Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 6th day of September, 2018.

Almost one week into September.

Almost FALL.


It is dark outside at 6:15 a.m.

No rain overnight and there does not appear to be any frost.

Last night Alvin and I had a nice long walk with our friend.

The temperature was warm enough for a t-shirt and capri length pants.

Love these days.



Somedays it is easy to contain any negative or blah feelings.

Others the madness courses your through veins like a poison.

Your heart feels heavy and ready to explode.

Somedays it is hard to contain those ugly thoughts and words.

Somedays you just want to reach to the sky and pull yourself up.

Somedays you just want to scream.


Somedays you feel amazing, kind and beautiful.

Somedays you feel the positive energy surging through your veins.

Somedays, most days your heart feels full.

The love and joy that is your life.

The words flow on paper like a loving piece of poetry.

The blessings that come your way.

The gratitude you feel for all the days.

The people that come and go into your life, those that leave an impression with you, that make you feel something; good or bad.


Feelings, we all have them.

Most days we feel happy…..joyful.

We feel blessed to be who were are and where we are ….

Most days we feel love and compassion.

Somedays are grey, others are black and cloudy.

Feelings ….. a vast array of good and bad.

That is what we humans are made of ……

I hope that the good outweigh the bad.

But remember we need them all ….

May the bad or the less than positive feelings just be there in minute detail to remind you that life is GOOD.


Life feels good.

Life is amazing.

I feel good.

I feel great.

I feel joyful.

I feel the positive energy flowing through my veins like a good book on a cold winter’s night.

I feel blessed.

Feelings …..


Written by C. Lewis at 6:15 a.m. on this day, Thursday September 6th, 2018.


Special Hello to: all those folks who inspire me to be who I am …. and to all those folks who I do not know who inspire me in ways yet to come.

Always, Carol & Alvin



Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 22nd day of March, 2018.

Well we did not wake up to any additional “white stuff” on the ground or in the air.

So I guess that is a good thing.

They are forecasting a couple of spring storms over the next couple of weeks and one starting today.

Are we excited?

Mmmm, not so much.

Okay enough complaining about the weather.

Actually the temperatures have been nice.

Yesterday was plus single digits.

It is spring in Canada and that is the way it works.

Always a mixture of weather.


So on this Thursday, Mr. Alvin joins me in the office as I write this blog.

He was right beside my chair and as I typed those words and looked down – he was gone.

I guess he figured the carpet is more comfortable in the hallway.

He would be right.

My poor guy and his ears.

I hope that they both heal soon.


Well I am running late – stayed up a bit later last night.

I hope that you all have an awesome day.


If there is anyone / anything in your life that intimidates you – remember this.

No matter who or what, YOU ARE AMAZING and  YOU MATTER.


There are always going to be those people that get under your skin, and somehow manage to take an intelligent people and make them sound “stupid.”


Have a great Thursday.

Special Hello to: my daughter who is the wind beneath my wings, always.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 10th day of April, 2015.

WOW, today is Friday ….. where did that week go?

Well it was a busy one.

It was a fun one.

It was a “stressful” one.

It was a happy one.

It is ending on a great note for me.

This will be my first Friday off in a long time.

My first real weekend in months actually years.

What am I going to do?

Go on a wonderful long walk with Alvin.

Take the patio furniture out of the garage.

Sweep the deck.

Perhaps sip on my tea on the deck as the night falls.

Look up into the night sky and realize that even though there are moments throughout my day at the office that are “stressful” … my life is pretty darn perfect.

Really it is.

I have family and friends who love me, and I love them.

I have the best friend on the planet …. me “Alvin” …..

I am in great / perfect health.

I have my very own house.

I make jewellery with my creative genius daughter.

I write this blog every day and people read it.

Still amazes me.

I can walk, talk and cry and do almost anything I try.

Does that line sound familiar?

I borrowed most of it from a story I read when I was a child.

The character is on a prime time series.

Did you guess?

Let me know…..

Well I just know that my life is pretty wonderful.

I am very grateful each and everyday.

We all have our moments and I have mine, to be sure.

But in between the madness and the joy ….. I am very so very grateful.

With all of the love and joy in my life it does not mean much if you cannot share it.

So I am sharing my hope and love and joy with you.

I know that you can do it.

You can do anything you try.

Keep up the great work.

You are amazing.

We are amazing.

Happy Friday my friends.

