Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 19th day of June 2013.

It is overcast and a bit cooler here in Edmonton and yet it is a beautiful morning.

I guess beauty is a mindset.

Over the course of each day do you take a moment(s) to drink in the beauty that surrounds you …. us?

There are countless things that pop into my mind.

Nature is a great place to start.

Especially in the spring/summer.

Look around you.

See all of the colours, textures and listen to the sounds.

There is a parade of beauty going by you each and everyday.

So homework for this day ….. take a few moments as you go through your day and enjoy and be grateful.

Mother Nature’s patterns are alive and bring great joy.

I love watching butterflies do that little “dip fly dip fly” thing that they do.

I love watching fluffy white clouds in the sky and imagine what they might be.

I love watching my dog Alvin reacting to a bird singing in the trees or a duck on the water.

It so so worth the time and you will feel so much better.

Now if Nature comes in the package of a downtown concrete condo with only flower boxes and trees for colour that’s okay, too.

Drink it all in.

Even signs glowing in the evening air ….. watching people as they walk by ….

Beauty surrounds us ….

There is something about the natural grace of this place ….

I hope that you enjoy your day.

I am certainly going to …..

Thank you for the clean fresh air…….


Special Hello to: Nature Lovers


Always, Carol and Alvin

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