Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 27th day of November, 2015.

It is a great day as today my daughter and I are entered in a craft sale with our jewellery.

We are excited.

My neighbour and we girls are sharing a table.

Should be fun.

The temperature has warmed up again which is nice.

It is held in the lobby of a nearby hospital so there will be lots of people and today is also Black Friday so that will bring in folks.

Our first craft sale selling….

I am excited to see what wares others are selling.

It will be a wonderful day ….. spending it with my girl and one of my friends.


Another item to mention…..finally caught our four-legged  “rogue agent” that has been eluding us for the past while only to find there were two.

We only … I only saw the one.

Will have to keep an eye out …. double check everywhere to make sure no place they can get into the house.


Well this is to be short as time to make a cup of coffee and have some toast.

Have an awesome Friday.

If you are out and about on this “BLACK FRIDAY” …. be respectful of others.

No pushing or shoving.

Did you really need another black sweater no matter how good the price was?

Enjoy the mania …..

Be safe…

Happy Shopping..


Special Hello to: my sister …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 1st day of December, 2014.

Only 24 days till Christmas …..

My daughter and I have been looking for this necklace for days and just now out of the blue it came to me where it was and sure enough it was there.

Isn’t it funny how the mind works.

After working in retail for a few years and being a shopper myself – I have come to realize that it might be a good idea if they had all high school students worked a holiday season in retail.

Can you imagine?

Perhaps when you visited the grocery store the package of hamburger would be in the freezer and not in with chocolate bars at check-out.

Perhaps when you visited clothing stores and other ones …. people would put things back down after looking at them.

Just a thought …..

If they learned as kids maybe as adults they would be more respectful.

Just a thought…..

Well time to go to the office.

Wow, December 1st already…..


Special Hello to: all those shoppers who survived the Black Friday Weekend/Week.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 30th day of November, 2014.

The last day of this month for this year.

That always seems strange when I think it aloud or write it down.

This day will never happen again.

The sun is up and I am not sure what the temperature is but I heard it is supposed to warm up soon.

Well tomorrow is the first day of December, 2014.

I am so excited for this Christmas.

My kids and grand-puppies are all here under our roof.

We will have some of their friends and children spending Christmas Day with us.


Always nice to have children in the house on Christmas Day.

Today is the last day of Black Friday Weekend ….. somehow retail morphed one day into a weekend and in some cases a whole week.

Well that being said I did finish my Christmas Shopping or at least 98%.

I wrote up more of my Christmas cards with notes and will finish tonight.

Next Saturday is going to be baking all day long

Just one long baking fest.


Crank up the holiday tunes and warm up that oven.

Thank goodness for my Kitchen Aid Mixer …… oh yeah.

Well almost time to leave for the store.

I do love to work Sundays.

Finish this coffee and leave.

I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday.

Special Hello to: my nephew who remains in the hospital but every time we see him he is doing better …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 29th day of November, 2014.

It is a frigid cold morning here in Edmonton.

On the plus side the SUN is shining.

I worked last night for Black Friday at the store and just got to bed around midnight.

Seems like I just went to bed and Alvin was wanting me to get up to give him his breakfast.

So just after five a.m. we were up and then when he was done it was back to bed.

Although I have already washed one load of laundry, put in the second and hand washed the ‘tupperware containers’ and miscellaneous odd chores it feels like I just got up.

Well I am off for my me time …

Having coffee with my friend “G” …. I love chatting with her and catching up.

I am still feeling a bit of the “boot camp’ from Tuesday night.

Not too much but a little bit in my legs when I bend over.

Another busy Saturday ahead …. laundry, going to visit my nephew in the hospital, grocery shopping, housework and finishing my Christmas cards (meaning 2/3 of them).

I hope that you have an awesome Saturday.

Remember to take some time for yourself.

I am right now.

Take care.

Special Hello to: my fellow human beings ….

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 28th day of November, 2014.

Today is the day deemed “BLACK FRIDAY” by the retail world.

It actually has morphed into Black Friday week and in some cases weekend.

For my store it began yesterday and goes to Sunday.

It will be interesting to see what the numbers are for early shoppers are this morning as we got a lot and I mean a lot of snow between Wednesday night and this morning.

Buses were slow …. cars got stuck ….. people late.

I worked at the mall last night and it was quite slow.

For those shoppers who were out last night some of you got the benefit of Black Friday without the pain of standing in line and the crowds.

Well we have to leave in a couple of minutes ….

I am sure that the roads will slow us down somewhat this morning …..

Just to be safe.

Have a great day and remember stay safe.

Special Hello to: Black Friday Shoppers

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Afternoon and Welcome to Saturday the last of November, 2013.

The sky was blue earlier this day but is now slightly overcast.

They are forecasting snow and lots of it for our area.

I just spent a glorious hour or so SKYPE-ing with my darling sister ….

We talked about all the stuff new in our lives over the past few weeks.

We talked about things that “slightly miffed us.”

We talked about our families.

We talked about the holidays.

We shared and we LAUGHED.

I love watching my sister’s face as she retells something that has happened in her life.

She has the prettiest eyes and her face just lights up.

Listening to her speak is like closing my eyes and hearing my voice.

You see, we sound exactly the same.

We laughed from the belly and it was the best.

