Thought for the day……

What are your top 100 hundred things that you absolutely love?

Perhaps you might being feeling a tad overwhelmed by the 100 number!

So let’s start with your top ten.  Just like David Letterman.

Here are my top ten things that I absolutely love:

1. My kids: “Alvin”, Amanda, Steven, Elton & Penny (they count as one, because you cannot put one before the other)

2. My Family & Friends (you know who you are, yes, that means you.  LOL)

3. Owning my own place, my house, my home, my crib ….

4. Being in excellent health.

5. Having more than enough money.

6. Being surrounded by love and laughter every day.

7. Living in CANADA, and on the planet Earth

8. Chocolate

9. Starry Nights

10. Writing

It is not an easy task as I love so many things.  I can easily write 100 and could do more if given the opportunity.

These are just a few of the things that I love.  Add to that list: work, cleaning, roses, green grass, sun, rainbows, flowers and you get the picture.

So make your list and feel love in your heart for each item as you write it down.

With your heart open and in the loving mode ….. have yourself the best day of your life.

Remember you are special, worthy and deserving of a great life.

So get out there and enjoy.

Always, Carol

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