The Next Chapter

Good Morning! Well here we are once again at Monday morning. The sky is partially overcast and we are all hoping for rain. The ground is so dry. The forests that paint a lovely picture of our dear home “Alberta” are desperately dry and need some moisture. There are still many wildfires burning out of control. I fear that the loss of wildlife and domestic farm animals will climb with every moment the fires burn. Spring is the time of renewal and of birth. So many babies will never have a chance at a life. Very sad. My heart breaks and hurts for this unnecessary loss. Most of the fires that are burning are man made. Some idiot either threw a cigarette out of a window while driving, or was burning trash or something. I know that many wildfires burn as a result of nature. Lightning strikes are a big one. Sending thoughts of moisture to extinguish the fires. Seems like everyday they are placing another community on immediate evacuation. I keep checking with my daughter to see how they are doing. They have bags packed to leave on a moment’s notice. I am glad that they are taking this seriously and are prepared.

Last night in mid evening (for me), I saw a little bird with a piece of fluff in the tree. All of a sudden the piece of fluff or cotton fell. The little bird quickly dove down to the fluff and picking it up in its’ beak tried to lift it up once again. There was nothing that I could do to help. The bird gave up and flew away. Was it trying to make a nest? I am thinking that this may be late for that but I am not a bird. Perhaps the little bird has had trouble finding little things to make a nest. Poor little one.

Thankfully the wind has calmed down this morning. Hoping and praying that the winds remain calm from here on in. That would be nice and would help the fire situation greatly.

Yesterday morning I baked a pumpkin cake and made a cream cheese icing. The chocolate banana pumpkin loaf that I had made Saturday night was not quite the way that I like it for someone else to eat. It is edible so I will munch away on it but not to take for friends to eat. The pumpkin cake was a yummy. So glad that I decided to try a new recipe. I did change up the icing though. I had a great visit yesterday afternoon with my dear friends Gillian & Signe. Always great to catch up with these ladies.

Time to head downstairs and make coffee and have breakfast. My mouth is still a bit sore. After the pushing and pushing (not pulling), I think it will take awhile for it to feel 100% relief.

Wishing you a great Monday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin (My Forever Angel)

Second Half of the NEW YEAR

Good Morning ALL, yay it is Friday.

Alvin and I enjoyed a full walk last night after work.

He didn’t stop or walk slowly.

I could tell that he was enjoying each and every step.

Sniffing and walking.

Walking and sniffing.


Just transferred the money to the gal that is baking my birthday treats.

Those treats are a delectable carrot cake with cream cheese icing and cupcakes.

The cupcakes are one dozen vanilla with key lime icing and the other twelve are chocolate with salted caramel icing.

I can hardly wait to bite into these sweet amazing treats.

My friend is one of the best bakers, I know.

I have met up with a few of them over the years.

My paternal Grandmother was one of those women who could bake the socks off anyone.

She made the best jelly rolls, angel food cakes, orange chiffon cakes, cookies and homemade bread.

I can taste them now.

All the gloriousness (I guess that is a word).

The jam in the jelly roll.

The thin layer of icing on the cakes.

The smell of the bread baking in the oven.

That was a long time ago and I can recall those smells.

It is funny how much food plays a role in our lives.

We have to eat to maintain health and energy and to live.

But food has become over the centuries so much more.

We eat when we are happy.

We eat when we are sad.

We eat to celebrate.

We eat when someone dies.

We eat, eat and eat.

Christmas cookies.

Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

Easter bread.

The list goes on and on.

We have channels all about food.

The industry is crazy.

There are bake offs and cook offs and grilling championships.

The list is a mile long.

Every celebrity that can cooks has their own television show.

We blog about food.

We have YouTube videos about cooking and baking.

We put photos on Instagram.

FOOD, food, and more FOOD.

Sweet and Savoury.


Well with all that goodness now instilled in your brain, I have to go to work.

I baked a coffee cake …. second one with this new recipe that I found in one of my favourite recipe books.

The night before I baked a few dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

For an outing this evening.

I am still a bit nervous as this is my first larger than 3 people gathering.

But I am prepared.

I made separate packages of the cookies and will come up with something for the cake using cupcake holders.


With kindness and respect, we live our lives.

I/We, shall remain,

As Always, Carol & her Alvin


Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 9th day of August, 2017.

Well the day has finally arrived.

I am officially 60 years old.

Last night my daughter, son-in-law and grand-pups joined me, my sister and youngest brother for the birthday celebration.

I was happy to make supper for everyone and enjoy it all with my family in my own home.

Oh and Mr. Alvin, cannot forget him.

Earlier in the day my nephew, his wife and three sons stopped by for a visit.

Today we are getting ready to go to Fort Edmonton Park.

Well I have to go but will give details more later.

I have to thank my co-worker “C” for making me such a delicious birthday cake (carrot cake with cream cheese icing).


Have an awesome day.


Special Hello to: All you Birthday folks out there.

Always, Carol & Alvin

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