Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 11th day of October, 2015.

The wind has been howling since the wee hours of the morning (all night) along with some rain.

I always find it scary/interesting when it appears that the clouds are moving over head.

I am just on my way to have coffee with one of my girl friends.

YAY ….

I will admit (but not to everyone) that now being at the halfway point of my four days off that I have not accomplished anywhere near what was on my list.

In fact, I did tear up the list and write another one.

There has been time spent with Alvin ….. we went on a nice long walk yesterday after the Scentsy party …. it was gorgeous …. over 25 degrees Celsius …. SO NICE.

So decision has been made ….. have the list and do what you can …. plus take time to play with Alvin and also time to relax.

One important item for today after the coffee date I am going to go through my upstairs office and get this room back in order.

That is a for sure item.

We can crank up the music and just go at it …… toss what we do not need.

I must admit I had not been to a Scentsy party and I really enjoyed the scents.

Almost felt like I was cheating on Bath & Body Works …..

Is that not sad.

There has to be a good mix for everyone, right.

I did have a great Saturday ….. after our walk ….. Mr. Alvin had a bath …. now he is looking extra cute.


At bedtime I have been reading “How to See YOURSELF as You Really Are” by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  

These few lines I thought were important to share to everyone at this time:

“Each religion works to lessen suffering and contribute to the world; conversion is not the point.  I do not think about converting others to Buddhism or merely furthering the Buddhist cause.  Instead, I try to think of how I as a Buddhist can contribute to the happiness of all living beings.”

This really does say it all …… no matter what your religion, trying to convert others to it, is not the point, all that truly matters is that we all contribute in our own way

to the happiness of all living beings. (not just humans).

Perhaps if we spent less time trying to make each other like ourselves and more time working on happiness we would be in a better place.

Just wanted to share on this Thanksgiving weekend.


Have a great Sunday.

I am off to have a cup of coffee and share in conversation and laughter as we do.

Special Hello to: my sister and her family, to my brother and his friends, to my brother and his family and to YOU ….. Happy Sunday.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….


Yesterday afternoon when I was finished my shift at Bath & Body Works, and on my way out of the mall.

As I going up the escalator, I quickly spotted a very unusual sight on the down side.

Can you guess?  I was so taken aback by these three guys.

There were three Buddhist Monks or perhaps Tibetan Monks, I truly do not know the difference.

They were dressed in the same robes as I have seen the Dalai Lama wear.

I instantly felt a warm feeling overtaking my body from the inside out.

I felt so wonderful.  As I am writing this, I cannot fully explain in words the feeling that I had as I passed them.

I also noticed that everyone all around them had huge smiles on their faces.

Isn’t that so great to have such a profound effect on others.

Without even saying ONE word or making even the slightest of gestures.

I knew at that very moment ….. that everything in my life was right.

That my path was clear, that my life from that moment on would be easy and fun.

Filled with amazing possibilities and dreams fulfilled.

I must say that I never in a million years thought that I would see Buddhist Monks in West Ed or anywhere in my life.

Unless I happened to be travelling abroad.

Perhaps it is a daily event for others but I was truly inspired and touched by these three unassuming men in their brown & red robes.

Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.  I will say thank you for the rest of my life.

It is so important to keep your eyes open as you walk about your daily life.

You never know what you will see and how you will be effected.

Always, Carol

P.S. I wonder what/where they were going at the MALL.

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