Thought for the day…..

How many times have you just missed a great opportunity?

How did that make you feel?

Did you feel upset because it cost you?

Did you feel mad at yourself for not keeping on top of things?

Did you feel wronged by the universe?

Did you play the “blame game”?


Did you feel lucky that you in fact had an opportunity?

Did you feel blessed that because you know in your heart that there is something WAY better on it’s way to you?

Did you feel joy and love, just because that is your way?

I know that I have felt all of those “emotions” at one point or other.

Lately it has been perhaps a bit more.

But even though I have those moments which might even stretch to minutes or hours ….

I find my way back to love, joy and gratitude.

Because I know and have a deep seeded faith that everything will work out for the best.

Sometimes it might take a bit longer to get there because you throw up those roadblocks of self-pity and negativity.

So if you find yourself on this Friday or any other day …. in a less than perfect situation where an opportunity has passed you by …

simply “surround yourself with love”.

Love can “your favourite music, pet, friends, family, flowers …. or anything really. ┬áJust something that makes you feel GREAT.

Love will fill your heart and keep you on track.

So for this Friday, July the 8th of 2011 ….. with my Alvin squeaking to be lifted to look out of the office window …. I

bid you all a fond farewell…..

Happy Friday everyone and have a SPECTACULAR weekend.


Always, Carol

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