Thought for the day…..

Wow, here were are on the last day of April 2012 …… the 30th and it is a beautiful Monday morning.

It rained overnight as the deck was wet and earlier there were clouds in the sky but now THE SUN IS COMING UP AND IT IS GLORIOUS.

Yes, the sun is shining ….. I love the mornings when you are getting up and ready to the sun shining.

Soon we shall not require the lights to be on and that is a real treat.

I love saving on electricity ….

Happy Monday everyone.

I hope that wherever you are ….. THE SUN IS SHINING.

The sky here in Edmonton is the most palest of blues with a hint of pink off the horizon and if I could see the sun coming up from my office window (it faces south), it would be oranges, yellows and pinks…

I truly love this time of day when the sun is coming up full of promises for a wonderful day.

I hope that you have a glorious day.

Special Hello to: the WORLD….to every man, woman and child and creatures: four-legged and other…. Happy Monday.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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