Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday, the 13th day of June 2013.

I have a slight dilema as it is supposed to be a nice ….. 17 C and sunny but it looks like some rain clouds forming to the south.

Do I put my flowers back out on the deck or leave them partially sheltered by the house?

They do need some sunshine but perhaps better safe than not.

They will get some precious sunlight where they are sitting  …. so perhaps I shall leave them by the house.


Well back to my nephew’s visit …… after we were leaving the restaurant he noticed that the rear wheel well was wet.

Thinking back he had just got the brakes all done up and immediately thought he was leaking brake fluid.

I was of not help.

So once we got back home he drove the truck into my garage and took the tire off to investigate.

There was some blueish fluid that had dropped onto the cardboard that he had put down on the garage floor to protect it.

He wiped off the wheel well and checked the brake fluid …. not down.

So after testing the brakes and no liquid coming out …. put the tire back on.

Decided to drive to a nearby town on his way to work when he left the next morning.

He called the next morning from that town and it was the axle  fluid that was leaking so three hours later it was fixed and he was on the road.

I spoke to him later and he made it okay.

Well here I am once again …. running late.

Gotta run.

Have a great day.

We had a huge storm here yesterday.  Hopefully that is the end of them.


Special Hello to: YOU


Always, Carol and Alvin

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