Good Morning All! How are you today? We are great . Bed about 10 pm last night and up at 430 this morning and then another hour and a bit before getting up. So grateful for a good night sleep. I believe that draping him with a wet towel did the trick. He slept well.

We are outside. I put the gate up and watered my flowers and then brought out my coffee, his water and my phone. Then I grabbed the boy and brought him out and placed him on the love seat.
We had just got settled and I decided to start my writing this post when the little bugger jumped with the grace of a gazelle onto the wooden deck with me in hot pursuit and yelling at same time. Happy he was to have made a great escape. He made it to the edge of the deck and was preparing to jump onto the grass when I said stop, he turned and looked at me which was all the time I needed to latch onto him preventing a second jump. I almost had a heart attack. He made no sound of distress. Clearly he was trying to see his friends Humphrey and Bogart who were out in their backyard. Having a bad momma moment. Guess he has been watching too much of the Olympics.

This morning

Well the photo clearly shows that the boy desperately needs a haircut and bath. Photo taken after the jump. It only takes a second. I guess this means he is feeling better as he wants to do things. No longer satisfied to sit and watch or nap. I will have to ensure there is no way for him to jump off of or onto anything.

Only a few more sleeps until the wretched staples come out of his leg. It will mean a bit more freedom for us. We will then begin to take the required walks on the front sidewalk instead of in the backyard. I can hardly wait although part of me does not want to wish my remaining vacation days away. Not much of a vacation as I see friends posting photos from their vacations. I am okay vacationing at home but definitely would have been better had we been able to walk and get out and do things.

Right now the sky is partially filled with smoke keeping the heat from coming through with the bright results of the sun. But eventually it will come through and the temperatures will soar but for now I was happy to have a light jacket on while outside. The fans are working overtime keeping the main floor cool along with the ventilation system.

Last night I had a great chat with my sister. Life can get in the way and sometimes we don’t make the time and we should. I haven’t laughed that hard for a long time. My sister knows how to reach my funny bone.

I was happy that Andre De Grasse got the bronze medal in the Men’s 100 metre. He is quite the young man and made his country proud. Well done. I enjoyed watching him race and listening to him speak, he is a wonderful young person.

Well time to get this day going. I will be happy when it is not necessary to have fans running all the time. The noise is sometimes annoying and yet so necessary. I wonder how many fans are out there that are more quiet?

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always, Carol&Alvin


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