?  I wonder.  Well, let’s see.  I was born to a young couple back in 1957 – they were farmers.  My Dad was a dreamer, very intelligent, well read and loved to travel and likely most of all – did not “appreciate” the cold prairie winters.  My Mom simply loved people, and it was apparent when she passed away.   She also was one of the hardest working women that I have ever known.  I am proud to say that I inherited her superb work ethic.  Following in family tradition is my daughter, Amanda.  My siblings all work hard, too.  It is important to say that as they are very important to me.  Siblings, I had four.  Three younger brothers and a younger sister.  My sister  is eighteen months younger than me followed by the three boys.  We lost our middle brother in March of 2009.  Our parents slipped away in 1993 leaving me the eldest in our immediate family.  Going back to those times which seem like a lifetime ago – is both reflective and interesting.  I remember all the fun we siblings used to have playing outside.  We used our imaginations.  We were not poor but toys were something that we only got at Christmas time or perhaps on your birthday.  My paternal grandparents lived five miles away from us on the farm and were a constant in our daily lives.  I was greatly influenced by my paternal Grandmother.  She was this petite lady ….. strong willed ….. smart and well liked in the community.  She belonged to the Eastern Star, played the organ and piano at church, and was by far the best “baker” on the planet.  My Grandma taught me how to dance.  I remember “marching” around her living room as she played some grand old song.  She taught me how to waltz, fox trot, march in time, polka, two step, box step and many others.  I found these to be most helpful over the years …… I had rhythm.  When I close my eyes I go back to her living room on the farm …. complete with the piano……. I do not know what I was wearing but I can hear the music and feel my feet touching the floor gracefully.  Was it really that long ago?  I miss those days.  Life was simple.  Life had it’s issues but for the most part it was wonderful.  My Grandma had been a teacher when she was younger and was always willing to teach us …..  I am so grateful for those memories.  One foot ….. slide to the left ….. ah…  Grandma also taught me the importance of “good manners”.  I believe that it was the most important lesson of all.  Manners open doors and keep them open.  Manners start conversations and keep them going.  Manners place you out front.  A simple “please” and “thank you” goes a long way.  It is something that I made sure that I taught my daughter and I continue to teach any children who come my way.  Over the years, the art of “manners” and being polite was lost.  I aim to bring it back.  Back to where it should proudly take it’s place.

I will always treasure those days.  My Grandfather taught me to play cards (both of them played cards, whist was big back in those days) and how to laugh.  He was a quiet dear soul.  We used to have fun.  There were horses and cows that all had names.  Chickens that had distinct personalities.  I remember one time while we still lived on the farm near Corning, Saskatchewan …… we had this rooster.  His name was Mac Gregor and he was a force to be reckoned with to be sure.  He would always hide up on the ledge at the door of the barn and when we walked into the barn …. he would jump down.  Sometimes it was very painful.  His “claws” were sharp.  Anyway, this one time my Grandpa was over to the house and we were outside at the barn.  I had told him about this mean rooster and he decided to teach him a lesson.  So he donned leather gloves and made a hook out of an old wire clothes hanger, before entering the barn.  When Mac Gregor jumped down – he had the surprise of his life.  As Grandpa grabbed him and gave him a good “threshing” with his leather glove.  Surprisingly enough that old rooster never jumped on us again.  People think that they do not have any intelligence but I think they are pretty smart.  Me and Grandpa laughed for a long while about that old rooster.  Between our farms we had lots of cattle, horses, chickens, ducks and pigs.  Also dogs and cats.  Lots of animal life.

Springtime was my favourite time of year back on the farm.  It was at that time that all the babies were born.  Baby calves are so cute.  You could just hug them like crazy.  The smell of the snow melting ….. sound of running water….it was heaven.  We had crocuses on the farm and in the spring they were a furry purple blanket covering many a field.  My love of walking came from the farm.  I loved to walk in the fields.  Checking out the flowers and grass.  Seeing what was what. I loved the farm.

