The Next Chapter

Good Morning! The sun is shining and it is a bit later than usual but I decided to just lay in bed and rest. Cookie went home last night just after midnight. The house is once again quiet with the pitter patter of four little paws running about the house. Her Dad came to pick her up and she was so excited. I watched as they walked down the street with Cookie pulling at the leash to go faster until they turned into their house. She was excited to see her family. I get that.

Last night when I was eating supper, I found something small and hard in my food and put it off to a hardened piece of Brussel Sprouts, you know how sometimes in the frozen bag there is a little piece of something well later in the evening, my tongue happen to find its’ way to something that I had not expected. I am not sure why I did not think to look sooner but I know what the “hard piece of something was,” it was my tooth/filling. I found a gaping hole where part of my tooth/filling had been. Looks like it was an old filling and then the tooth broke off. Not a pretty sight for sure. I had been planning to make an appointment to go and have my teeth checked and cleaned in April and then other things came up. No putting things off now. So I will have to call them first thing in the morning and hopefully get in tomorrow morning. I will have to be careful about eating and drinking. So far the nerve does not appear to be exposed or I would be in pain. I am grateful about that for sure. The tooth is a molar on the upper side about half way from front. Feels so strange and looks gross. NOTE to self: do not put things off for another day. First it was the Pandemic and I put off dental and medical checkups and then it was the changes at work and Alvin and work. I am going to make all of my appointments over the next week. Spring is a good time to do this. Lesson learned. Well I guess part of the time, I could not help.

There is some cleaning and rearranging and laundry to do today. I will go for a walk later on.

Amanda has the day off tomorrow so Steven will have the car to go to the picket line. She will bring the pups here for Tuesday. I hope that they are able to settle the contract soon – never good to be in that position. Money and time you never get back.

I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin (My Forever Angel)

Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 2nd day of June, 2017.

Happy Birthday to a special niece back in Saskatchewan ….. Best Wishes “D.”

Well here in Edmonton on this Friday morning the sky is filled with rain clouds.

When we first got up at 4:30 it was dark and overcast and dry.

A few minutes later when Alvin needed to go back outside it was started to rain.

Even some thunder and lightning earlier.

Now a couple of hours later it is very wet.


Good combination of the umbrella and the walk to the bus stop.

Perhaps I will take on the role of Mary Poppins this morning.

Just kidding.

Put up the hood.

I knew there was a reason that I did not completely dry my wet hair.

What would be the point.

But it is Friday and I am happy about that.

It has been a good week with just a couple of small hiccups.

Hiccups are okay once and awhile.

Tomorrow Alvin needs a haircut and bath.

I think he will feel better.

Seems like forever but has only been a few weeks.

What are your plans?

Work …. play …… play ….. work ….. a good combination.

Make sure that you always mix it up ….. we always need time to play.

Too much work ….. well you know.

I hope that you enjoy your Friday wherever you are and if you have any appointments and such that they go well.

Take care.

Special Hello to: all my family and friends spread all over the world.

Always, Carol & Alvin

P.S. – picture this: what if you could gather every single person that you are related to or are friends or friendly or even just know together.  I wonder what that picture would look like.

Likely need to take an aerial shot, right?  Have a great day.

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