Living … One day at a time.


Wednesday already.

Sky is a mix of clouds and sunshine.

The past month or so we have had on average four days with rain per week.


The rest of the week was not all sunshine …. but there was the occasional rainbow.


Yesterday Alvin and I enjoyed a walk after work, we took our usual route.

Always makes my day to see the geese and the babies almost grown up.

The families of geese were spread out on the grass and up to the sidewalk as we approached the park.

We would have to walk almost right by them.

Mr. Alvin totally ignored them …. I don’t think he even took a glance in their direction.

He stayed on the right side of me which was the furthest away from them.

Alvin just sniffed in the grass beside the sidewalk.

I was proud.

NO barking.

NO chasing.

He just had respect for those beautiful creatures.

Mama, well I was taking in the view and trying to miss the goose poop which was everywhere.

Alvin somehow and I don’t believe intentionally seemed to miss the poop.

Thank goodness.

As we neared Master Teddy’s house as per usually Alvin took a beeline across their lawn.

I called him back only to see Teddy’s Dad sitting in his work van; he saw Alvin and quickly opened the door to the van.

He called Alvin over and invited us in for a visit.

Alvin raced to the door.

I unhooked his leash as he had his nose right in the crook of the door.

He was not going anywhere but inside once the door was opened.

So cute.

We had a great visit with our friends.

Teddy might be joining us on Saturday for the day.

It will be great as we will also have my grand-pups here while my kids attend a friend’s wedding.

Lots of four-legged babies on Saturday.

Love it.

Friday will be busy getting my laundry and stuff done.

I like to have a free day when have the pups around so that I can play with them.

Once home after our walk last night; I went and picked up Humphrey.

Who was at the door …. waiting for me.

He had his nose in the crook as well.

Guess he could smell me.

Anyway the boys had a good night.

Inside and out.

Later on when I was getting sleepy I took Humphrey home which was about 9:00 p.m.

Humphrey had been laying on Alvin’s big doggie bed surrounded by Alvin’s toys.

I called him and said “Come on Humphrey, time to go home.”

He actually got up and ran to the door.

I scooped him up grabbing my keys.

After I locked the house; I noticed a brown bundle by the tree.

Well here it was a bunny eating the bird seed that my friend leaves for the birds.

We were only a few feet … maybe 5 feet from him.

He just chewed and watched us go by.

Humphrey looked over my shoulder very intently as we walked by and up the steps to his house.

I even managed to walk right by him and to my house.

Once inside I grabbed my phone/camera and snapped these photos.

So cute.


Well here we go again … another day ….

Have an awesome Wednesday.

I hope that this post finds you in good health, filled with great joy and surrounded with love and abundance.

Always with Kindness and Respect.


Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day….

OMG, what a gorgeous Thursday morning, and today is July 5th, 2012.

The sky is that powder blue and the SUN is shining.  YAY.

It has been raining here for several days and I, we are excited to see the sunshine.

We had needed the moisture so it has worked out perfectly.

Now for some sunshine so that all the “green stuff” can grow including all of the flowers.

This morning when I looked out my bedroom window there was a huge “bunny” sitting on my lawn by the front porch.

I picked up Alvin to show him and he looked intently.

When I let him down …. he stood on his hind legs and watched the rabbit for several minutes not uttering a sound.

Then he jumped up on the bed and continued to watch the bunny for “action.”

Finally after several minutes even giving me time to run downstairs to grab my camera so that I could snap a couple of photos of our visitor …. then he/she got up, and looked around.

Then he/she proceeded to the edge of my lawn and ate some “weeds” and then looked for cars “I swear, he/she did” …. and then hopped across the street.

Alvin was watching all of this from his comfortable spot on the corner of the bed.

How exciting.

I do not remember if I mentioned this or not but last week while waiting for my ride to go to work …. Alvin was looking out the window in the living room …. he definitely had spotted something out there.

So I checked and sure enough there was a gopher standing up by the corner of the porch just looking about.  Alvin’s barking and excitement did not seem to bother the little guy.

Once again, I grabbed my camera which happened to be in the living room but alas the gopher moved so I did not get that perfect snap of him in the corner by the flower bed / porch.

But I did get a couple.  I will download/upload the photos on the weekend and post them on my blog …. so that you can see all of the wildlife that comes to visit us.

There isn’t just me and Alvin for wildlife in this neighbourhood….. LOL.

I would just like to acknowledge all of my readers ….. I have noticed comments in my email and I am so thankful that you read my words and I hope that they bring a smile to your face.

Sorry for the run on sentence …. there is always so much to say and I am writing this always as I am about to leave for work.  Even thought I am up at 5 a.m. ….. those two hours seem to fly by.

But I love to write and love for you to read my work.

Thank you again.

Have a great Thursday …..

Special Hello: to everyone who reads books, blogs, emails, magazines, signs ….. just as long as you READ….. that is the best thing.

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin (who is having a rest).

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