Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 10th day of October, 2015.

YAY, it is Saturday ….. WHOO HOO ……

Sun was shining and now is clouding up a bit but the temperature is warm.

It is this weekend that we celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving.

On this weekend, I am grateful to live in my neighbourhood surrounded by wonderful people; grateful for a wonderful City, Province and Country.

Grateful for my family and friends.

Grateful to live in peace.

Grateful that I have Alvin to see before I close my eyes and when I open them in the morning.

Grateful for good food and words.

Grateful for the medicines and the technologies that have got us to this place.

It is a great weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians.

May we continue to grow and prosper.

May we continue to be kind and generous, respectful and compassionate.

This is the weekend to reflect and remember how we got to this place.

To be grateful …..


Time to get this show on the road.

Lots to do ….. VOTE (advance polls), Scentsy party, Alvin’s bath, computer stuff, perhaps rake the leaves again (did yesterday, too) …… the list is much longer.

Special Hello to: family and friends, Happy Thanksgiving.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 15th day of August, 2015.

It is overcast here in Edmonton and the deck remains wet from the rain, overnight.

We could use some moisture so it is all good.

At least here in the city.

Farmers well that will be another story.

I am so excited to be back and as always it was something so simple.

Doesn’t it just figure.

Something I could have done myself …. something I did do myself.

When plugging the computer and equipment back in I plugged it into the wrong “jack.”

Can you imagine?

The young man “Abdul” was very sweet and did not make me feel “stupid.”

I did write a few lines on FB yesterday just after I was “live” again after one week.

The troubleshooters for our cable/communications company are in a country on the other side of the world from us.

They do not know the setups (this was from the tech that came to my house).

These people just read from a script so not their fault.

He said they do not usually mention the “jack” in the script ….

If they had – I would have tried putting it in the other jack.

It is very sad that it is always about the money.

Companies having to make more and more money.

Anyway I am very grateful to have television once again and the internet.

So on with life.

I found during the week …. the house to be quiet.

So we listened to more music.

Spent more time outside.

Watched movies on DVD.

Snuggled more.

I think it was a good thing at the end of the day.

I did miss writing my blog, watching my recorded shows and going on FB.

But it was a good thing all in all.

Today I am hosting my second “Steeped Tea” party and am so excited to announce that I am now a Consultant for Steeped Tea.

I love the product and look forward to learning more as time goes on.

Well I have a bunch of things to do before my guests start arriving and thank goodness my “leader” will be leading the party and I will be watching and learning.

I had a wonderful Friday …. my daughter and grand-pups spent the day and slept over.

She helped me put together the second desk for my office and it looks great.

I will post some photos once I get the room in order (not today).

We walked with the pups in the rain.

I won a big prize at our company barbecue on Wednesday.

It was all about popcorn (hot air popcorn maker, ceramic popcorn container, popcorn to pop and Chicago mix popcorn, liquorice, M&Ms and two movies).

The popcorn tasted so yummy as we watched a movie.

Well I had better get this show on the road.

So good to be back.

I hope that you are all well and enjoying your Saturday.

Take Care.

Special Hello to: all of my friends and family who sent me wonderful Birthday wishes … it was a wonderful day.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 1st day of July, 2015.

Today also is the day that we Canadians celebrate “CANADA” …..

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.

I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful, wondrous country.

From coast to coast …. the prairies and the mountains and all in between.

I see new photos everyday that remind me of the beauty.

I am grateful to live in a country that is free.

I am grateful that I have choices, and can make my own decisions.

Just on my way out the door to go, and have coffee with my neighbour.

I hope that you have a great day.

It is overcast and raining off and on here in Edmonton but we need the rain, so no complaints.

Happy Canada Day…..

Special Hello to: all of my family and friends.

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 24th day of January, 2015.

It is a glorious morning here in my bedroom in the city of Edmonton in the province of Alberta in the country of Canada.

The sky is a beautiful clear blue and the sun is SHINING.

I have something very cool to tell you.

Last night I worked at the store.

I had the best time as usual.

So much fun.

Even saw a couple of our regular customers (after awhile you get to know some people).

The nicest couple on the planet.

It was a great night.

So when I left the store about 9:20 to go and catch the bus …

what do you think happened as I left the mall?

You might think that January in Alberta it might be snowing.

You might think that January in Alberta it might be blowing and snowing.

You might think that January in Alberta the temperature might have taken a quick nose dive and be very COLD.

But you never and I mean pretty much never would go outside to …..


Like the rain we get in the summer time.

It was warm and raining …..

So on my walk home from the bus stop to my house was a bit tricky.

I walked very slowly and carefully.

The streets were a mess.


Some from the warm temperature and it has been melting and from the rain.

There were spots that looked dried but was “black ice” and a few times I almost took a fall but manager to arrive safe and sound.

What a great place to live.

Supposed to be warm today so more will melt.

I think we need the streets scraped.

Well time to get this Saturday rolling ….

Big plans: LAUNDRY, Alvin needs a hair cut and bath (he is looking like the SHAGGY D.A. from the Disney movie) and miscellaneous other things.

So I hope that you have a great Saturday.

Always remember to take some time to relax and have that cup of coffee or tea or lemonade.

Be kind.

Pass out compliments and be polite.

We need to be better “neighbours” to each other on this planet.

Also big one: be kind and respectful to all of the other inhabitants on this planet.

Our dogs, our cats, our wildlife …… how would you like to be kicked or thrown about all for being you.


Special Hello to: everyone who is respectful and kind …. let us show everyone how it is done.  Shine your light.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 6th day of September, 2014.

This morning as it is a bit later the sun is shining brightly.

I am feeling so grateful this morning.

Grateful that I have a roof over my head …

Grateful that it is my own house….

