Good Morning ALL! How are you on this Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Happy Birthday to Ashley. I hope that you have a great day. Today is also the first day of FALL or AUTUMN. My favourite season of all. Although I do love them all. I am so grateful that here in Alberta, Canada we still enjoy four different seasons with winter being the longest of them.

Quick update about the ongoing saga and me and Mr. Alvin. Well I won’t say that he is loving sleeping upstairs because I am not convinced at this point that he is. I do think that he actually likes sleeping on the main floor more. Not a big fan of being carried up and down the stairs. I guess things in our bedroom look different from before with the addition of some pieces of furniture from my daughter and son-in-law and the “sofa spot” that I made up of cushions/his dog bed in case he jumps from the corner of the bed. We went to bed at 9:30 ish, he was up about 12:30 so I took him outside and then back upstairs. He was up again at 3:00 and we came downstairs and settled on the sofa until almost 6:00 a.m. So the in between times seem to be getting longer. If he would just say settled/sleeping from the time that we went to bed until even 3:00, I would be a happy Momma. As I was reiterating to a friend yesterday he never used to sleep through the night anyway so for him to sleep from bedtime until 3-4 would feel like a good night sleep. Not sure what to do tonight. Last night when he was up, he was panting and when he is panting he is super anxious (as he was not hot) so I do not like him to be in that state so of course, we were up and outside. The only thing is he is heavy at 30 pounds to lug up and down the stairs at anytime but most especially in the middle of the night. Oh well, every night is a new opportunity, a chance for things to be better. I just have to keep positive thoughts and see a better outcome.

Yesterday was a good day. I accomplished lots at my job (working from home). We have been going for walks at my lunch break from work and after I am finished work. Last night after work, we got ready and were outside when our neighbour in the other half of the duplex arrived home. We hadn’t seen each other for a bit so we stopped for her to give Alvin some love & attention and to catch up. Then we were on our way to the park. When we got to the park, Alvin was so happy sniffing that I thought let’s go and see our friend Pauline. The extra walk would be good for both of us. It is not that much further beyond the entrance to the park to her house which backs onto the park. We love her and they have the best backyard. I realized as we were walking that it has been months since we have walked in the park. We missed the whole summer. Alvin happily sniffed each and every blade of grass along the way. I took in each and every leaf on the trees which are slowly beginning to change colour and any bird chirping and everything in the park along the way. I, we were in our happy place. Definitely this was something that we both needed badly. An escape from the routine and back to some semblance of our old life which seems like years ago now. When we got to her house, we did not find her in the backyard but I noticed the kitchen window open so I called up with hopes she would hear me and not loud enough to disturb any neighbours. A couple of minutes later, I heard a little voice say “Oh’s it’s Carol” and then come down the stairs to the backyard calling us to come in ….. We were both so excited to see her as we have not been to her back yard since June, 2021. I missed seeing all of her beautiful flowers. Thankfully over the summer we have seen each other when she has come to our house. This was the best medicine for us. I desperately needed that for my mental well being. A piece of what we had not that long ago. Pauline checked the gate at the top of the yard to ensure it was closed so that Alvin could come off his leash and run around the yard. His favourite thing to do. She invited us to stay for a visit. We were all so happy for this time together. We chatted and chatted. Looked at flowers. Her husband popped in to say hello and then said better let you girls visit. He is a wonderful guy. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends. Oh, almost forgot to mention that Georgie, Pauline’s grandpup, a wee little dog was there visiting so he joined us as well. He spent a great deal of time on my lap. No photos of this time as I did not have my phone with me but perhaps that is a good thing as I have my memories locked in to remind me that life is good.

On our way home we bumped into another neighbor and her pup. We hadn’t seen them for a bit so we stopped and chatted making a plan to get together soon.

When we got home it was 6:30 – two hours past the time we left for our walk. A long time past Alvin’s suppertime so I fed him right away and as I got his food out of the fridge, he then realized he was hungry. What a guy.

Well time to go and put on the coffee. I love using my computer instead of the phone. Much easier.

I hope that you have a great first day of FALL. Enjoy the colours and the changes in temperatures and smells. Our tree is a lovely mix of gold and green now.

Thank you for continuing to read my blog, I so appreciate your time.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, patience, compassion, understanding, gratitude, love and laughter.

Always, Carol & Al


Good Morning All! How are you this morning? Alvin and I and Teddy are great. Yes, Alvin’s best buddy Teddy came yesterday after supper for a sleepover. We are so happy to have this gentle soul at our house. Alvin was pretty excited when Iris, Teddy and Kobi arrived last night. it has been months since they have together.

I am sorry this will be short as we, well i am running late. I see kids on their way to school, some on scooters and others walking.

Just as i am already at the time to start work, the boys have decided to snuggle next to me as I write this post.

