Thought for the day……

Wow, today is Friday, March the 2nd, 2012.

Last night Amanda and I watched the last of the Harry Potter movies.

I know ….. it has been almost a year since it was released to the big screen but sometimes things happen.

It was amazing ….. worth the wait.

I wish that I was the next JK Rowling and could/would/was writing a world wide hit.

That would be so cool ….. perhaps in the movie Brad and Angelina, The Tom’s Selleck and Hanks could head the all star cast.

WOW, that would be amazing.

So on this incredible high and using all of my “imaginational” powers ….. I AM CAROL Y LEWIS, Author and WRITER EXTRAORDINAIRE……

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend …. I shall enjoy my Friday off with Amanda and the puppies….. we are going to work on our jewelry and visit.

The sun is already coming up and it is light outside ….. thank goodness for March …. whoops I almost said February…..

Special Hello to: YOU ……and YOU ….. AND YOU, too….

Always, Carol and Alvin and my company …. A, E & P….


Today I am going through my things preparing for a garage sale.

I decided to take a bit of a break so that I could write on this BLOG.

I saw another beautiful comment from my daughter Amanda.

I wonder,  is she the only one that reads my “stuff”.

My wish is to hear from anyone that takes the time to read what I have written.

My wish has always been to be a PUBLISHED WRITER.

To see my name on the bottom of a book:  Written by Carol Y Lewis.

That does have a ring to it.  If I sound selfish, that is not the case.  🙂

Just wishing BIG.  Anything is possible.

Have a great day.

Thank you.

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