Living … One day at a time

Good Morning and we are nearing Christmas and the end of 2019.

Thursday today.


Yesterday we had our Christmas Brunch at work, it was good.

We also toured our newly renovated old office space.

There were mixed comments and feelings as per usual.

Not everyone is going to be happy.

Me, well although our workstations are just that a place to work.

Mine is located by a window which is great.

Most businesses are going to small non-personal work spaces.

Some folks are feeling like a hamster on a wheel with nowhere to go.

At this point it is difficult to say what it will be like without actually spending time on a daily basis in our regular routine.

Will there be changes, yes, definitely.

We are going paperless and I think that “they” believe we should work with no paper at all.

Unfortunately it does not quite work that way but it will iron itself out as it always does.

I look forward to the New Year and will adapt as I always have.

There is no point “crying” or “stressing” or “losing sleep” over a situation that is not within your control to change.

Although we have control, we really do not.

There is always someone or something pulling at those strings.

You can change things to be more suitable.

I am not trying to be negative as mostly I am positive.

We have to find a way to pay the bills doing something that we love.

Now that may be doing a job that pays the bills but affords you a home life that you love.

I think that is acceptable.

Now that job has to be something that you can live with, of course.

You cannot or should not spend hours, days, months or years at a toxic environment just because it pays the bills.

I am not saying that ….

There has to be a happy mix.

Anyway I am listening to a BLAKE SHELTON Christmas song as I am keying these words.

Alvin laying on his blue blanket and the world is good.

One of my friends called last night to invite me to go with her next Monday (I am off work) to see the movie CATS, her treat.

How wonderful!


Well here we are …. almost time for me, for us to head back downstairs.

I had a hard time going to sleep last night and then Alvin was awake at 1:13 and finally after trying to convince him to go back to bed …. we went downstairs.

I gave him his glucosamine chew and he went outside to pee, which he did.

Then we laid down on the sofa and slept until about 4:30 and then up for him to eat and go outside, again.

Then back to the sofa and then up at 5:15 a.m. …… argh.

Might be a long day but I am going to stay positive.

I, we are going to have an awesome day.

Quiet in the office (meaning few phone calls) and my appointments on time.

That would be nice.


Happy Thursday.

Thank you Blake Shelton …. love your voice.


Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Monday, November 7th, 2011.

How are you this great Monday morning?

I am fantastic ….

Guess what I did on Saturday?

In the afternoon my daughter helped me assemble the Christmas tree.

I started the decorating process (still have to finish).

Put up some garland and most of my angel collection.

Always start with the A-N-G-E-L-S……

I decided this time around that I would start with a few ornaments and work from there.

Usually I completely redecorate my Christmas tree about 4-5 times during the holiday season.

I always strive to make it better……. that’s okay….. the perfectionist!

Later on my neighbours and I put up the outside decorations.

It looks great.

Reminds me of the homes in the movies….. with garland and lights around the doors, around the windows and on the steps.

We even have matching miniature Christmas trees sitting on our front porches.

Of course positioned just so.

They were putting up the big, big trees at West Edmonton Mall when I was leaving work Friday night.

There is this huge one … (no idea of the height) that they were working on as I left the mall….

the girls had the bottom about 1/3 decorated …. I remarked how pretty it was and what a big job….

They had huge boxes of red and silver balls …… all sizes….

Now that’s a tree…… makes my 7 1/2 foot tree seem small….

I am always in awe of how pretty the staff make the mall look for Christmas.

You all know the big ship/boat on the main floor at the mall …… there is this huge bridge that goes over

the water ….. and it is all decorated with lights and ornaments and the boat, too. ¬†OMG.

There were people on the bridge having their photos taken as I left the mall last night.

Seems like I am at the mall a lot (yes Friday and Sunday)….

For the first time in my life I am working at a mall and not shopping……

Anyway I love this time of year…..

Our store is decorated beautifully by the staff and we are playing Christmas music during store hours.

Just a peek into my holiday season.

I hope that yours is going great.

Special Hello: to every one of the seven billion inhabitants of the planet Earth and of course, to the all other creatures here as well…..

Always, Carol

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