I will post photos later.

So great to have our friend Teddy here. We both missed him.

The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.


Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Always, Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! What a glorious morning. We have been up for a couple of hours already but just walk and visiting. While out for our walk we bumped into friends haven’t chatted with since before Alvin’s surgery. Her pup is 16 and honestly seems more energetic than years ago. The air is cool and the sun is shining brightly. The temperature for today in Edmonton is to be 25 degrees Celsius. So nice. My to do list is long but I have three days to do things so just taking my time. We are looking after Humphrey, Bogart and Cynder for the weekend. We were invited to a neighbour’s for a visit today at 230 pm. So, in the meantime laundry and bring in things from garage that my daughter gave me. I also want to find a good company to clean the furnace, vents and dryer vents.

Yesterday after work, I went out for one hour all by myself. I went to the grocery store and to Bone&Biscuit and pick up a new harness, poop bags and couple small peanut butter cookies for Alvin. I am grateful to my neighbour for lending me her car. I felt as though I had gone on a big trip, met new people and just had fun. Yup, I did say that I went to the store. But seriously it has been forever since I have gone anywhere, much less any place without the boy. I cannot leave him for long but one hour was a nice break. It is the small things that are so important!

Last night after I put the groceries away I put away my workstation as I do every Friday night and then rearranged my flowers placing the pots of geraniums back by the kitchen window.

Of course, I gave Alvin his supper as soon as I got the groceries into the house.

I think Al is pooped as he is laying down on the sofa beside me while I write this post. I can smell the coffee as it has finished perking and I need some coffee this morning. I’m hungry as well. So nice to have fresh produce in the house. The last time I bought groceries was July 23rd – yup, the day of Alvin’s surgery. I like to use everything up. Then one does not waste and let’s face it – that is why we have spices to change up something plain and make special. The same pasta can be made hundreds of ways and so on.

Okay, gotta go. Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Love Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you this Tuesday morning? Alvin snd I just came home from our morning walk. It is cool and windy outside but refreshing. No one was out walking. Folks had out their new trash rolling carts for our neighbourhood’s first pickup with the new garbage containers. Today is supposed to be the green bins which contain food scraps and the like and blue bags for recycling. Most people definitely read the instructions but there were a few others who clearly did not. I didn’t look out back to see what my neighbours that have trash pickup in the back lane. I didn’t have enough to go out so next time. Our bills go by by about $50 for this revised service. Hopefully it works.

We are running a bit later this morning as Alvin woke up a few times more than usual. I can also feel the weather beginning to change. As of my natural instincts want to stay curled up under the blanket. Oh well.

My daughter is coming by after work. We are so excited to see her. Seems like it has been forever. They are settling into their new home while finishing up with things in their other house before the renters move in mid September. This is all so exciting and I can’t wait to see their new house. In the meantime, photos and videos will have to do.

Alvin had his fourth laser therapy session yesterday after work. Everything went well. I have some photos of the boy in the goggles again, can’t help but to share them.

He was still panting from the car ride- poor boy. Had I been thinking I should have given him some of his anti anxiety medicine. Next time.

Time to fly and grate the coffee is perked. Cloudy outside and rain in the forecast.

Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Love Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! What a morning so far. How are you? We went to bed about 10:33 last night. Alvin was sleeping before me as I was watching taped shows of “Beat Bobby Flay.” We we’re up at our around 300 AM bathroom break, yup we are both old and nature calls at the strangest of times. There were a couple of times after that, that Al wanted to get up but he stayed sleeping and when we got up it was 623 AM. Time for a late breakfast for the boy and of course outside. I’m not sure I felt the need to lay down again instead of staying up but we hit the sofa again. Next time I woke up it was 900 AM. Speechless. I quickly got dressed and we went for a walk but not after spending several minutes trying to retrieve Alvin from his hideout under the table. Finally on our way. Yesterday we walked to the park and back. I kept track of time and it is 15-16 minutes with several stops so we are okay for time given by vet for walks. I can tell you he was so happy. So for second day in a row, we walked to the park. We only did the one yesterday morning but today will do another one. I noticed in the park that the roses are pretty much done blooming which makes me so sad as I totally missed their amazing fragrance. Well we might have had a few sniffs early on in the season. So once home I was about to start writing this post when I was thinking that I couldn’t do without a morning coffee. I’m out. So I reached out to my neighbours via text and started to write this post. Just as I was typing the phone rang and it was my neighbour. She said the Telus Technician was at their house two hours earlier than the appointment and could I let him in and that in her cupboard by the fridge were two bags of coffee that they cannot drink as is caffeinated and I could have him both.

So out I went and the technician was at the side of the house running in the cable and I explained that I could unlock the door for him and if he needed anything he could let me know. I warned him of Humphrey and Bogart as I certainly don’t want them escaping. I unlocked the door and found the coffee checking with him on my way home. I guess Telus gave him the wrong time.

