Last Half 2022

Good Morning ALL! What a gorgeous morning. Bright sun shining and mostly blue sky. There are a few deep blue clouds but for now the sun is shining and that is what matters. I of course, am running late as I cannot seem to stop clicking on that darn “snooze button,” why oh why!

Today is the birthday of a friend (co-worker). Wishing you a great day Miss Suzette. She took a few days off for her birthday week. Another huge birthday – Happy 4th of July 2022 to our neighbours to the south and to my friends and cousins who live in the United States. Wishing all a wonderful, safe and fun day.

We had a great Sunday. I veered in a total different direction from my original plans for the day. WE were up in good time. I thought that we should go for a walk while it was still morning so we did. We walked right over to our friend Pauline’s house. The garden did not require any watering between my Friday watering and the rain on Saturday. I let Mr. Alvin off his leash so he could wander around unfettered. We both just enjoyed the sunshine and the beautiful garden, my secret garden, of sorts. Of my favourites, the roses. She has multiple bushes and one of them is right near the house, so it looks like it is running up the house. The bush was just filled with incredible pink blooms. The fragrance is another story. I do not know how long we sat in the garden as I did not wear a watch and that is the best kind of time, not paying attention to the minutes, living in the moment. I gave Alvin a few drinks of water while we hung out in the garden.

I, noticed when we were walking through the entrance to the park that there appeared to be a pink rose bush growing out of a white one??? So I investigated to find that someone had picked a bunch of pink roses and set them on the white rose bush. So on our way home, I picked them up and took them home so that they could be appreciated and not wasted. I was able to take most of them and have a beautiful rose bowl which is filling up the main floor with that incredible fragrance.

Yesterday I finished some laundry and decided that I should go through the odds and ends of jewelry that we have accumulated for our Dear Stella Jewelry business but not jewelry that we made. When my daughter and I had our business, technically we still do. Anyway, on a couple of trips and from around Edmonton, we came across some unique pieces so we kept them thinking that perhaps we would reuse them and never did. So I had this container filled with jewelry of all sorts. I spent several hours going through and had the realization that I have some very cool pieces. So at some point when I am ready, I will gather together and have a sale.

I also decided to make some changes with pictures and managed to get two of them moved and asked Sonja to help with the others and she also changed some light bulbs for me. I have the best neighbours.

Well it is getting very close to work start time, so have to go. Plug in the coffee pot as I always enjoy that first cup of coffee.

Have an awesome Monday – go outside.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities and COFFEE.

Always, Carol & Alvin

PS: today is 36 days until my 65th birthday. WOW.

Thought for the day…..

Well, GOOD MORNING ALL and WELCOME TO MONDAY, September 17th, 2012.

How are you this morning?  I hope that you are feeling great and ready to get this day started.

I had a great weekend.

Friday, I spent most of the afternoon in my office going through stuff …… and I am “proud” to say that for as much as I accomplished there is still lots to do.

But that is okay….. I set up another desk (table like) so it extends my regular desk and shuffled my book cases around so now the room looks twice as big.

If you walked into this room you would think that I am done but I have several containers in the closet and in the spare room to go through.

But one day at a time.  It will get done …. and having it done perfectly all at once sometimes is not possible, and that is okay.


I am grateful for the beautiful weather this weekend and that I was able to spend some time outside.

Yesterday, I cut the front and back lawns …. (including two of my neighbours as we take turns).

The grass out front was not very long.

I am grateful that my daughter was able to come over for coffee, and share her latest photo shoot stories as well as work on our Dear Stella photos.

We posted some new jewelry and have already sold two pieces, YAY for us.

I am grateful for the walk last night with Alvin and for a visit and walk with one of the neighbours down the street that also has a cock spaniel.

Their dog is not social with any other dog except he has taken a shine to Alvin.  They told me that other dogs seem to aggressive.

So isn’t that great for Mr. Alvin …… my kind and gentle spirit.  He is such a wonderful guy.

Well today is the day that I start work a 1/2 hour early …. so I have to run.

I hope that you have a great day ….

I am grateful that I was able to share this time with you all.

Take Care.

Special Hello to: all those people who rescue animals and people …. you ROCK and we are grateful.  Be safe.

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Thursday, March 29th, 2012 ….

How are you this fine Thursday morning?  I am great.

The air is warm outside, and the stars are shining beneath a light cloud cover.

Tomorrow is my day off and I am excited.  I have lots of items on my “TO DO” list so I will be a busy, happy girl.  Okay, WOMAN.  My “girl” days are behind me.  LOL.

I was just thinking about my “favourite things” ….

You know how “LADY O” has her “list of favourite things” …… I think we all should have a list.

My list is all encompassing (even free) ….. so here are a few of my favourite things:

– walks with Alvin

– cup of coffee in the morning

-visits with family and friends

-coffee with my “girls” …… I have a list (Amanda, Gillian, Sonja, Sherie and Karen)

– planting flowers and then enjoying them all summer

– cool glass of water after mowing the grass

-laying on the ground/deck and watching the clouds in the daytime and stars at night

-listening to music

-dancing with Alvin (I think he likes it)  🙂

– SKYPING with my sister (and then surprise visitors on the other end)

– receiving cheques in the mail

– feeling of love

– Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume (from Bath & BodyWorks)  I love this perfume …. so pretty… makes me feel beautiful..

– Apple computers

– my jeans from Eddie Bauer (love their clothes)

– making jewelry with Amanda (love our “Dear Stella” Jewelry) ….. so proud of what we make.

– being creative

– making crafts with the neighbour children

– SMASHBOX powder blush, mascara base, photo finish

– my BASICS stapler (always good to have a proper stapler at home)

– KIT KAT chocolate bars

So that is a few of my favourite things.  If you have not sat down and actually typed up or written down a list …. now is the time.

