It is a NEW YEAR.

Good Friday Morning Everyone!

How are you today?

Doing well, I hope.

Are you getting out for walks with your housemates?

With your puppy dog?

One thing that I noticed lately is how much my Alvin, stretches.

He stretches when he gets out of bed.

He stretches when he gets out of his chair.

He stretches when we come home after a walk.

He stretches after he goes to the bathroom.

He stretches.

Likely I could take a page from him and follow suit.


Well it is overcast here in Edmonton.

I was thinking to myself earlier this morning.

As the forecast yesterday was for rain today.

I was thinking “it would be nice if it rained until lunchtime and stopped.”

I just looked out of the window and it is raining.

Wow, if it stops at noon.

That will be crazy wonderful.


We have been enjoying two walks everyday.

I know it has been helping both of us sleeping and we are burning some calories.

Good for both of us.


What are your weekend plans?

You know that pond of water, well not really a pond but I called it that ….

The one that was covering part of the grass area in my backyard.

The other end for which remains covered with a slowly decreasing snowbank.

Anyway, I was out shovelling after supper & dishes ….

Moving the snow around on the deck and trying to remove some of that snowbank.

There was I would say about 4-6 inches of water in the early evening.

When Alvin went outside and it was beginning to get dark so after 9:00 p.m.

I thought it looked “dry” over there.

So I grabbed my ice pick tool and checked.

Sure enough no water, it had dried up.

Now it is a gooey messy snow mold, some missed poop (not much) and leaves.

But hopefully as the snowbank melts it will “dry up” quickly.

Double digit temperatures begin on Sunday.

I look forward to cutting my grass.

Likely a good raking before that though ……

I do plan to shovel the remainder of that snow across the grassy area.

That way it will not pool in one spot.

I guess it means that the ground is thawing.


Well my friends it is time to go and grab that cup of coffee.

Alvin needs some food and supplies.

Yesterday I call his Vet and they are on reduced hours and no longer open on Saturdays.

They do not want more than one human member of the household coming in and no pets unless they need to see the vet.

So Alvin will be staying home when I run over there on my lunch break.

That is okay.

There should still be some time to get a smaller walk in before returning to work.

If not, there is time after work.


I hope that you have an awesome Friday.

Guess I can put away my winters coats/jackets/boots/mitts and scarves.

Clean out the front closet.

Maybe even switch my summer clothes or start anyway.

I have a plan for the weekend.

Making the most of my time.


Have a great day.

Spread the kindness with respect.

Give your elderly neighbour a phone call day to check on her/him.

If you do not have their phone number, write up a sign.

Knock on their door and hold it up.

Check on them.

Check on someone.

Keep the social distancing but be a good neighbour.


With kindness and respect,

I/We remain,

As Always, Carol & Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 4th day of January, 2014.


It is a bright sunny COLD morning here in Edmonton.

I am so HAPPY to see the SUNSHINE

We have not had much sunlight this winter so when it shines …. baby ….. our lives shine.

Sorry, I just wanted to use “baby” in a sentence.

Well day four …..

I am working diligently on “de-voiding my life of judgment” ...

We judge all of the time and mostly it is things that are not harmful to ourselves or others but still we do.

It is an interesting process to go through.

I am doing well at this …..

Well today is my cleaning and odd job day.

My daughter will be coming over shortly and we are going to do some shopping.

She needs to go to COSTCO and I am going along.

There is also a new craft shop in our neighbourhood ….. I think mainly for scrap-booking.

We are going to check it out so that should be fun.

Then back home and do some WORK.

Cleaning my bedroom closet and changing bedding is all I have done thus far …. oh and emptied the dishwasher.

Oh, such fun.

Well I hope that you all have an amazing day …..

Let’s see how we do “de-voiding our lives of judgment” …..

I think we shall be better for it (now is that a judgment??)

Happy sunny day to me.

Special Hello to: my best friend back in Regina “L”  ….. a birthday is just around the corner for me….

Always, Carol and Alvin



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