School was another huge part of my life.  I loved going to school (yes, really).  My sister and I being the oldest of the children had to spend a great deal of time at home helping out.  There were always lots of chores to do, the little boys to watch out over and housework.  I cooked my first meal at age six.  My Mom pulled a chair to the counter and I watched as she prepared a stew for the combining crew.  There were no thoughts as to whether or not it would be good – it just had to be.  I found that I was good at it and loved to cook.  Mind you my siblings might tell you a different story and that would be because I loved to experiment.  I used whatever things we had and sometimes we didn’t have everything that was needed so I substituted ingredients along the way.  But it was fun.  My Mom’s specialities were fish & chips, fudge,  pumpkin tarts, and angel food cake.  How could I forget, her “mustard yellow bean pickles” …. they were amazing. Those are the things that I remember the most.  All of which were treats.  We were not pampered or spoiled that was for sure.  We all loved visiting my Grandparents as Gran always had such delicious baking on hand just for us.  Something we didn’t have much of at home.  My Mother helped outside most of the time so there wasn’t time for baking treats.

Well all this talk of food is making me hungry.  It is almost 1:00 p.m. so guess I had better go and have some lunch.  Alvin is lying “patiently” on the hallway floor.  He reminds me of someone “human” …. I just have not figured out who?

I will return…..

I am most disappointed.  Here it is going onto 5:00 p.m. and I have been writing for most of the afternoon.  At one point I had well over 2,000 words in this particular blog.  Then I went off doing other things (photos etc), and then realized that everything, I had written after lunch was not saved.  I am so sure that I clicked on the update button, in fact several times.  What on earth has happened?  Well I guess I will have to figure out what all I wrote.  I remember a couple of things but when you are just typing what comes to your mind – it is not an easy thing to recreate.  But there is no use in pouting over it.  Just have to continue on.  I am a bit disappointed.  There is certainly something to be said for the old paper and pen method.

Well I know that I mentioned about our birthday parties.  So I shall begin there.  During the summer months especially the month of August – there were several family birthdays.  We met up with cousins, aunts and uncles at a nearby lake.  We would swim and play and then have a wiener roast before returning home to the farm.  At home, we would wolf down cake and ice-cream.  Mom would usually bake an angel food cake.  It remains one of my favourites to this day.  If I compare those birthdays to ones now – I would say that we definitely had more fun.  We were happy just to have company and to play.  Going to the lake was a big deal and a hot dog was an even bigger deal.  There were not a ton of birthday presents.  We did not book a venue.  Mother Nature let us simply enjoy the fruits of her labour and we were grateful.

I believe that another story I mentioned in the “unsaved” 1000 words ….. was this.  My Dad subscribed to a paper called “The Western Producer”.  I loved to read it given the chance.  There was one section that really appealed to me.  I do not recall just how old I was at the time but somewhere between 10 and 14, I will say.  The section was the “Pen Pals”.  I would read them and dream of having one of my own.  One day, I wrote to a boy named Carl who lived in Manitoba, neighbouring Canadian province.  We wrote back and forth for years.  It was an experience that I shall treasure forever.  In fact, several years later …. when Miss Oprah Winfrey started a website and had “Message Boards” …… I began to correspond with several women.  That was ten years ago, and I have kept in touch with one of them.  Ingrid from Sweden.  We have been through a lot together over these past ten years.  I treasure her friendship and hope someday to meet her.  I wonder what the longest “unseen” relationship is?

Feeling better now.  Just finished another five hundred words.  Alvin has had his supper so I have some time to write before I have mine.

Okay now what else did I write about…. !!! ???  Perhaps I should stop for the day.  I did great.  Started writing about mid morning until almost 5:00 p.m. with breaks for lunch, Alvin’s walk and his supper.

I did mention about the “Irish Concerts” that our nearby town used to hold when I was a little girl.  It was exciting as both me and my sister each got a new pleated skirt and white blouse.  We did the irish jig one year with some other little girls.  It was so much fun.  There were Christmas concerts.  We also held Christmas concerts at home for our parents and grandparents.  We used cardboard boxes to make signs and things.  Another item we used was “toilet paper” ……. our craft box was not exactly full of coloured construction papers, crayons, glues, sparkles etc.  We made the best of what we had and had a blast doing it.  Me and my siblings would sing Christmas songs.  Jingle Bells and Silent Night.  Ah, what memories.

Well I guess I did remember most of what I had written about and neglected to save.  The words and their order might be different but I did manage to remember the main theme of each story.

OMG, there are so many stories that I want to share with all of you.  I hope that they bring a smile to your face and a lightness to your heart.  Perhaps we share a similar experience.  That would be so great.  Well, I guess it is time to sign off.  I will continue the story telling tomorrow.  Have a blessed night.  Thank you for reading.

