Welcome to December 2020

Good Morning ALL. If you live in the province of Alberta, Canada – we have new COVID19 Restrictions. Buckle down time everyone. Yes, Christmas 2020 will look very different for a lot of folks. I am grateful that I am allowed to have my daughter and her husband come for Christmas. They will be the only ones allowed to visit me for the next thirty days. I cannot go to their house. Our girl friend Christmas will be done via ZOOM. Thank goodness for technology. Can you imagine if this would have happened in the 1970’s? I wonder if ZOOM, Skype and the INTERNET will be able to handle all of the calls this year. Christmas may just bring down the Internet, is that possible?

This reminds me of the Christmas story of the time that Christmas was almost cancelled due to the big storm but Rudolph came to the rescue. I guess “Santa” will still be able to get through even with COVID19 although he won’t be able to come into your house. Maybe folks will need to be creative this year when it comes to Santa’s visit. Maybe he can drop the gifts in a sack on your back doorstep. Not on the front as their are always those “bad people” or “desperate ones” who have to take things that do not belong to them. Anyway, food for thought. If you have a big wooden box or better yet a big rubbermaid container with a lid, Santa could fill the container and the items would remain dry in case of snowfall. Do you think it is possible that Santa may lose weight this Christmas? It is very possible. Not all of those cookies and milk to snack on. Poor Reindeer though. Santa will have to ensure that they are well fed before they leave the North Pole on their big trek across the planet. TODAY is 15 sleeps till CHRISTMAS EVE Day.

What a year we are having!! I guess that calls for multiple exclamation points, more than two? I keep saying that as long as we are in good health, have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and can pay the bills – then we are doing GREAT. There are so many folks that are not in good health whether COVID19 related or not, that do not have a stable roof over their heads, do not have good food to eat each and every day and absolutely cannot pay their bills. So if you are feeling less than enthusiastic about Christmas this year – think of them. This is one Christmas of many. It may be different but it will be okay. We can make it better if we choose. Remember life is about the reactions.

Well I seem to have a problem getting used to getting up early in the mornings. Of course, we were up at 3:30, 5:30 and then just before 7:00 but that is okay. I still managed to get dressed properly and put on deodorant, except no one but Mr. Alvin could smell me anyway. LOL. Time to plug in the coffee and get to work. I hope that you have a great day and make this Christmas special for your family. We can do it. It will be different that is for sure but it can still be memorable for all. Think of all those folks who cannot have visitors and will be virtually alone …. mainly seniors.

Continuing to live life with kindness and respect for all and compassion. Important that there is compassion.

Always, Carol & Alvin

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Second Half of the NEW YEAR – last quarter

Good Morning All. How are you doing on this fine Wednesday? I am doing great. The Steeped Tea or Sipology order arrived perfectly yesterday. Two friends have already come and picked up their orders. I am so grateful that we were able to have a COVID 19 visit meeting the protocols. Masks and social distancing. Today another gal is coming to pick up hers and I am delivering one to another friend who lives close by. The delivery arrived in time for me and Alvin to head out for a walk during my lunch break. The wind was a bit cool but otherwise divine. Good old fashioned “fresh air” can be so uplifting.

Mid week. I always like mid week. Wednesday is the date that my daughter was born. I even had the pleasure of choosing her actual birthdate. Something not maybe Moms are able to do. She was born by c-section so it was a planned “event.” As she grew up I soon realized that perhaps I should have chosen a couple of days later due to paydays but who knew that was ever going to be a thing. Anyway we, she, me all survived to tell the tale. Life is always what you make it. I am once again reading some books by Mike Dooley. THE UNIVERSE guru. I so enjoy reading his books as he gives us a different perspective on living our lives. Always good to learn new things and then reread books to remind us, just in case a Pandemic has hit and all good and common sense has gone out the window. Because clearly in some cases, this has happened. Always be mindful of what you can do not only for yourself but for others. Our THOUGHTS DO BECOME THINGS. Those things drive your life. “think about it.” If you are continually thinking I am tired – you will be tired. If you are always thinking no one likes me or I am no good or I am unlucky – then you will be all of those things. Experiment, if you don’t think this could be true. Also I am quite certain that in 2020 you have heard of a “little known book” called THE SECRET. Just try – what do you have to lose, nothing. You can even take the book out of the library if you do not have access or the means to a copy.

Well almost time for me to head on back downstairs. This 1.5 hours or so in the morning (sometimes shorter) always seems to evaporate. Most especially when I sit down to write. The words seem to pour out of me some days and then it is time to go to work.

I wish you good health, that you are safe, that you are kind and respectful to yourself and to all others. It is the only way to live your life.

As Always, Carol & Alvin

P.S. one of these days I am going to surprise you with some new photos and likely myself as well.

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