Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 22nd day of December, 2016.

TWO sleeps till Christmas Eve.

It is funny that even though “time” is the one constant on this plane of existence that it feels as though it goes more quickly as the years go by.

Now that is a mouth full at this time of day.

Mr. Alvin has been waking up at about 3:00 for the past while and I manage to get him settled until around 4:00 (usually 3:45 a.m.).

Not sure why he does not appear to be sick or upset.

Just cannot get his time straightened out.

So by the time we hit the sofa for a bit after he eats (not a good idea) ….. I am getting a bit silly for lack of a better word at this moment.

Anyway back to front.

Christmas is just around the corner.

I am working on my Christmas gifts and will have them ready soon.

It feels nice actually using things you have and making them into something new as a gift to another.

We appreciate something just a bit more, I think, when it is hand-made or hand-crafted.

Today is our last work day and I am grateful for that and hopefully I am able to zip through the mail with little or no interruptions.

We have been receiving so much mail this last while.

It would be great to have it caught up before Christmas break.

Anyway because we were up early and I just needed a few more minutes on the sofa … that constant old time is … well you know.

Time to go and grab my coat and boots and head for the bus.

I hope that you have an awesome Thursday.

Remember that even when things seem the darkest the light will come on.

Remember to give everyone a chance.

Remember be kind to yourself first and then to others.

Kindness should rule the world.

Happy Thursday.

Special Hello to: all my friends all OVER the world….. Merry Christmas.

Always, Carol and Alvin

P.S. I am most looking forward to catching up with reading of blogs …. somehow there is never enough time and so many to read.


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