Thought for the day…..

Happy Friday, November 4th.

One thought keeps coming to mind.

Where does the time go?

I try to always remain in the moment, be aware and all that … but really …… Friday already!!

I hope that you have a great weekend and that your moments are all glorious.

I am having coffee with friends over the weekend and putting up my Christmas tree in between laundry and my part-time job.

All of the above are things that I love to do.

So happy weekend ….. I hope that you are doing what you love…….


Special Hello to:  Everyone that is doing what they love and to those who are working on finding what they love.


Always, Carol


THought for the day…..

Life always brings you sweet surprises.

You never know when one will show up.

Like today for example.

Just when you least expect it ….. voila …… something wonderful will happen.

So be aware and be happy.

Today is the day….

Special Hello to:  Les & Gwen, Wayne, October Birthday boy Zane, Laurie, Karen, Tyler (good luck on your first day), Gillian, Bev (B.C.), Jeannette, Ron H.

Always, Carol

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