It is really a good exercise to do ….. you have wonderful warm feelings when you write down what you love …. your favourite things.

They can be things you buy that you  want to refer others to ….. or the things that you do for free …. like walks with your dog …. etc.

I hope that you enjoy making up your list.

I certainly could have written much longer but I have to finish getting ready to go to work…… ah…..

So have the most wonderful day ….. I shall have the best one ever.

Special Hello to:  all those lovers of “KIT KAT” chocolate bars…….

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin (who is curled up on the ottoman not far away from me at this moment).

Thought for the day….

I was pleasantly reminded yesterday to do what I am passionate about …… somewhere along my journey of recent …. I was sidetracked.  While looking for employment, I forgot to take a few minutes to write on my blog and to work on my jewelry.  So thank you so much to MY  girls (Amanda, Gillian and Anick) who helped me see the light of day.  After all, how can you succeed in life if you are not working on something that you are passionate about ….. right??  It was really a case of too many things and going in multiple directions at the same time.  I feel more calm, and ready to take on the world.  I did secure a part-time job at Bath and Body Works in West Ed Mall, and I love my new co-workers.  My first shift is at the end of this week.  I think this position will show case my people skills, and I look forward to that.  If you are ever in the mall …. stop by and perhaps I will be in the store at that time.

Oh, today is the 500th day of life shared with Alvin.  Can you  believe it?  500 days with him.  WOW.  Happy 500th Alvin (who is curled up beside my computer chair) ….  ah….so cute….  🙂

So thought for the day is this ….. always, and I mean always follow your passion  ….. no matter what is going on in your life.

We all need to follow our dreams and our passions.  I hope for both you and me that our “passions” and “dreams” are realized.

Thank you so much for following my blog.  I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my words.

Have a great great day.

Always Carol…..

Open House for our Dear Stella Jewelry ……

On Saturday, November 20th, 2010, Amanda and I held our first “Open House” for our Dear Stella Jewelry business.  We were both so excited.  The morning was crisp but the sky was clear so we were off to a great start to the day.  I had baked like a mad woman.  Picked up special coffee, some teas and juice for the liquid refreshments.    Alvin was going to stay with Steven for the day.  So all that was left was to set up all of our prized creations.  I must say I was both excited and nervous.  We hoped that our open house would be a huge success.  Invitations and notices had gone out to our friends and family that lived in Edmonton and area.

Setting up for the Open House


Cookies, anyone?


Unbaked Chocolate Macaroons, everyone's fav


Fruit Cocktail Cake


Chocolate Chip & More Cookies....


Now some photos of our jewelry……

Starting to set up the table with all of our bracelets......


Our Dear Stella Jewelry


Shades of purple.....


Shades of Fall


Black and Silver ...... Ready for a Night on the Town


Green & Purple - very pretty


So as you can see I love to bake and I also love to make jewelry.  We have now included necklaces and hair pins in our line.  In the near future, we plan to make earrings as well.  We have made a couple of bracelet and necklace sets and will continue to do so.   I would say that our first “Open House” was a huge success.  We had friends new and old join us,  made some sales, as well as contacts for future.

Please go to Facebook and check out our Dear Stella Jewelry page.  Please enter “Dear Stella Jewelry” as someone has the Dear Stella name on Facebook.

Thank You

Always, Carol

One Sunday afternoon ….

Yesterday afternoon my six year old friend from a few doors down named Lea called me to see if she could come over for a visit.

I could tell that she was bored.  Some weeks she calls more often than others.  She has a little sister named Mahee-Lee, and a little brother named David.

But she is the big sister through and through.

I suppose that I can identify with her as I am the eldest of my siblings.  Sometimes you just need to get away.

It was funny as I asked her what she was doing and she said “putting on her boots” ….. guess she knew that this time I would say “YES”.

When Lea arrived Alvin did his usual greeting …… he loves his Lea.  So he has to jump up and try to give her a kiss.  It usually takes a few minutes for her to get her boots, coat, mitts and hat off when Alvin is the meet and greeter…. LOL.

Once she was settled, as I had mentioned on the phone “I was working, making some jewelry” and then asked her “if she would like to make a bracelet”.

Of course, she said a resounding “Yes, please” with a huge smile attached.  So I chose some beads for her and cut her a piece of  stretch cord to make the bracelet.

I continued with the necklace that I was making.  We chatted up a storm during our jewelry making session.

We had a couple of “accidents” with one being a tray of beads spilled onto the floor.  We both scrambled to pick them up before Alvin got to them.

But surprisingly enough, Alvin didn’t even flinch ….. just wasn’t interested in “our beads”.  So we were relieved.

Once Lea had her bracelet finished, I asked her if she would like to make herself a necklace.  She was so excited.

More beads and time later, she asked if I would help her finish the necklace.  I guess it seemed a daunting task for a six year old.

So I worked on one side and her on the other.

We quickly finished it.  It was coming close to 3:00 p.m. and she had to run home.  Lea and her family were going to the “YM” for an outing.

It was a fun couple of hours with my little friend, Lea.

She is so grown up for a six year old.  Lea makes me laugh.

It was a great afternoon and I even made a necklace and matching bracelet in between the laughter and beads rolling on the floor….  🙂

My friend Lea - Halloween Craft Party 2010

My friend Lea showing off her bracelet & necklace

Close-up of Lea's beautiful necklace...

"The bracelet" ...... great job, Lea.

Lea’s bracelet, she was so proud.  As am I.

Great JOB…..very creative.


My creations from Sunday afternoon with Lea.

This was a grand way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Please check our “Dear Stella Jewelry” on Facebook.

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