Living … One day at a time

Good Morning …. Tuesday it is.

Dark out and that will be our reality for the next few months as we enter winter.

Yesterday was a crazy day.

Started out with my carpool not going in to work.

Grateful that I was able to catch a ride to work with Humphrey’s Mom.

So grateful.

I was prepared as I had a winter coat and boots out and ready to wear.

When catching the bus you have to be prepared for anything weatherwise.

When I got to work I was pleasantly surprised just outside the office building by the approach of a man.

The man turned out to be my brother from another mother.

He feels like my younger brother.

In fact, I quite often refer to him as such.

We used to work together and he is such a nice guy.

It was wonderful to see him and catch up.

Throughout the day it was busy.


At 3:45 p.m. the fire alarm went off in our building.

The alarm is deafening.

I grabbed my phone, purse and coat (not in that order).

Not realizing until I was outside that my house keys were in my big bag.

Four fire trucks came out to the call.

We waited semi patiently outside in the freezing cold and wind for the all clear to go back inside.

I did think to text Humphrey’s Mom and thankfully she was able to come over and let Alvin outside and feed him.

I had no idea of how long it was going to take before we could go back in.

It was almost twenty minutes later before we got the call.

The other half of the building is under construction / renovations.

This is not the first time the alarm has gone off and was not a test.

Once given the go ahead I rushed back into the building and up the stairs.

Got to my desk.

Turned off the computer.

Put on my boots, grabbed the big bag (checked for house keys), threw my purse inside the bag and ran to the bathroom.

Cause everyone knows when you get cold you have to pee.

Yup, I said that word.

Once done, I made a hasty exit of the building and walked as fast as I could for the bus stop.

I was pretty certain that I was going to be late but held out hope that I would make it.

At least at the end of it all – Alvin was fed and let outside.

So I did not have to worry about him.

Luckily I managed to get not the first bus but the next one.

We passed the first one at some point and I only had to wait at the bus terminal for a few moments.

Even got home near the same time as usual when I catch the bus.


So grateful …..


Well almost time to head downstairs.

That was my Monday.

Today will be quiet and easy.

Let us hope.


With kindness and respect, I shall get through each day.


Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day

This has been one of those days – one of those days when I miss PEOPLE.  Al, just doesn’t do the trick.  He tries, really he does. LOL. He bits and nips at my pants and feet for attention, and drops his toys on the laminate floor making a clatter.  Sits by the fridge hoping and praying that I will break down and give him a carrot, broccoli or perhaps an apple.

But alas, I miss having some humans around…….  am I crazy ???  No, not really.  At least I do not think so.

“Al” quite chomping on my computer chair.  Crazy puppy !!! LOL

Anyway, I am so blessed, grateful and fortunate because I simply e-mailed Amanda,  and voile company tonight for supper.  Now I can get my “human contact” FIX and all will be well with the world or at least my WORLD !!!

“Al”,  please stop!!  Famous last words.  I seem to be repeating myself these days.  “ALVIN” ……..  he has sharp teeth!!


BYE FOR NOW – HAVE A GREAT GREAT DAY !!!   “ALVIN”…….. stop ……. please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought for the day


I am in my office which is upstairs in my house.  Happened to look out the window, and at that exact moment a HUGE, LARGE, ENORMOUS ST. BERNARD (dog) sauntered into my neighbour’s back yard.  So I took off like a bolt of lightning (well, ran as quickly, as I can) downstairs to grab my camera.  By the time, that I got back upstairs the St. B. was no where in sight.  Ah! I missed a great photo op.  Al (Alvin) was wondering what the he–, his Momma was doing.  LOL.

So next time you are upstairs in your office – make sure that you have your camera handy.  You never know when a photo op may come along.



What will he do next?

Today the sun came out after a couple of days filled with clouds and rain.  I am grateful for the rain as we needed the moisture but am EXCITED about the sunshine.  I always feel so much better when the sun shines.

Okay, back to the reason for this story.  I had taken a few minutes away from the kitchen to check my e-mail.  Of course, Al (AKA Alvin) followed me upstairs to the office.  Oh, by the way as his name is so close to my grand-puppy Elton’s name, I decided to shorten Alvin to AL.  He seems like an AL.  I will reserve the right to call him AL VINNNNNNN when the need arises.

In the office (sitting at the computer) ….. he was patient for a few minutes and then started “biting and nipping”  at my pants, feet, the computer chair.  That is always the sign to shut off the computer and go downstairs.  I put it out there to the UNIVERSE, I WISH THAT YOU COULD TALK AL, and LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE.  PERHAPS A GENTLE NUDGE with his PAW ON MY LEG .  A girl can dream, right !!!

So of course, I turned off the computer a few minutes later.  LOL. No, I am NOT THE PACK LEADER.  I have no illusions at all!!   LOL

When downstairs, I opened the back door but Al didn’t wish to go out.  So I decided to watch a bit of television.  After about two minutes, actually more like twenty seconds …… guess who was back for attention,or something.  But this time, he came up to me and put his paw gently on my leg and gave me this look.  No biting.  No nipping.  No pulling off of Mom’s pants.   I was flabbergasted.  So I took him outside (he actually had to pee) 🙂

The moral of this story is:  when you think that no one is listening.  Think again!

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