Thought for the day……

Happy Thursday, January 5th, 2012 ….

At this very moment Alvin is lying on the hallway floor (he moved from the foot of my bed).

We have a routine ……. he always lays on the foot of my bed while I am putting on my “face” and getting dressed….

Once I have moved from that part of getting ready …. I sit down at the computer and write this blog and check out Facebook.

It is at this time that he either follows me into the office or else just plops down on the hallway floor.

I guess he likes to mix things up just slightly.

Every few moments he opens his eyes and checks things out and then closes them again.

He even knows when I am turning off the computer to go back downstairs.

I love our morning routine….. it is easy and fun (perhaps the 5:00 a.m. part not so much LOL).

Although I think it is good to leave your comfort zone and go for those dreams (try something new) …. I love my routine …..

Upon my return from work we have our little “thing” (oh, the wind is blowing the vents and stuff outside so Mr. Alvin has moved into the office) …

I immediately take him out to the back so that he can “pee” …… followed by his supper …… on our way upstairs when we reach the hallway we stop for our “belly rub routine” ….. I talk silly and rub his belly and he rolls around on the floor …. we play this little game and then once over I get changed out of my work clothes and take him for a walk.  I also love this part of my day.  We laugh, well I laugh ….. but I know it makes him happy and it also makes me feel great.  Something very simple but so relaxing and it just takes away stress that I might be carrying…

So that’s our thing(s) …. oops I better get going here ….. my ride will be here soon.

Have a great day.

Special Hello to:  YOU ALL …… to everyone who reads my BLOG, I appreciate you taking the time to be a part of my world.  Have a spectacular day…….


Always, Carol

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