Thought for the day….

Good Afternoon and Merry Christmas on this 25th day of December, 2013.

WOW, Christmas Day.

It has been an up and down day but mostly up.


Earlier today my television “died.”

Not even five years old.

Sure do not make anything to last.

Note to self ….. more expensive Samsung is not always better …..


I ended my story today after five months.

So that was great.

I feel a great accomplishment.


Santa was good to me.

My favourite gift other than having my kids and puppies here was admission to go and see the Harry Potter Exhibit in February.

My daughter and I are going.

So exciting.

I can hardly wait.


Our weather is nice.

Will have to take the puppies for a walk.


I spoke to my siblings and that was amazing.

So on the up side my day has been mostly great.


I hope that you all are having a great Christmas.

May your day be filled with much love, laughter, a good cup of coffee, some chocolate of course, maybe making a snow angel or three, surrounded by good company and good food.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.


Always, Carol and Alvin …..

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 23rd day of December, 2013.

Two days until Christmas and one day until Christmas Eve …

I am so excited.

Last night Alvin and I had our Christmas celebration with our friend and neighbour “S” ….

We love her ….. she is a great friend.

She has a cat named Aussie.

We are good friends.

Yesterday the store started out being not as busy as I thought that it would be but after lunch it was busy.

Most people had on their Christmas cheer and were fun to be around and the odd one well …. maybe next year……  🙂

So on this great Monday morning with warmer temperatures on the horizon …… we are happy.

I am ready for Christmas ….

I hope that you are ready.

Remember it is not about the presents but all about being with the people you love.

Sometimes it could be people that you do not even know ….. especially if you are one to volunteer at shelters and soup kitchens.

Wherever you are fill the room with love and kindness and it will be great.

Special Hello to: friends …… you make our lives wonderful.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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