Always, Carol

Alvin and the Snow !!

In case you were not aware …. over the past couple of days the City of Edmonton has received a TON of snow.  Yes, that white stuff is covering everything …. up, down and all around.  I have been shovelling like mad.   Alvin, my dog came outside with me while I was shovelling in the back yard.  I have a deck that goes from the house to the garage.   There isn’t much room left in the yard to actually put the white stuff.  In the beginning, I was throwing it off the deck ….. I can no longer do that …..anyway back to Alvin.  He was sniffing about as he likes to do.  He follows me wherever I go …. if I am in the living room, he’s in the living room.  So when I am outside he wants to be outside.   Alvin had been outside for several minutes, and it is kind of cold when I noticed that he was lifting up his paws (as if they were freezing) …. so I ran over to him and called him to go into the house.  I went in and wiped off his paws with a soft towel ….. poor little guy.  When I went back outside to finish the “snow removal” …. he was watching me from the back door (window).  Once he warmed up up, of course he was back outside…

Earlier in the day, about noon,  we went for a walk.  I get all of these flyers, so I usually take them to a new friend who does not  receive them.  She lives a few blocks away.  I had cleaned off our front walk earlier  but most of the way Alvin was jumping, like a bunny  through the snow.  LOL.  Unfortunately his Momma was holding onto the leash for dear life …… I got a workout, that is for sure.  He was cold by the time we got home as he would stop and look up at me …. I think that he wanted me to carry him.  I would have picked him up but he has definitely put on a bit of weight  (was 22) over the past couple of months, and I wasn’t sure that I could carry him too far.  But if it had been any colder outside I would have picked him up to warm him.  I am a good Momma (not pack leader).  Oh, Alvin also wears a jacket so at least his body stays a bit warm.

Just a little while ago it was time for a bath ….. oh, I also found this gadget called a FURMINATOR (superman kind of brush for animals that have lots of extra hair/fur).  So I brushed him downstairs before going to the bath and got a good handful of hair.  He really did stand there pretty good for me.

So now Alvin has had a bit of exercise, brushed and combed, bathed and clean …… (he is napping now).

He is tuckered out…..  Momma has to go now and finish making some Christmas presents (jewelry), and then get the crafts all in order for the little kids Christmas party here on Saturday and if time allows WRAP presents.

Well it is almost 3:00 p.m. …… yikes.

Alvin says Merry Christmas…..

Always, Carol

Alvin and the Red Leash

I have learned so many things about dogs since I adopted Alvin back in January of this year.  Alvin and I started our daily walks back in February.  Initially, I had to wait to take him out into the neighbourhood.  He was on medication, and did not have his shots, and was not neutered.  So once he had his shots and stuff we were able to get out of the house.   Most of our walks consisted of Alvin pulling me along to where he wanted to go.  He loves to sniff everything that he sees.  I am pretty patient for the most part so I let him lead the way.  The leash that I was using would extend when he pulled on it (unless I had it in the lock position).  When he got ahead of me, Alvin would sometimes get something off the ground and eat it.  Yuck.  I mean, really.  LOL.

One night last week my daughter and son-in-law and “puppies” came over for supper.  After supper, (as it was a beautiful evening) I decided that Alvin and I would walk them home as we had not been out that day.  (Most days we go for two walks).  As we were walking along my son-in-law noted that our walk would be much more enjoyable if “I did the leading” and for that I would require a different kind of leash.  Steven said “we have an extra one that you can borrow.”  I also received a lesson in dog walking (which I desperately needed).  Yes, you might wonder why I would have waited this long to do this ….. well as with anything …. time goes by and you just sometimes keep doing what you are doing until  one day the LIGHT BULB comes on, and that’s when you make changes.  I was pleasantly surprised when Steven was walking him how well he responded.  Note:  Steven has taken him for walks before and he, Alvin listened to him.  Must be the “male” thing.  LOL.

When we got to their house, Steven grabbed the new leash for Alvin.  Guess what it was RED.  I think red is a great colour.  Powerful and strong.  I felt powerful and strong.  Maybe now I could become the LEADER OF THE PACK, vroom vroom…… (remember that song from like the late 60’s – early 70’s).  I thanked my kids for the new leash and we were on our way.  Alvin did so well.  Our walk home was much more enjoyable.  Actually felt like we got a work out.

So that is my story about Alvin and the “red leash”.

