Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 10th day of January, 2017.

Another day in the deep freeze.

Thank goodness that I have been able to catch a ride in the morning with my neighbour.

I worry and think about all those souls who have no choice but to walk and then wait for the bus.

I hope that the buses are all on time.

Last night my daughter gave me a ride home from work.

So nice all round.

Both my neighbour and I were shovelling last night.

She did the front and I did the back and the driveways.

It is all good until it gets packed down when someone drives on it.

Mr. Alvin only stayed out with me a very short while.

I had him in the garage so at least he had some shelter.

He did not like being in the house without me.

But at least he was warm even if he was mad.

Better warm than not, I always say.

Well I must confess that I do like leaving the house a bit later…… bit longer in bed …… nice.

So strange when it is COLD out that all one wants to do is SLEEP and EAT.

You know not even eat …. more sleep.

So if you live where it is cold I wish you warmth.

Drive carefully if you must be out on the roads.

Some people do not think so you must be aware.

Have an awesome Tuesday.

Back tomorrow.

Special Hello to: my friends back in Regina.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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