The coffee is now finished brewing and I really need that coffee. Lots to do today and what a start. I’m going to check in the technician.

Coffee time and then breakfast and then get this show on the road. What a start!

I hope the day and the weather is perfect where you are. The morning is perfect here so we will want to take advantage of it by perhaps having coffee on the deck. Might as well as the Telus guy is done.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you doing this Friday morning? We are good and just back home from one of our three daily 10 minute walks. I must say that I enjoy this first one the most. We had a bit of rain earlier when we were outside and now just cool and chilly.

Last night after working the late shift till 7 pm and having a quick bite to eat, one of my friends G came over for a visit about 8 pm and we chatted till 1015 pm. The night just flew as we chatted catching up in our news. To be honest there wasn’t to much new with me. We had the odd laugh about something or other but mainly serious talk which sometimes is necessary and we all need to “vent” and get things off our chests. We did just that. Alvin was so happy to see her that he spent most of the evening sitting beside us on the sofa.

I think it is supposed to be nice over the weekend so will get more yard work done and obviously house stuff as well. I am going through things in the basement to downsize the things that have accumulated down there. Sell a few things, give away and recycle. Always a big job. If I am going to be downstairs for any length of time I will have to carry Alvin down there so he doesn’t bark. Life.

well it is almost that time once again. It seems lately I am always running a bit late. Sure will enjoy coffee this morning.

I hope that you have a great Friday. Someone just grabbed his Teddy to play and looks like he wants me to play. Better ho.

Hard to believe that I started this blog when I was 51 and newly retired and now I am 64 and working full time for ten years. Life is interesting I will say that.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Love Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! What a gorgeous morning and I hope that all is well with you. We had an okay sleep with some changes. Yesterday after work I packed away my workstation, took Alvin for a walk snd then decided to change things about on the main floor. I took all of the mats and stuff and made two soft places for jumping up and down of the sofa in case I forgot to put up pillows. I also put away the folding metal gate which felt like a relief to both of us. Actually Alvin slept beside me on the sofa and it worked out okay. Will try his bed again tonight. Just feels like our house again and not a daycare centre with all these interlocking block mats all over the floor. We are ready to get back to a new normal. He will need to be careful but he will have to do some climbing and jumping within reason. So that was the start to a good night. I also gave myself a haircut which did not work out exactly how I planned but still pretty good for cutting ones hair.

We, well me actually, is watching over Humphrey, Bogart and Cynder. I spent time there yesterday and again this morning. I had a shower and feels so nice with short hair. We have had a walk and I have popped in the first load of laundry. The sun is shining so brightly and there is a slight coolness to the air. Great for working outside. Will have to figure out having Alvin with me so he doesn’t bark.

Almost time for my first coffee which is late but very welcome.

I want to share some photos:

Time for coffee, then breakfast and do on. Lots to do.

Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Love Carol&Alvin


Good Morning ALL! How are you today? It is a cool bright sunny morning here in Edmonton with a temperature of 10 degrees celsius. Very refreshing. This will be a brief post as I am upstairs on the computer. I had some banking to do this morning and of course, Mr. Alvin is not happy and has been barking since I came upstairs. Does not help with my ever increasing anxiety. I am thinking at this rate, I will be taking medicine soon, lol. He does not bark every morning but for some reason this morning …. he is and he has the most down to the bones frustrating as I cannot think of a word to describe it at this moment. Anyway, not pleasant to listen to. We did not sleep well. Bed at 10 p.m. and up at 2:50 a.m. and then outside twice and back to bed (on main floor) at 3:30. He woke up at 5:52 a.m. and had his breakfast and back outside. I just needed more sleep so back to sleep although I am pretty sure that he did not sleep. If I could just have some decent sleep it would make things so much more easier to deal with. But alas I feel that it is not in my cards.

I am going to give him his next round of meds right away here and then go for a quick walk before starting work. Coffee is definitely going to be my best friend today.

I am so grateful to my friend Gillian for going and picking up Alvin’s medicine yesterday. If I did not have such great kids and friends, I would be in some serious trouble.

Looks like tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday are going to be in the 30’s. Won’t that be lovely. I am going to give Mr.Alvin a haircut this evening and then just a sponge bath to remove any extra hair. Otherwise it will be brutal giving him a haircut when it is so hot.

Well I must go before he has a coronary – is that even possible with dogs. OR else his Momma may have.

I think that the windows are open downstairs so the neighbours or anyone going by will hear his cries and think he is in trouble. What a guy!

