Thought for the day

As we head into this Mother’s Day weekend, I would like to pass on the following:

Keep your cellphone in your purse ladies, and guys, in your pocket. No talking and driving.  Just doesn’t mix.

Smile at everyone you meet.  When you are out and about just always think of something funny, and a smile will be a permanent fixture on your face.  🙂

Drink lots of water.  Keeps you hydrated, regular and in all around better health.  Even helps with the love handles.  Actually I would like to know where that phrase came from …… because personally I do not think “love” has anything to do with it.  LOL

Be kind to your Mothers.  Actually be kind period.  Be kind to people, animals and nature.  Trust me, it will come back to you a million fold (all good, really).

Help out a friend, family member, neighbour or even a stranger.  What goes around comes around.  I definitely know this for sure.

Laugh, OMG, Laugh.  Tell a joke, watch a funny television show or movie.  One of my nephews calls me on a regular basis to tell me the latest joke that he has heard.  It always brightens my day.  I only wish that I could remember them so that I could pass the laughter on…… instead I just try to be funny…… 🙂

Well folks that should keep you busy for awhile…..

Have a great weekend and SMILE AND LAUGH !!!

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