Thought for the day……

Do you ever pretend?

Do you use your imagination?

Do you day dream about being rich and famous?

Do you dream about having it all?

So for this day …… pretend, imagine, be rich and famous, have it all …….

Exercise your brain.

Sometime after the age of 8 or 9 we lose our innocence,

our ability to pretend and imagine without feeling pressure from peers and society.

I think that we should get it back.

Reclaim it.

So for this day …. in my mind …. as I travel through the day ….. I am going to use my imagination and pretend.

After all ….. that’s where dreams are made.

Happy Thursday everyone.


Always, Carol


P.S. ┬áit would appear that this is my “200th” Thought for the day……. so I am really going to imagine …. a big celebration with champagne!!

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