The Next Chapter

Good Morning. I am taking a sick day as I am not feeling so great after the dental work yesterday. I had the temporary crowns replaced with permanent ones, four fillings and two extractions. All from upper part of my mouth. I am feeling sick and also tired. The Dentist said to get rest and I see why. This will be short as I am going to go downstairs and lay down on the sofa. I did not think about this but of course during the night some of my saliva went onto my pillow and it was tainted with blood. Something to consider should you have teeth extracted. There is some pain but not too bad. I am looking forward to gently rinsing the extraction site with some warm salty water in a few hours. Following the instructions from the Dentist. It has been many years since I had a tooth pulled and I had two extracted.

I hope that you have a good day.

Skies are smoky once again.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin, My Forever Angel

The Next Chapter

Good Morning! Mostly clear blue sunny skies this morning. The smoke cleared by late afternoon, early evening and I was grateful that I could open my windows. I know that the smoke here was by no means as bad as those areas in the thick of the fires but I am grateful. There is a breeze this morning but I do no smell smoke unless my sense of smell is not functioning this morning. I am congested between the Mayday trees in full bloom and the pollen going on. Today is Thursday. Today is my dental appointment where they remove the temporary crowns and put in/on the permanent ones. I am also having two upper back molars extracted and two upper front fillings redone. Hopefully everything goes smoothly today. Fingers crossed that the pushing and pulling is at a minimum as my mouth was sore for almost this whole time. Not painful just sore. Anyway, I am grateful that all is well and will be soon over for now. I will definitely keep up the regular appointments no matter what is going on in the world. Next is medical appointments – get all those checkups done. When you are feeling mostly good – we tend to forget and with the Pandemic, no one went to the Doctor unless it was an emergency. Anyway.

I have been thinking of my Alvin this morning. I miss his cute face and the way he walked. I miss him sitting in the bathroom while I had a shower with his back to me, always the gentleman. I miss snuggling in bed and on the sofa. Life is not the same. It is okay but definitely not as great as when Mr. Alvin shared this home with me.

The flowers are for Mr. Alvin as he loved them so much. I cannot wait until I plant flowers in his honour. Miss you buddy.

Have a good Thursday. Be safe and keep cool.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin, My Forever Angel

P.S. starting to smell a bit of smoke.

The Next Chapter

Good Morning. A beautiful Thursday, May 4th, 2023. May the 4th be with you! There is my STAR WARS reference. Another hot day for most of Alberta. So hot and dry. I am praying for rain, just rain no fanfare from Mother Nature, like lightning. Just enough rain to extinguish the wildfires and to give the desperately dry ground some moisture. Fingers crossed.

Today is my third dental appointment. I will go to work and then catch the bus to the appointment and then back to the office when I am finished. Hopefully all goes well today. Should be easy peasy as they are just making the mould/the form/the impression whatever it is called for the crowns.

I have been so enjoying having the grand pups here when I arrive home from work. They are coming today and I believe tomorrow as well. Earlier I went downstairs to open the windows and turn on the fan so that the main floor is as cool as I can make it. I will be closing the blinds as well. They will only be alone for about 4.5 hours so not too bad. They will be okay. I am so happy that I am able to help them out.

The sun is shining now. A few minutes ago it must have been behind a cloud. The sky looks so pretty. I was looking at it through my bedroom window just before I got up and the colours were picture perfect. Mother Nature sure can put on a show. Utter perfection.

I hope that the wildfires can be contained/extinguished and the loss of all life is minimal. I wished that it would be none but how can a fire not take away life of some kind. Insects, birds, small animals and domestic animals.

I just received a text from my daughter, the strike is over. They settled. My son-in-law will not have to walk the picket line. So happy for him and for his coworkers. I won’t be seeing my pups today. I am happy that they are home and won’t have to travel back and forth, especially in this heat.

Well it is almost time to head back downstairs and put on the coffee and have a bite to eat. Great news to start the day with and I am over the moon for them.

Happy Thursday. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin (My Forever Angel)

It is a NEW YEAR.

Good Saturday morning all.

After hitting plus 28 degrees celsius for the first time this year we are to have a slightly cooler day at 25 degrees.

There is a breeze today so that helps keep it more manageable.

Yesterday was a great day.

