Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 15th day of July, 2016.

Last night my daughter gave me a ride home from work.

After she left and Alvin had had his supper and stuff, I decided to mow the grass in the backyard.

While out there it began to rain.

Very slowly at first.

Taking its’ time.

Big drops but only a handful and not enough to stop my mowing.

Alvin however did not think in the same way.

At first he went by the back door which is partially sheltered by the overhang of the roof.

As I mowed it slowly began to rain a bit harder.

Finally done after like five minutes (not a big area) but in reality likely closer to ten.

I put the push mower into the garage.

Ran back into the house to grab my gardening gloves.

Then back to the garage to get the rake and the garbage bag and the clippers.

Did a bit of trimming and ….

Just got the grass gathered with the rake when it started to come down.

No time to place it into the garbage bag.

Figured my time was up and I high tailed it into the garage where Alvin was waiting for me.

We both watched as the rain came down hard.

I picked up Alvin and held him in my arms as we watched the rain together.

It was actually relaxing.

At some point after several minutes it slowed down and I said to Alvin “Are you ready to run for it?”

Not waiting for an answer I put him down and we ran for the house.

Both wet but not soaked.

Well now it is time to leave for work.

I hope that you have an awesome Friday.

Happy Friday Everyone.

Special Hello to: my son-in-law for all his good ideas and to my daughter who just is the best for no reason.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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