Always, Carol

P.S.  our walks since that night have been great.  I am leading the way and he is walking right beside me or a bit behind.  It was a great lesson for me to learn.  I am most grateful to Steven and Amanda for all of their help with Alvin.  They are the best daughter and son-in-law that a Mom could ever ask for …….  🙂

Alvin’s first snowfall with me …..

This story of Alvin and the snow …. well it begins late late last night……

Me and Alvin do not sleep through the night.  My excuse is my bladder is over half a century old, and well his excuse, I really don’t know.  Because dogs cannot talk.  Oh, somedays I really wished that he could speak, I mean really talk.  Hold a conversation.   So one of us or sometimes both of us gets up during the wee hours of the morning or really late at night.   Sure wished that he could be trained to use the toilet. Wouldn’t that be great ….. on a cold snowy winter morning.  Anyway, he woke up at 2:00 a.m. and it was raining at that time.  When we got up at 6:00 there was SNOW covering the deck and the grass, it was everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.

I was kind of hoping that it would hold off until say Christmas Eve!   But I guess Mother Nature just could not wait.  I am hoping that she was just playing an early “cruel” Halloween trick on us, and that the sun will shine, and melt this white wet blanket. We can only HOPE and WISH.

The first time we went out Alvin was pretty quick about doing his “business” (I think that is such a funny way of saying, they peed or pooped, I mean honestly).  LOL    About mid morning he had to go outside so being the good Mom that I am, I grabbed my digital camera, and out we went.  He walked around a bit and then kind of went a bit “snow crazy”.  He ran, then he slipped on the deck (kerplunk), and off he went again.  Then he would do his bunny hop jump off the deck and tear back and forth across the grass.  At one point he jumped up into the flower/shrub bed (which by the way, he loves it up there).  He continued to do this for several minutes.  At the end of it all, guess what my “baby” did …… pooped in the snow on the deck.  I am not sure what he was thinking.  But Mama was not very pleased with the boy.  Thank goodness that it was in the snow.  Ooh.  I did manage to take some video of his romp around the backyard/deck so hopefully it turned out okay.  He was very fast and I could barely keep up with him.

The snow is very wet and heavy.  I shovelled the deck off and now have a nice little mound of snow on the grass area.  Hopefully Alvin won’t make the same mistake twice.  LOL.

Well that is my Alvin story for today.  I love the way he hops off the deck, honestly he looks like a black and white bunny rabbit.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

P.S. Sir Alvin is resting comfortably on my comfy computer chair as I type this story on a backless stool.  I guess we all know who is the “leader of this pack” ….

Bedtime …..

Yesterday in the City of Edmonton, and for sure in my neighbourhood the air was warm and the sun was shining.  It felt like an early August summer day.  A few weeks ago, I decided to put the cover on the air conditioning unit outside, and not use the air conditioner anymore this year.  After all, it is almost the end of September.  So needless to say it got warm in the house.  I opened the windows upstairs and down.  I was watching the beginning of a new television show called “THE EVENT” when Alvin decided it was time for bed.  He went upstairs but I coaxed him back down.  He laid down on his tummy at the foot of the stairs as if to say “time for bed” ….. so the good Mother that I am (okay, he is spoiled), I turned off the television set and we did our usual bedtime routine.  First take Alvin outside to go pee, then brush his teeth and finally brush his hair.  Then upstairs we went.  For the first time in awhile, I didn’t bother going onto the computer – decided to just go to bed.  I wanted to spend more time reading, and was a bit more tired than usual.   Alvin, was confused I guess as he laid down in the hallway.  After a few minutes of coaxing he came into the bedroom, and I quickly shut the door.  The bedroom window was open as were the blinds.  So I closed the blinds on the one window that does not open, and on the open window left them slightly open (about maybe four inches).  So after I did my nightly routine, I crawled into bed.  Alvin was lying on his blanket …. on his tummy facing the open window.  I was pleased to see this as I knew he would be a little on the warm side.  Was reading away when we heard some voices outside.  Well, Alvin jumped up and off the bed.  He made this weird  bark, there is no real way of describing it other than to say it was both a deep and high pitched sound.  He was up to the window and scrunched down to see out of the window.  I wanted to laugh but figured it was not appropriate.  Up, I sprang from my comfortable position and closed the window and the blinds.  As I was going back to bed, I said to Alvin, “time for bed”.  He jumped up and laid down.  Honestly, he is so funny.  Just goes to show that for the most part he is definitely a creature of habit.  But I loved watching him look out the window.  He is so used to having the blinds wide open.  That is my Alvin story for today.  As I write this – he is curled up on my comfy leather computer chair while his Momma is sitting with her legs crossed on a stool from IKEA.  Now the stool is pretty comfortable for a bare bones kind of seat.  ….. LOL ..