My daughter did the shopping for both households at COSTCO.

She surprised me with some beautiful potted flowers.

We had supper together and we had some of the strawberry-rhubarb crisp that I had made Thursday night.

It turned out pretty good.

We also did some gardening as she is starting to really be interested in growing plants/flowers.

I am happy about that as there is nothing more calming and fun than gardening.

One of my most favourite things is to garden but to sit back later and just enjoy the colour, their scents and their simple beauty.

Alvin is doing really well after his teeth cleaning.

I would say 100% back to normal.


Today is the birthday of our friend Pauline, I am going to just use her name and not just her initial.

Using one’s initial seems so impersonal.

After all it is not like I am giving her last name and address.

Happy Birthday to our friend.

She is a grower of the most beautiful flowers and plants.

Green thumb for sure.


The rest of this blog is going to be all photos as I finally was able to download those photos.


Beautiful flowers from my daughter.

Alvin’s tooth – that most forgetful tooth fairy did not bring him any loot !

Photos of the storm brewing last night. The ones with the dark border were near the roofline of our house.

Alvin and I enjoying the sunshine before his dental appointment on Thursday.

While out on the deck with Alvin before his appointment, I was going for some flower shots when I noticed two bugs “doing the wild thing.”

They were sitting on the railing but when I moved they started to fly.

What a sight.  I tried valiantly to snap a photo but it is not a crisp shot.

Very cool all the same.  Oh, I love nature.

Teddy, Kobi spent Wednesday with us.  Those pups love to move about making it impossible to grab any great closeups.

The baby Kobi is getting so big and remains full of puppy energy.  I love the photo of her and then the second one

where all of the ups are standing up looking out of the window.

Humphrey spent a few hours in the evening with us.

Truly was a friends day for Alvin and me, too.

My back raised flower/shrub garden.

I love it so much.

Whoops what about the front ……

I did manage to snap a couple or three of the friends.

Oh, I did snap some of my front garden.

Very nice and green.

Forgot the impatiens on the front porch.


Well I better get this day going.

I was going to take Mr. Alvin for a walk since we missed ours yesterday.

Before it gets too warm.

Coffee and laundry can wait.

It is 8:44 a.m. already and we were up much earlier than usual.


Wishing you a grand day.

I hope that you have a garden to putz in and to enjoy.

Continuing to live our lives with kindness and respect.

I/We, shall remain,

As Always, Carol & Mr. Alvin

Living … One day at a time.


Friday morning.

The sun is trying hard to burst through the rain clouds that have set in for the past few days.

We managed to have a beautiful walk with our friend P after my dental appointment (just a cleaning).

The wind is blowing.

I am running extremely late this morning.

I took some photos.

Pretty flowers from the front of our temporary office location.

The rain and early morning beauty of the green grass, trees and plants.

But I did not realize when I was snapping photos the phone takes almost like videos but photo bursts.

Anyway …. no photos ….

Have to run.


I wish you all an awesome Friday.

Be kind to yourself and to others.



Always, Carol & Alvin



Living … One day at a time.


The rain has been coming down in varying strengths since yesterday morning.

The umbrellas on the patio tables are drenched and drooping where they stand.

The grass is a brilliant kelly green.

I am certain that all the bunnies and other wildlife are taking protection in the bushes.

Good for the forest fires – if they are getting this rain up north.

Even poor Mr. Alvin did not want to go out in the rain.

I had to grab an umbrella and go out with him but I know that he is not finished.

So will be making another trip out with my big family sized umbrella.

The sky is that shade of grey that looks like the rain has set in for a long time.

I hope that it stops so that my boy can finish his morning ritual / business.

Kind of sounds like it may have slowed down.

I will have to keep this post short.

I am sorry about that.

Only so much time in the morning or at least this morning.



When it is raining in the morning do you just want to stay under the blankets and sleep?

I do, Alvin does.



Sometimes, I wish that Alvin could talk.

I wonder what he would say?

I wonder all of the time what he is thinking.


Food for thought.


Well Living … one day at a time …..

Today in the rain.

I have a dental appointment this afternoon so I see walking in the rain a few times in my future.

Thankfully I have an umbrella but am wishing that I had rubber boots.


Happy Thursday


Always, Carol & Alvin



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