Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 31st day of August, 2018.

Alas, the last day of August of 2018.

It has been a wonderful month filled with visits from family, road trip with my daughter, shopping at unique places and more, walks, time with me Alvin, awesome Birthday carrot cake, thoughtful gifts,

cooking, celebrations and so much more.

I have a great life.

The sky is clearing as the sun makes its’ way up in the morning sky.

Hard to believe today is the end of August.


Ending on a strange note.

Just goes to show you that you never know what can happen.

Yesterday at noon.

Our company had a “hot dog vender” stopped by and feed us lunch.

I was not going to go down as I am not a major meat person and the veggie dogs are not really that good, in my opinion.

So I was just going to eat my lunch.

A couple staff convinced me that I should go and have a hot dog and that there were turkeys ones that were quite good.

So I went with a couple of people.

I ordered the “turkey dog” and it was already gone.

So I placed my order.

We placed our orders and stepped aside to wait.

While standing around and chatting one of the girls pointed out that there was a wasp on my arms (which were folded at the time).

Just as I went to unfold them – the WASP bit me.

The last time that I was bit by a wasp was back when I was a young teenager and I had a reaction – swelling.

I was stung on my foot and there was major swelling.

I did not have any issues breathing to my knowledge.

But because of the time lapse and the fact that I had not been stung in all those years in between – I ran back into the office to the washroom.

Told them on the way that I did have an allergy to the bites.

In the washroom I ran cold tap water over the bite.

There was not much swelling, thankfully.

My manager was in the washroom and said that she would stay with me, just in case.

Another co-worker came in and then ran and got me an “ice pack.”

It seemed like a fleury of activity over the next while with people checking on me.

My Manager went back and got my hot dog that was waiting for me (that was thoughtful of her).

Another staff had to go out of the office and would be close to home and said he had some stuff for bites.

The Director gave me a bite pad.

Another brought me a cold gel pack from the fridge freezer (which ended up being better than the ice cubes).

I had all sorts of attention.

Another drew a circle with a marker around the bite so that I would know if the bite started to swell.So grateful to all these folks.

They even sent me home in a taxi (I did wait until the end of my shift, did not leave early).

It was crazy.

Just goes to show that you never know what will happen in the course of a day.

I phoned my Manager when I got home from work to let her know that I was okay.

Footnote:  I was supposed to take the bus home as the carpool had an appointment to attend – almost looks like I would do anything to get out of taking the bus.

Not really but sounded good when I relayed the story to my carpool later upon arriving home.


We also went for a walk with my friend who has the amazing garden.

What a great day.


Well have an awesome Friday.

Long weekend for some folks.

Happy Friday.


Special Hello to: all those folks who showed genuine concern and provided care for me during my episode with the wasp yesterday. Feeling special.

Always, Carol & Alvin


What will he do next?

Today the sun came out after a couple of days filled with clouds and rain.  I am grateful for the rain as we needed the moisture but am EXCITED about the sunshine.  I always feel so much better when the sun shines.

Okay, back to the reason for this story.  I had taken a few minutes away from the kitchen to check my e-mail.  Of course, Al (AKA Alvin) followed me upstairs to the office.  Oh, by the way as his name is so close to my grand-puppy Elton’s name, I decided to shorten Alvin to AL.  He seems like an AL.  I will reserve the right to call him AL VINNNNNNN when the need arises.

In the office (sitting at the computer) ….. he was patient for a few minutes and then started “biting and nipping”  at my pants, feet, the computer chair.  That is always the sign to shut off the computer and go downstairs.  I put it out there to the UNIVERSE, I WISH THAT YOU COULD TALK AL, and LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE.  PERHAPS A GENTLE NUDGE with his PAW ON MY LEG .  A girl can dream, right !!!

So of course, I turned off the computer a few minutes later.  LOL. No, I am NOT THE PACK LEADER.  I have no illusions at all!!   LOL

When downstairs, I opened the back door but Al didn’t wish to go out.  So I decided to watch a bit of television.  After about two minutes, actually more like twenty seconds …… guess who was back for attention,or something.  But this time, he came up to me and put his paw gently on my leg and gave me this look.  No biting.  No nipping.  No pulling off of Mom’s pants.   I was flabbergasted.  So I took him outside (he actually had to pee) 🙂

The moral of this story is:  when you think that no one is listening.  Think again!

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