Thought for the day……

Welcome to Monday,February 6th, 2012.

Happy Birthday to everyone born on this 6th day of February.

When I was performing a clean sweep of my office yesterday …. I came across pictures painted by my great niece, great nephew and some dear family friends and neighbours (who have moved away almost one year ago).

These are my treasures and although I physically cannot keep them all …… I selected one from each child to treasure for all time.

They were proudly displayed on my office walls for “years”.

I think that items such as these are the hardest to throw away.

I also restarted my “vision board” (from the Secret).

One of my stocking items this past Christmas was a package of napkins that are replicas of one hundred dollar bills only thicker and softer.

Anyway, I covered my vision board with one hundred dollar bills and now every time I look up when I am sitting at the computer, I see hundred dollar bills.

Also displayed proudly in the centre of the board is a photo taken during my last trip to Regina of my family.

Oh, I also changed the closing balance on my bank statement to read:  $1,170,000.  (I should email my bank not to send out the paper copy as I am almost paperless).

That has a nice ring to it ….. over one million dollars in my checking account.  ( I can afford to go shopping ) ……. 🙂

As time goes by I shall add items to this board and every time I see them, I shall feel even more great.

It is funny how cleaning out a room can fire up old ideas, and get you on the path once again.

So that is what I did on my Sunday off from BBW (Bath & Body Works).

I was pleasantly surprised when I got to work Friday night to see that I had Sunday off.

This coming Friday night I will have off as well as I am working on Saturday for another Fragrance Launch.

I really enjoyed doing the last couple ….. especially the first one for “Paris Amour” back in the summer.

So that’s it for this morning.

Accomplished quite a lot this weekend and also got to relax and sleep in.

Ready to start the week.

Special Hello to: all those folks who did “clean sweeps” this weekend.

Happy Early Spring………always good to get a jump on things…

Have a great day.

Always, Carol and of course, my treasured sidekick “Mr. Alvin”.

Cleaning the office…..

Last week I spent a few days going through my office.   It is the room that houses my book collection, my computer, boxes of photographs, magazines, some craft supplies, collection of cards that I have received over the years, my daughter’s high school report cards, year books, and other “important stuff”.   There were several storage containers in the closet that needed to be reorganized as well as the book cases.   Usually twice a year, I go through each room and re-organize and re-vamp.  It always surprises me how many things I end up tossing (usually paper products), recycling or donating.  I am not surprised by TLC’s show about hoarding.  We  human beings tend to accumulate stuff.  Of course, some of us collect more stuff than others.  I was pleasantly surprised when Kelly Ripa of Live With Regis & Kelly told the audience that her husband likes to go through their “things” on a regular basis, and with a giggle almost threw out “their marriage certificate”.  But I think that he is more the exception than the norm.  People just like stuff.  I mean really, you can go into all these stores and buy little “doodads” and “gadgets” that really do little for anyone’s well being, and at the end of the day usually end up in the nearby landfill.  We are filling not only our homes with “stuff” but landfills and the oceans.  2011, is the year that I am going to watch more closely the things that I purchase.  It is not only the money aspect but I want to be a more responsible citizen of this planet.  When my grandchildren arrive and as they grow along with my great nieces and nephews, I want them to inherit the beautiful planet that I remember from my childhood.  I am not sure if this is realistic but I really pray, and wish that all the residents of this planet would take more care in what they bring into their homes because inevitably it will end up elsewhere.

So you keep your treasures;  Grandma’s china, Mom’s jewelry box, your Grandpa’s pocket watch and your nephew’s artwork (or at least some of it).  Perhaps you have a relative or friend that would love to have some of your Grandmother’s china or some other ornament.  Keepsakes are a good thing.  As you get older, as I have found, I have instructed family and friends to “cut out” the ornaments for birthdays and Christmas.  I really have no need for more ornaments.  Giving gifts of movie passes, dinner theatre tickets, spa treatment, babysitting services, and the list goes on and on.  Those are the things that we should give each other …. I mean for the adults.  Unless you have a real need for something …… keep this rule in-force DO NOT BUY.

I guess that I have gone off the topic somewhat here.  But that is okay, this is my blog and I can do that…… (please keep reading)…..(thank you).

Alvin was bugging me for his supper (earlier than usual) so I just took a bit of a break to feed him.  Back to cleaning the office.  I am a lover of moving the furniture around ….. this makes me feel like I have a new room.  Feels great and is easy to do.  What an easy makeover and economical, to boot.

As I am a sentimental being, I try to be realistic when I am spring or fall cleaning a room.  The rooms that are most demanding are the office, kitchen and my bedroom.  So when I am cleaning, I really think about each item.  Do I really need this?  Does it function or make my life better?  Will future generations be in awe when they come across it in Grandma’s trunk?  Better yet, could this item help someone else?

At the end of the day, my office is a couple of garbage bags cleaner and more organized and efficient.  At least until next time I perform a miracle.  Yes, I am GOD…..or at least I think so.  LOL.

Here are some photos of before and after.  You be the judge or perhaps not…… I feel better about the room and that is truly what is important.  Alvin likes it, too.  Good luck to you all in your cleaning endeavours.  May the force be with you.

Office before the Clean Sweep

Another before photo

Closet after clean sweep.....

Taken today after clean sweep but working so desk not perfect

Switched bookcases around

Other side of the office - broke up the bookcases

The other wall......

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