Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 5th day of March, 2019.

Today is the birthday of my Dad’s only sister, my Aunt L.

I have fond memories of the time we have spent together over the years.

Wishing her the best day.

Enjoy your supper out.


Temperatures warming up, spring will be here soon.

I can feel it …. almost taste it.

So grateful that we had our regular walk last night.

The wind was a bit cool but we managed to get all the way round.

YAY, me and Mr. Alvin.

We will lose this winter weight …. yes, we will.


Last night we had a visitor while his Momma was out at her dance classes.

Humphrey snuggled with me on the sofa and even spent some time out on the deck with Mr. Alvin

But his favourite spot seemed to be in the midst of Alvin’s toys on his bed.

He is so good and so cute.

I love spending nights with these guys.

Calming, relaxing and fun.

Alvin decided not to be cooperative when it came to taking his photo.

Not sure why.

Humphrey was right there.

Oh well.

Both cutie pies.

Great way to spend a Monday evening.


Well here it is almost time to leave once again for work.

Oh well, what can you do.

I am grateful to be employed.

I am grateful that I am in good health so that I can get up out of bed and go to work.

I am grateful to be surrounded by loving, supportive people at my office.

I am grateful that Alvin is my companion.


Happy Tuesday.

So happy that it is 6:30 and the sky is beginning to lighten in the east.

We jump ahead one hour on Sunday early morning.

Spring FORWARD don’t you know.


Have an awesome day.


Special Hello to: all those bloggers out there …. you rock.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 30th and second last day of May 2013.

Wow, what a beautiful morning.

Guess what I finally did after talking and thinking about it for weeks.

This morning when Alvin first woke up I convinced him and barely did so to stay in bed until the alarm went off.

At the sound of the alarm I jumped out of bed.

Quickly made the bed, grabbed my sweat pants and glass of water and we went downstairs.

After Alvin had his breakfast and went outside and upon his arrival I nabbed him at the back door – wiped the wetness off his paws and scooped him up.

Now scooping him up these days is definitely a workout as he has put on some “winter” weight and headed for the front door.

I quickly got him into his harness and put on my running shoes and jacket – locked the house and away we went.

We walked to a nearby lake and went all the way around …..

It was so beautiful out with the mist rising up off the water.

The birds welcomed us with a glorious choir of music.

It felt like “heaven” and I mean so calming and stimulating at the same time.

We had a great walk.

Half an hour later we were back at home.

Now that definitely was better than hitting the sofa for an extra few zzz’s.

I am so grateful that we finally broke the cycle and went for that early morning walk.

YAY.  I am very proud of us.

Now it is almost time to leave again for the office.

I feel so much better knowing that Mr. Alvin had a lovely walk in before I leave for the day.

The sun is shining now which is refreshing after the abundant rainfall we had yesterday.

We need both so it is all good.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and take the time to challenge yourself.

You never know what joy you might find …..  🙂

Special Hello to: all those early morning walkers ….. you rock.


Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Thursday, September 20, 2012 …. only two days until it is officially “Autumn” or “Fall” whichever you prefer.

I am so excited …… I have noticed that the leaves are already turning glorious shades of yellow, red and orange.

It looks like a rain shower but with leaves when the wind blows ….. so beautiful.

I love walking in the fallen leaves as they crunch below my feet.

It is so wonderful …… the air is so calming …..

Last night Alvin and I went for our walk but had company.

My daughter and her two pups came with me ….. my grand-puppies.

It is so funny …. I took some treats with me and when Amanda said to her Elton …. go see “Grandma” ….. he came right over to me.

They recognize my name not as Carol but as Grandma…… isn’t that funny.

We had a wonderful nice long walk ….. there was not a breath of wind and it was just a perfect temperature for walking.

I am so grateful for this weather and this time of year.

I am so grateful that I live close to my daughter and her family.

I am so grateful that I have this computer so that I can share my life with you.

I am so grateful that people like to hear my stories …..

Well I better get running along here ……

I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Special Hello to:   EVERYONE ….. today is the day.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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