Thought for the day….

Wow, I blinked and woke up this morning to THURSDAY, March 22nd, 2012.

How did that happen?

I am always in a state of AWE when I look at the calendar ….

For the most part I try to keep focused just on the day at hand and not lean into the “where has the time gone, OMG it’s what !, time flies as you get older and so on.”

So with all of that in mind …… I focus and keep my mindset on doing the best that I can in that moment ….. being aware of the task at hand ….. unless I am sleeping, and then I hope that I gave good instructions to my subconscious mind before slipping into the sleep state.  What do you think about before you go to sleep?

I must admit that I am a work in progress.

Sometimes it takes awhile to change “habits” ….

For me, when I lay me down to sleep (part of a childhood prayer) ….. I give thanks for all that I have and then give thanks for tomorrow and try to set up positive attentions.

It does help …. I have found that when I wake up I feel more energized.

Also it draws your attention away from ….. man, I have all of that work to do …. ah, am I ever going to catch up or on……and the like….. not really positive thoughts…

So anyway, I believe that you understand.

It is time for me to sign off and finish getting ready to go to work.

I hope that you have the best day ever…… start dreaming …… attract that dream life ….. that dream mate….. that dream job or house…. whatever it might be.

It might …. be a great cup of coffee every morning for the rest of your life……

Special Hello: to all my fellow coffee drinkers ….. HELLO …..

Always, Carol and Alvin ….

Thought for the day…….

Who or what do you love so much

that when they or it is not there


For me the “who” is my dog “ALVIN”

He went for a sleepover to his sister’s house (Amanda’s) last night.

I missed him following me around the house.

(although, it was much easier to wash the floors).

I missed cuddling on the sofa.

( sure missed him keeping my spot warm)

I even missed his pulling on my pants or sweater when he wants to play or my attention.

He brings both companionship and joy to my life.

He brings unconditional, no strings LOVE.

That is the most important after all.

I hope that each and every one has a someone in your life that brings you great joy, friendship and love.

Have a happy and great THURSDAY.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day

It is raining here in Edmonton.  Even though the sun is hiding somewhere behind those rain clouds, I am feeling UP.  Sometimes when it is dark and dismal outside I lose my “get up and go” ……. but today I feel alive.

So the thought for the day is …….. FEEL GOOD EVERY DAY WHETHER SUNNY OR RAINY.

Have a great day everyone !!!

P.S.  Alvin is dropping his bone on the office floor which is laminate so it is making a loud “crash”.  Just like a small child wanting to get your attention.  What a little “bugger” …. LOL

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