Grateful that I have the best kids and grand-puppies and of course, me Alvin….

Grateful that I am always surrounded by the best friends and family that anyone could ever ask for …..

Grateful that I am in great health …..

Grateful that I have siblings who remind me that all things are possible…..

Grateful that even when the sun doesn’t shine the world is bright ….

Grateful that a cup of coffee with a dear friend is a great way to start the weekend…..

Grateful that I have such wonderful neighbours…..

Grateful that I have a computer so that I can write this blog…..

Grateful that I live in this amazing country …..

Grateful that all things are possible.

I ask you to take a few minutes on this Saturday to sit back and list on paper, on the computer, on your phone or just in your head or aloud ….


Grateful to be able to see and hear the world around me.

So thankful for the beauty that Mother Nature bestows upon us.

Happy Saturday.

Special Hello to: my sister ….. yes SKYPE soon …. maybe tomorrow morning before I work at the store …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 8th day of September, 2013.

I am surrounded at this very moment by so many “beings’ that I love more than words can say.

My daughter, my grand-puppies Elton and Miss Penny and my Alvin.

How lucky am I?

We are having coffee while I am writing my blog.

I hope that you are having a great start to your Sunday.

Today I work at the store.

Sundays are always interesting.

We always have a mixture of personalities coming into the store.

Some people fly in and grab what they need and leave … with very little contact.

Others like the small talk.

It is always quite the challenge to determine which is which.

But I love being around people and for the most part they are great.

We have people coming into the store from all over the world.

Lately there have been people from Holland, England, South America and Japan.

I feel like an Ambassador of sorts.

Always a fun way to spend a Sunday.

Well time to see what else this day will hold in store for us.

I will leave this thought with you ….. always “better to be an Ambassador” …… leading the way.

Have a great great Sunday.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Special Hello to: all those people visiting my country, my city and my store “Bath & Body Works.”

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…..

WOW, Welcome to Thursday MORNING …. it is the 25th day of April 2013.

It is overcast here in Edmonton but quite mild outside.


Are you a music lover?

Do you get a song in your head and then it just won’t go away?

Do you have an absolute favourite song or perhaps top ten?

Do you think you know the lyrics only to find out that you were singing them improperly for thirty years?

Do you like only one genre of music or them all?

Do you listen to music in every spare moment of every day?

Do you listen to music to relax?

Do you listen to music to elevate your mood?

Do you listen to music to start or end your day?

Do you listen to the radio?

Do you sing?

Does a certain song remind you of a person, time or place?

Does music soothe the savage beast?  (Ok, this really doesn’t belong on this list but I love that line, LOL.)

Do you buy music in a store or on-line?

Do you compare your life to the lyrics of a song?


Music, plays such an integral part of our lives.

Whether your favourite is easy listening, new age, holiday, opera, country, folk, classic, hip hop, rock and roll, or blues ….. music is the tool in our lives that we use to join us together, keep us apart, soothe us and elevate us.  It is not only the words but the melody that can impact us in so many ways.  Think about your favourite song and what it means to you.  Remember your first kiss and what was playing on the radio.  Remember when you got married or perhaps prom.  Remember when you had your first break-up?  Remember when you lost a loved one and the songs that they played at the service.  Through every stage of our lives music plays a role.


I love music.  All genres.


Have a great day.

Gotta go.


Always, Carol and Alvin


Special Hello to: all those musicians all over the world.



Thought for the day……

It was almost 11:30 p.m. when I got to bed last night and up at 7:20 as Alvin had to go outside.

The sun was already up ( OMG ) and the sky a beautiful blue.

I am happy, happy, happy to say the least.

So grateful first off that Alvin slept past his usual 4:20 a.m..

Secondly that the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Thirdly I just feel GREAT.

Ready to take on the world.

So the thought for this day …..


The World can be within your household, neighbourhood, city, country or global.

We are after all – all connected.

So on this Thanksgiving weekend for us Canadians and for you all everywhere.

Have a safe, happy, healthy, wondrous weekend.

Be thankful for all that you have and all that you are.

You are amazing, always remember that!

Take Care.

Always, Carol

P.S. –  A very special Happy Thanksgiving to my dear family and friends all over the globe.

Thought for the day……

I just have to share this with all of you.  Yesterday after work I was waiting to catch the bus.  It was very hot, and you could definitely feel it standing on the sidewalk with the hot asphalt melting nearby.  While waiting and wondering about the bus schedule as it had recently changed,  I got to chatting with a nice woman.  Somehow during the course of the conversation she asked me the following question?  “So, what country are you from?”  Well, I darn near broke out into a small bout of laughter but I contained myself.  I replied “Saskatchewan” ….. you know Alberta’s neighbour. She smiled and I thought to myself this is truly a “multiculturalist society” …  How grand!    Just for that conversation, and that question alone made waiting in the hot sun for the bus worthwhile.  I wished that I would have thought quickly enough to have asked her that very question.  We continued chatting until the bus arrived, and then stood from downtown to West Ed Mall.  It was hot but I smiled to myself the whole time. I was just thinking that I do not even have to travel to a foreign country to have someone think that I am a foreigner.

Thought for the day …… “sometimes all you have to do is wait for a bus” ……

Have a great great Friday…

Always, Carol

The thought for the day…….

I think that I am the luckiest woman on the planet.

I am surrounded by people who love me, and I them.

I have a dog named Alvin who is pretty darn cute, and so loveable.

I live in a wonderful country, safe and true.

I can look up at the night sky, and if clear see the stars shining so brightly.

I have so much freedom …… definitely a cause for celebration.

I love my life, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Each day is new.

That is a good thing.

I can dream and make them all come true.

So I think ….. just that …. LIFE IS PERFECT….

Always remember …… we are so blessed….


Always, Carol

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