Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 22nd day of May, 2016.

Well raining it is.

We so needed the moisture and it has been raining pretty steady since Friday.

Things did not bode well for the two day garage sale but the moisture is more important for everyone.

I will try again next Sunday regarding the garage sale.

On Friday I managed despite the cold to hang in there until almost the end of the sale (7:15 instead of 7:30 p.m.) but yesterday closed it down after just over two hours.

It was 4 degrees celsius and I can still feel the effects of the cold.

I do believe that I was chilled to the bone.

It was an adventure of sorts so it is all good.


The grass has greened up lots and looks so good.

You could almost see it changing hues of green as it continued to rain.


Alvin came home from his sleepover later yesterday afternoon along with Elton.

Elton stayed with us while his parents went out to friends for dinner.

It was nice ….. I made sure that I snuggled extra with our Elton.

He sure has bounced back with a spring in his step and all.


Well I guess I had better get this show on the road after spending two days preparing and hosting and re-cooperating from the garage sale it is time to get this house back in order.

CLEANING day …. LAUNDRY ….. preparing for the tea tasting tomorrow afternoon.

I am so excited as one of my friends is able to come over (usually she is working).


I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Somedays it is only a broadcast of my day(s) but I hope that some part of it makes you smile or gives you an idea or helps in some way.

It is my life …. most days pretty great although there are times I am disappointed and frustrated.

But I just carry on and always try to do my best no matter what.

Take care.


Special Hello to: Tammi, thank you for reading and sharing …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 21st day of May, 2016.

Finally rain great for our dry countryside.

It has been raining since Thursday night except for a break yesterday afternoon / early evening.

COLD …. so different from our hot temperatures of earlier in May, late April.

I heard from a friend this morning that up north they had SNOW, a lot of snow.


I am just getting ready for the second day of our garage sale.

We had a few customers which was great yesterday, and with the rain hopefully it will bring even more.

What a great way to spend a Saturday when you cannot work outside.

I have one hour to finish getting ready so I must go.

Alvin went home with his sister to spend the night …. so is quiet in the house.


I hope that you have a great Saturday.

Wish me luck with the garage sale.

Lots of sales…….


Thank you

Special Hello to: my fellow garage sale holders ….. good luck to you, all.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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