Thought for the day…..

Wow, last night it rained here in Edmonton.

Rain on October 26th…….

Always good to have some moisture.

One thing that I learned from yesterday …..

Always pay attention to directions ….. if the note says 99th Street ….. do not turn down 100th Street.


A person can always find their way back but sometimes it takes an additional 40 minutes.

I’m just saying …… crazy how one turn too soon ….. anyway.

Everything is good.

Alvin is getting into this …. sitting / lying on my Momma’s lap while she is writing in the morning.

I think he might be interested in writing.

This morning he rested his cute head on the table, I cannot imagine that was very comfy.

But we found a comfortable spot and he settled in …. while I wrote.

So on this Thursday, October 27th ……. always be prepared for something out of the ordinary….

Keep your cool and you will always find your way ……

Have a great day.

Special Hello to: Amanda, Cindy K, my Angels, Alvin, Elton, Penny, Steven, Anick, Lea, Mahee-Lee and David (we miss you much).


Always, Carol

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