Special Hello to: the blogging community ….. keep writing.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 16th day of March, 2015.

WOW, have you ever had the feeling that something absolutely out of this world “FANTASTIC” is going to happen to you.

I believe that something great is about to come my way.

It all started yesterday morning on my way to work at the store.

I needed to park closer to Bed Bath and Beyond as I wanted to check out the “pet steps” that were in a recent flyer.

I drove to the north side of the store Simons at West Edmonton Mall and at the very end of the customer parking there was one stall left for me.

It was on the end closest to the store .

My day just got better and better.

Meet some great people at the store yesterday.

One customer even shook my hand.

The night before I got a hug.


Life is going well.

Spring is on the way.

Most of our ice and snow has already melted.

Temperatures have been warm.

Work at both jobs is going wonderfully well ….. couple hiccups so to speak but all is well now.

Oh, I was able to secure the pet steps …. they are still in the box however as we had my daughter’s birthday celebration last night.

Lucky girl one of many….. we love our “A.”

I asked one of my co-workers to make the birthday cake …. as my daughter wished for an Angel Food …. time was not on my side so my girl “C” made the most delicious one with a lime drizzle that was out of this world.  What a great supper …. we were going to have taco salad but my son-in-law decided to surprise me and made fajitas and they were so good.

Well looks like almost time to leave for the office.

Well another Monday here we go.

Have a great Monday …..

Spread that kindness to all you meet.

Guaranteed you will feel like you have never felt before …… so good …..

Special Hello to: my friends …. hello out there.

Always, Carol and Alvin





Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 25th day of September, 2014.

Still dark out, why am I surprised?

Oh well, now we are working towards the shortest day of the year.

Something to look forward to, I guess.

Perhaps this is just a tad on the “dark” side for this awesome Thursday morning.

It is awesome; after all any day that you wake up and can place your feet on the floor and stand up and walk, is amazing.

Any day that you wake up and have food in the fridge and pantry so that you may enjoy breakfast before going out into the world, is amazing.

Any day that you can go into your closet and pick out something different  (and that is clean) from what you wore the day before, is amazing.

Any day you wake up with a house filled with love, is amazing.

I guess this is a pretty awesome day …… whether the sun is up or not.

It is amazing.

Soon it shall rise and beam that gorgeous light all over us and it will be amazing.

Take a look around …. there is always something good to be grateful for ….. right.

I am so blessed.

Thank you.

Special Hello to: all those folks out there who just need to see kindness …. we shall show them that today.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Welcome to Thursday, November 15th, 2012.

I only have a couple of minutes as I am running a bit late this morning.

How is it that every day has the same amount of seconds, minutes and hours but some days you accomplish more than others.

Somedays you feel more rested and energized that others.

There are so many reasons …..

So many thoughts …. my brain is alive with words and my heart with feelings.

But for this one …. at this very minute I shall leave you with this ….

Always do the very best that you can do in that moment.

It may not mean building rocket ships to Mars or discovering the cure for disease …

But being the best you in every single moment is what counts the most.

So have a great wonderful awesome amazing day.

Alvin needs to go out …. so I am signing off now.

Special Hello to :  YOU


Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Good Monday Morning,

Just wanted to share some information with all of you.

Yesterday at work this Mom & Daughter came into BBW and she had on the coolest glasses ….

I asked her where she got them from and she said “ZENNI” (on-line).

She thought that they came from China (not sure about that though).

The best part was they were $10.00.

So I just did a search on “Zenni” and found some YouTube videos of customers.

They not only loved the glasses but the prices were amazing and it only took two weeks.

One lady has a stigmatism and said she bought four pair one of which was sunglasses for a grand total of $167 (including S&H).

WOW.  So I think that I am going to try them out.

So that is ZENNI OPTICAL (I think .com).

My last pair of glasses including an eye exam was over $900.  Can you imagine how many glasses you could get for that amount?

Well anyway….. just wanted to share that information.

Have an amazing MONDAY.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day…..

The sun is about to shine any minute here in Edmonton.

The anticipation is simply breathtaking.

My heart skipped a beat.

How glorious is that yellow globe way high up and far, far away.

Burning brightly for all of us here on Earth.

We are truly blessed.

Thought for the day …….. I LOVE THE SUNSHINE.

It makes me feel amazing, awesome, fantastic, giddy, blessed, lucky, fortunate and HAPPY.

What makes you feel that way???

Have a rockin’ awesome day….

Always, Carol

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