Thought for the day……

Oh what a gorgeous Saturday morning.

Of course Mr. Alvin wanted to get up at 4:30 to go out to the bathroom, but that was okay.

So we hit the sofa for some added zzzz’s.

Of course, Mr. Alvin wanted breakfast at 5:00 so of course, his Momma complied.

So we hit the sofa again for some additional zzzzz’s.

Of course, Mr. Alvin made sure that his Momma got up at 7:30 just as she wished.

So despite the choppiness of sleep this morning ….. I feel rested.

I am excited to go to work for a few hours today as it is our big Home Fragrance Event.

Should be fun.  My first one in Home Fragrance.

Then tonight I am having a girl’s night.

So I invited all of my new friends and of course my Amanda and some long-time friends to the party.

We will have a blast.  We are going swap things that we believe a woman might like or need as well as play games, eat and visit.

I have waited a long time for this night and am putting on the finishing touches to make the evening perfect.

So time to go and have a shower, have coffee and look at my list to see what else I have to do this morning.

Have a great great Saturday.

I hope that you are surrounded by friends and family on this beautiful day.

Always, Carol

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