Thought for the day…..

Today is Good Friday …. April 6th, 2012.

The sun is shining and the air is calm which is quite refreshing from the heavy snowfall of yesterday at this time.

When I arrived at work yesterday the power was off so we sat in the lobby until the lights were restored, then it was a few hours before our computers were back up and running.

There were huge branches down all over the area where our office is located.  Some had fallen on vehicles and others were blocking sidewalks and streets.

It was quite the spring storm.  At home, the deck and back yard look like the middle of winter….  When I was shovelling on the deck last night it was like shovels full of water, so heavy.

As I pushed the snow off the deck it rolled into balls of sort.  Perfect snowmen weather.

Well it was interesting, and now that the air has cleared the temperatures should warm up and the snow will melt and we shall have spring flowers blooming and the grass and the trees…. YAY.

I have to get into gear as I am going out in a little bit to work on the Census ….. I want to get finished by the end of this weekend.

So from our home to yours …..  I hope that you have a happy, safe and wonderful Easter Weekend…

Special Hello: to my sister who has returned home from a vacation to the U.S.

Always, Carol and Alvin ….

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