It is all good, as I so often say.  Remember to spay and neuter your pets.  I heard on a television show yesterday that in the U.S. they put down 45 million pets annually.  I sure hope that I heard those numbers, incorrectly.  Please look after the little guys and girls that you have ……

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

Alvin slept thru the night !!!

Just when I was almost getting used to getting up at 2:30 or 3:30 in the morning, the PUPPY surprised his Momma this morning and awoke at 6:40 a.m.  YAY.

Isn’t life grand.  Guess cause it was a Monday morning?  Not sure his reasons but I am most happy.  Up until last night or early this morning, Alvin has been waking up and wanting to go outside anywhere from 2:30 – 4:00 in the morning.  I have been getting up and taking him outside.  My reason is:  if the puppy wants to go outside, which he does, I am certain he has a good reason, which he did.

I did lay my foot down and did not “cave” and feed him breakfast when it was that early.  Instead we retreated to the sofa which is what we have been doing for months.  Alvin’s usual time of waking up is between 4:30 – 6:00.  But after over thirty years of having to arise early for work, which years ago included getting Amanda ready for the day …… I really like to sleep in a bit.  After all, I thought 8:00 was a good time to get up.  Oh my Alvin, keeps me on my toes.  Lately he is off schedule. Perhaps he is figuring we should mix things up a bit.  I cannot blame him for that….. after all his Momma is a writer and jewelry maker & designer so I am mixing things up all the time.

I love my Alvin.  As soon as I get ready and pop a load of laundry in the washer we are off on a walk.  We try and go every morning and every night.  We miss the odd one but are pretty faithful.  Good for our minds, bodies and souls.  Today we are going to pick up my grand-puppies, Elton and Miss Penny.  They will be spending the day with us.  So it will be fun and busy.

Have a great day !!

Always, Carol

ALVIN, that puppy !!!

I guess it has been awhile since I last shared a story about my little (okay not so little, any longer) puppy named, ALVIN.  He definitely feels at home here with me.  Lately, I have been spending extra time on the computer in an effort to get our (Amanda and mine) bracelets set up to sell on Facebook.  The first few times, he would lie in the hallway outside the office.  He would be good for awhile and then grow weary or perhaps just bored and get restless.  At that point he would walk about the office.   Sometimes stopping to chew on one of my photo boxes.  YIKES.  Mama was not so happy about that, let me tell you.  Then he would whimper, do the biting thing (pulling on my socks, pants, feet or all) until he got me to turn off the computer and go downstairs.  Most times he was happy to snuggle on the sofa with me.  Not so good for getting things done.

Sometimes I would succeed in getting him to lay down or play with one of his toys.  A few days ago, I realized that he only wanted to get up and see what I was doing.  Maybe it was his way of being part of the “family business”.  LOL  Alvin, is a bit too big to be lap dog so in my effort to get work done I simply picked him up, and placed him on the computer chair.  Rolling it off to one side so that I could slide a stool in front of the computer.   Well, that is just what he wanted.  He curled up, and was quite content.  He didn’t fuss or anything.  Just laid there for quite awhile.  Meanwhile, Mom is sitting on a hard stool with no back.  Really what is wrong with this picture.  LOL.  Sometimes we just do things in the moment not thinking about down the road.  A quick fix.  Well, I quick fixed this all right now every time or almost anyway, he whines until I put him up.  So he rests comfortably while my back aches a bit from spending hours on the computer.

Perhaps he knew what he was doing all along !!    🙂    Anyway, I have created quite the monster.  My ALVIN, gotta love him.  He is so darn cute that

I cannot help myself.  Well having company for supper and I haven’t quite decided what to make.  It is 4:10 p.m. and they will be here at 6:00.  No pressure.  LOL.

I hope that you enjoyed my little story about my dog Alvin.  Really he has a personality ….. very much like Alvin of The Chipmunks fame.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

P.S. now it is 4:25 p.m.  yikes …… gotta go.

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