Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 30th day of January, 2019.

Warming up and snowing.

Rides to and from work today, thankfully no riding on the bus.

Teddy comes for a couple of days as his parents are going on vacation.

Love having him in the house.

He brings joy to me and Alvin.

Lightens our moods.

I guess it is the energy of youth.

Hopefully it will work out so that we can walk over and pick up Teddy after work.

I have the song “HAPPY” by Pharrell Williams playing over and over in my head.

I would like it to keep me in this place.

Actually woke up feeling happy this morning.

That is a first in awhile and not that I have necessarily woke up grumpy but just not feeling gleeful.

Today is going to be full of glee.

I am on top of the world.

Yes, I am.

Keeping up the positive, joyful energy.

I guess there will be shovelling in our future.

The pups will enjoy the fresh snow.

Alvin will be burying his chew treats in the snow for sure.

What am I saying …. will be …. pretty much every one that I give him goes outside.

He takes his time and very careful digs with his paws and his nose a bed to bury his beloved treats.

I love watching him putting them to bed.

When he digs them up …. just as cute.

Carefully and with precision he brings them back to the surface and into the house.

Full circle.

How about some photos for a snowy Wednesday.

Random shots from my gallery.

I love this plant arrangement my neighbour gave me before Christmas.

Sadly only part of it remains alive but it is alive and transplanted.

Teddy, Alvin’s BFF with a chew treat almost his size.

Me and my siblings when we were very young.

One of my most favourite photos.

Ah, my babies, so cute.

How can you not love those faces?

Aspen and Milo patiently waiting for treats and Alvin, not so much.

I love this old canister, a great find from our trip last summer.

Nothing like mountains in the smoke

Books, one of my most favourite things.

Ending with some pretty flowers.


Gotta run and catch my ride.

Happy Wednesday.


Special Hello to: my friends and family, you raise me up and keep me going.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 3rd day of August, 2014.

Oh  to wake up with three puppies in my bed.

Alvin snuggling near me on the right side …… Elton by my right leg and Miss Penny on my left side.

This was the first sleepover (now they live here) where Miss Penny actually wanted to sleep beside me.

Very odd ….. she usually sleeps as far away as possible …. not because she doesn’t love her Grandma ….. just a Penny thing.

But after the 5:30 wake up call ( time to eat and pee ) …… we snuggled for a couple of hours on the sofa.

That is where Mr. Elton wanted to get snuggled right in ….. in fact he was hanging partially in mid air wrapped in the blanket with my arm around him.

Surprisingly enough it was quite comfortable for both of us.

Alvin jumped up and got behind my legs and put his head up on my legs from time to time.

Miss Penny just laid on the biggest section ( I have one of the sofas that has the lounge part at one end, which is so handy when you have puppies ).

Well time to take Alvin for a walk as Elton and Penny had one yesterday morning and have to be fair.

Will take them all tonight.

So happy that I got the kitchen all cleaned up from top to bottom (well I still have to wash the floor) ….. yikes.

Cupboards rearranged, fridge and pantry …. and drawers.

So happy to be on vacation as I get ready to work at the store……

Well better get my act together as I want to take Alvin for a walk before it gets hot and I have to leave.

YAY, there is a bit of a breeze now.

Special Hello to: my family ……. have to call them this week.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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