I miss my sister but am so incredibly grateful that we have the technology to see each other and chat.


What a great way to begin my Saturday.

My wish for you today is that you can chat with someone that you love dearly and that perhaps lives at a distance.

So wonderful.

I am so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

By the way, so much gratitude to my daughter for watching “her little brother” for the night.

I got home last night from the store at 1:15 a.m. ……. the store was CRAZY BUSY.

Lots of people come out to shop for BLACK FRIDAY …. this was my second time working for this day.

I worked from 4:00 p.m. until 12:45 a.m. …… met some great people.


Well time to get my ducks in a row and get some work done.

I just needed ….. wanted to write my blog and share my last 24 hours with you.

Thank you again for taking time out of your busy lives to read my blog …. it means more to me than you know.



Special Hello to: my SISTER ….. thank you my darling ….. you always make me laugh and I love you so much.

Always, Carol and Alvin (who is bored!!)

P.S. so grateful that the City crews “bladed” our street now we have smooth streets instead of ruts a foot deep.  Thank you.

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 29th day of November, 2013.

Today deemed “Black Friday” by the retail market and shoppers.

People will have been up and out for hours and in some cases days as they camped out in front of some of the big box stores.

I know the store that I work at in West Edmonton Mall opened at 5:00 a.m. this morning just over 1.5 hours ago.

I will be working there after I leave the office.

People are so wound up looking for the best sales.

There will be excitement in the air for sure.

The store will be packed to the rafters.

The shelves will be empty by the end of the night.

I am always intrigued by shoppers …. I used to be one of them.

Now days I only purchase what I need …..

You do reach a point when you do not need to have the latest fad and name brands are okay but not necessary.

So have fun shoppers and have a safe day.

I know the weather is not great in different parts of the continent so be careful driving …. take public transportation whenever possible.

Time to go to the office.

Have a great day.

See you later.

Special Hello to: my sister ….. SKYPE tomorrow at ten ….. I work till midnight tonight.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Monday Morning and welcome to November 26th, 2012.

The fog has rolled in here in my neighbourhood; not sure how far reaching it is.

How was your weekend?  Mine was odd but wonderful.

Friday started out with my day off from the office …… so I slept in a bit and then did some things around the house.

Finished the day by working at the store from mid afternoon until 9:00 p.m.

“BLACK FRIDAY” …. the retail version of everyone shopping for the “best deals of the year.”

Until recent this was an American thing but now it has come to Canada.

Our store was crazy busy and I mean crazy busy.

Most people were nice but some were utterly impossible ….. I say “why are you shopping if you have no patience?”

Oh well, it was definitely an experience.

I hear or read somewhere that American retailers make on average up to 40% of their annual sales on that one day.

That blows my mind.

Okay enough about that ……..

Saturday was great …  I had coffee with my daughter and then coffee with my friend “G” and my grand-puppies came to visit.

(In between all of the fun, I really did do some housework and of course, LAUNDRY).

After coffee was over – I got all three of the puppies ready and we went for a walk.

It is always an adventure ….. each of them wanting to go in a different direction.

I felt like a sled being pulled …… it was fun.

Saturday night …. I just kicked back with a cup of tea and watched a movie.

It was soooo nice….

Sunday back to the store but not until mid afternoon which was lovely.

That was my weekend.

Footnote: thank goodness the shoppers took a bit of a break yesterday.  I heard from other staff that worked Saturday that it was crazy busy, too.

Apparently most of the stores at West Ed still had “BLACK FRIDAY”  sales on until yesterday …..

Really, doesn’t that defeat the “BLACK FRIDAY” …… perhaps it should be renamed “BLACK WEEKEND” or something.

Well time to go to work.

I hope that you have a great week.

At this time of year …. remember to go early and with a list.

Plan ahead of time.

Oh and it took me longer to find a parking space on Friday than to drive from home to the mall.

Yesterday I went to my usual spot and it was full so I then drove over to the area I was at on Friday and kept on driving …… busy again.

Special Hello: to my angel who was born on this day but taken from us way too early ….. we miss you my darling nephew.


Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, November 23rd, 2012.

My “day off from the office” and BLACK FRIDAY for all those shoppers out there.

As I type these words I wonder how many millions of people are trudging through the snow and crowds to find great deals.

Is this because people really need things or just because they think they can get a great deal.

I have never had enough disposable income that I could go out and just buy because it was a great deal.

Of course, over the years I have bought things that I really did not need ….. and they are either in the garage, basement or literally gave away at a garage sale.

It is always a good idea to just buy what you need ….. sometimes okay to buy things because you want them…. just as long as you do not go overboard.

I think that is part of our global financial crisis …. we are spending way beyond our means.

Been there – done that.

These days I pretty much buy what I need and treat myself once in awhile.

I think by doing that I am being more of a responsible human being and caretaker of this planet.

Trust me, I know how much fun it is to shop …….. I love to shop ….. I used to compare myself to the character in the books by Sophie Kinsella, The “Shopaholic” …. but I wasn’t quite at her level.

Anyway on this “Black Friday” ….. let us be responsible and smart.

Have fun shopping …. as my Grandmother used to say “everything in moderation” ……..

Special Hello to: to all those shoppers out there ……


Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin ……. “who on any given day, wonders about his Momma” ….. LOL

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