Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 16th day of September 2013.

I can hardly believe it …. over half way done the month of September.

Crazy …..


So how did you do yesterday with your “random act of kindness?”

What did you do?

I was working at the store yesterday so I took a couple of  coupons that I had received when I had made purchases at the store and randomly gave them to people.

One was a young girl and she kept coming back to where I was at the store and saying thank you and that she couldn’t decide what to choose as her free item (it was one of those coupons spend X amount and receive free item up to X amount.

The other was an older couple who had come by specially to pick up an item that we were still sold out of so the coupon helped with the bad news.

I had a great day at work and love to work at Bath & Body Works.


Well have to go to the office early …. morning came extra early as the power went out last night at 9:10 and then I could not sleep.

At almost midnight I saw that the power was on so went and reset all the clocks and turned the television off (thought that I did when the lights went out, LOL).

So have a great day.

Spread your wealth – your kindness.


Special Hello to: to my sister and brother who will be arriving at my house on Thursday.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Welcome to Monday, August 20th, 2012 ….. the sun is starting to rise here in Edmonton.

With promises of a great, great day.

I hope that you all had an awesome weekend.

Mine was fantastic.

Friday I slept in, and then had coffee with my friend G and her boys and two of the kids that she “looks after” ….. it was great.

Then I did some cleaning and the usual …. I mowed my front lawn and two of my neighbours Thursday night so that freed up some time on Friday.

Also picked up Alvin’s food and then bam boom bam it was time to get ready for work at the store.

Saturday I had completely off so spent it working around the house and also picked up the trash from around the neighbourhood.

Only one bag ….. that was the best part.

I ended the day with our walk (me and Alvin) and watching a movie.  Perfect Saturday night.

Yesterday morning, my daughter came for coffee before I went to work. (Alvin spent the day with them).

One of my close by neighbours was having a front lawn sale so we bought some items.

I spent the day at work handing out coupons which is different for me.

Usually I spent my shifts in the Home Fragrance section of the store, and I love it there.

Being out front of the store handing out coupons was great ….. the people.

Wow, the mall was crazy busy yesterday.

There were people everywhere …… some happy and some not, families and not, men and women and children, all nationalities, all fashion styles … it was great.

I love it best when I am surrounded by people …… I greeted everyone with a smile and enthusiasm.  (the coupon was a great offer, if I do say so myself).

So I was busy but I also had a fantastic time.

My house is clean, me and Alvin got lots of exercise, had time to play with Alvin, mow the grass, did some writing, grocery shopping,  and yard work and worked two shifts at the store and cleaned up the neighbourhood.

Man that sounds like I am SUPERWOMAN or something ….. well I am just Carol …..

Well just Carol has to fly as today is my early shift at work ….. so my ride will be here shortly.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Monday …… talk to you tomorrow.

Special Hello to: all those people who are always incredibly busy but still find time for the little things.


Always, Carol and Alvin.

Thought for the day……

Happy Wednesday February 1st, 2012.

February …… the month of “all things heart shaped” …… Valentine’s Day.

I love the thought of that day …… receiving flowers from that special someone.

Picking up a cute teddy for a special child.

Perhaps picking up a box of your best friend’s favourite chocolate.

Then there are always the gifts straight from the heart requiring no cash, cheque or credit card.

Those are the best kind.

You can give coupons (made specially by you) or else a verbal promise to:

(ideas) take out the trash for a month, babysit for someone, walk a friend’s dog, cook something and take it to someone who lives alone, visit seniors, shovel a sidewalk, invite a neighbour over for coffee, help someone with a special project and the list goes on….. use your imagination.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day?

I think simply that it is an extra special time to show people how much you care.

We should “care” all of the time but it is great to have a “national” day ……, I think.

So if you are contemplating doing something ……. just do it.

Make someone’s day…… doesn’t have to be ten dozen roses ……

Have a great February 1st ..

Special Hello: to all the angels wandering this earth …… thank you.

Always, Carol and of course, ALVIN …..

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