Anyway, I wish you a great day. Things will get better. I sure hope so anyway.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, PATIENCE, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning All! What an night/morning it has been. Oh the adventures of me and the Alvin. Last night was hot in the house as we had another 30+ day. In the afternoon my daughter came to pick us up for Alvin’s appointment to have the staples and stitches removed. I will admit I was feeling a bit anxious to the point my stomach was upset and on the verge of throwing up. We were at the appointment on time. I had forgotten my mask at home in the midst of it all. But the staff gave me one. Into an exam room we were placed to wait until they were ready for us. Felt like forever to be honest. After a couple of questions with one of the assistants, they were ready for him. I sat there waiting to hear his cries as I knew he would fuss. I was pleasantly surprised that he was not to upset. Once done the Doctor came to chat. She said that the incisions had both healed well. There are the holes from the staples that need to close so in answer to my question no haircut or bath. Nothing to upset him. So next weekend not this one. She was pleased at his recovery thus far and when I mentioned our walking- well we were going a bit too far so we are cutting them down and will do more often. Good news. He will have his first one of six laser therapy sessions on Monday. Then we were home again. Amanda had picked up some groceries for us after she dropped off a dresser that she is redoing for me. That project has been put on hold since the kids brought the place at Alberta Beach. We shared a bite to eat and had a cup of coffee before she was on her way. Earlier in the day I received an order from Good Food but it was way too hot in the house to cook so I had raw vegetables and popcorn for supper. A friend from a few doors down stopped by to see how we were doing so we had a nice visit. Not much later and we were getting ready for bed. Alvin seemed to settle down while I watched a bit of television. Things appeared to be going well until out of the blue, I was startled. I looked over and did not see him. It was pretty dark so I felt the space beside me and nothing. I tried frantically tried to see him in the dark and nothing. Where was he? I was sick snd mad and mad and sick. I moved the ottoman which blocked most of the sofa, the pillow was still standing, the metal gate that surrounds the side of the sofa still standing so where was he? I made my way to the kitchen and turned on the light to see him standing there staring at me. I checked him and he seemed to be okay. I have no idea how he got to the floor other than he jumped over the metal gate barrier. I was sick. So now he had jumped down a few times. It was about 230 which seems to be the witching hour for us. The only thing I could think of to secure him was to put on his harness and a shorter leash OR maybe the plastic cone. But to me the cone is a punishment and I just couldn’t do that. So the body harness and leash. This is not our regular retractable leash it is one that has a circle at the end to place your hand and I knew I could wrap it around my hand to shorten it to a length that would keep him on the sofa. It did take awhile and I don’t think he really got used to it but it gave me peace of mind. So on that note tonight we will be sleeping in our bed. I will have to carefully carry him up and down but I can do it. I will just go up first and get ready before bringing him up. We will have more room. I cannot wait.

Up about 8, upstairs to get ready and then went for a short walk. Once home I put on a pot of coffee and then we headed out to sit in the cool air on the deck. I had taken my phone and started to write this post when out of the blue, someone jumped off the love seat onto the deck. So much for not jumping. He clearly is bored and perhaps in some pain. He is on pain meds and anti-anxiety meds. So that has been my night/morning.

Also I realized that the huge spider plant in my bedroom was stinking badly as water not draining as I overwatered in my bid to keep the plants upstairs alive. So into the garbage it went. How I missed it, I don’t know.

I have some photos to share of Alvin’s incision from start to removal and the sun this morning. Thankfully it is cooler and for the first time in weeks I turned off the fans. Looking forward to cooking tonight.

Well I should go and get some things done snd have breakfast as we try to figure out what to do. I am hoping that the return to bed upstairs tonight will help.

Fingers crossed. Oh, how I wish for the time before…….

Have a great day. I will try not to beat myself up about Alvin’s jumping off things. He is finally laying on his bed on the floor.

Trying very hard to live each day with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Be well and stay safe.

Always, Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! Trust you are well on this Wednesday morning. We have a good sleep. The first time we were outside it was lightly raining, almost like a heavy mist. I didn’t feel it on my face but when we got back into the house, I found my jacket to be wet. The pavement is wet so that is a good sign. Still raining now which we so desperately need. I hope this rain, this moisture has gone to wherever there are fires.

The timeline is fast approaching for Alvin’s surgery and I won’t tell you that I am a bit nervous, okay a lot. He is older, 12.5 years. He recovered quickly from his last surgery in February snd I sure hope it is the same this time. I also know that as before I must think and say he will be fine and recover as he should. I need to get into the positive self talk position once again. It is easy to regress. He has always been a strong guy and I’m certain that he will continue to prove me right.

Sure happy to have the rain for my flowers, the trees, grass and gardens. The trees even seem more green this morning as goes the grass.

The world or in my world is coming alive as the morning progresses. Cars going by, people out walking with their pups and the hum of the nearby highway.

I hope that you have a great day.

I continue to live each day with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Love Carol&Alvin

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