Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 6th day of September, 2015.

It is an overcast, rainy Sunday here in Edmonton.

But the “sun” is shining at my house for my friend is visiting from Regina.

We had a glorious Saturday together filling each moment with great conversation.

After supper and everything was cleared up we decided to watch a movie.

She picked out on of my movies that I have on DVD and we settled in with our cup of “tea” to watch the movie.

It was a Bruce Willis …. Die Hard one.

Unfortunately after many failed attempts I was not able to get the DVD on ….. so technically challenged I am.

So we just watched a movie on Netflicks.

IT was an okay movie …. one we had not seen before …..

Well I better get back to my company for she will be leaving this afternoon to go back home.

Just wanted to check in with you guys.

To let you know that I am having a great great weekend.

I am so happy that she came for a visit.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Special Hello to: my friends and family everywhere…..

Always, Carol and Alvin


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