It is a NEW YEAR.

Good Morning and Welcome to a bright almost sun filled morning sky as the sun begins to rise in the east.

I absolutely love sunrises.

The palest of pinks and oranges and yellows.

So delicate as they fill the horizon.

Looks like another beautiful day on the way.


Alvin and I are doing well.

I cannot believe, well yes I can, actually.

How wonderful the people are that I have surrounded myself with …. they are the best.

I have the best siblings, daughter and son-in-law and friends.

Everyone has been so great.

My friends that live nearby have been so great checking to see if I need anything from the grocery store.

My family checks on me and I on them.

Likely not enough.

I am working from home so that fills a good chunk of the day.


We had a great walk yesterday after work.

Humphrey spent the day with us.

His Mom took him to the Vet for a 3:30 p.m. appointment and they were able to fix him up.

Humphrey will be on antibiotics for a bit but he was happy when it was all over.

Thank goodness.


A friend picked me up more groceries yesterday and another dropped off some eggs.

We chatted as we social distanced ourselves from each other.

No hugs at this time.


Another friend down the street called to see how Alvin and I were doing.

They are older than me and they still worry about us.

I worry about them but they are well and that is great news.


I can smell the coffee perking and I am happy to have freshly ground coffee beans.

I am so grateful for that little PLUTO video, noticed it was called PLUTO LIVING.

Please google it.

PLUTO is this little dog and he speaks with kind words for us all.

I am not certain who does the voice, perhaps his Momma but it is so well done.

A reminder to us all.

Look after your friends and neighbours and family.

The seniors really our help at this time, egads I am in some circles considered to be a senior.

But I am doing great.

Check in on folks.

If you know of someone struggling and you can give them even a couple of cans of beans or veggies or a loaf of bread of some bathroom tissue, do it.

If we all did this we could feed a nation.

We can all share something of what we have whether it be inspiration, kind gestures, food goods, something.


Well I am getting close to time to head downstairs and grab some coffee.

THe smell is increDible …. as if wafts up the stairs.

My Alvin is adjusting to this all ….

He knows when his blankets are close to the computer by the window I am writing my post.

Then when I move them he knows I am working.

He has really been great through all of this.

He does sometimes jump up from a nap when my cell phone rings (work line).


I hope that you are getting some exercise and fresh air.

Even when we are self isolating it is good to go for a walk.

Just stay away from folks.

You can still say HELLO from a distance.

Eat right.

It is hard to stay away from the comfort food.

A little here and there is okay.


Have a great Thursday.

I hope that you and your family are doing well.

Be kind to each other.

We need each other at this time and always.

This too, shall pass.

We are strong.

Support each other.

With kindness and respect.


With only kindness and respect to you,

Always, Carol & Alvin


P.S. please remember to laugh…..


Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 29th day of January, 2019.

Appears we might miss the bitter cold that is affecting so much of the country.

It is cold but does not appear to be the minus 40-50 temperatures of other areas.

Stay inside …. keep warm…..


Not good for any warm-blooded creatures, remember that….

We may have two legs instead of four but we are all warm-blooded creatures.

It is time that we started to be more respectful.

Never too late to be kind and respectful.


Alvin is lying on his blue blanket and relaxing.

I am taking the bus to and from work, today.

Grateful for the bus.

It is a few blocks so will be bundling up for sure.


Last night Humphrey stayed with us from 6:30 – 9:45 p.m. – the boys did good.

Pretty much kept their distance for the most part although at one point Humphrey did sit with us on the sofa.

One on each side of me.

Humphrey sure likes the tablet and places his paws on the screen and intently watches the movements.

Both went outside for a bit.

Funny, as soon as I opened the door and Alvin went out – no matter where Humphrey was in the house, he ran as fast as he could to go outside.

He certainly loves being outside.


Well not too much longer before have to leave for work.

Sure would be nice to hibernate for the winter.

Just stay inside all toasty warm.

I guess that would not be much fun.

Perhaps I should have been a bear.

Maybe next time.

Who knows.


Every day is a lesson in life.

If you get a lower grade than you should …. study more to do better the next day.

Simple as that.


Be kind and respectful.

Remember gratitude.

Some days you may feel low but things will be better.

Remember, it is the MINDSET.

Happy Tuesday.


Special Hello to: my sister and my friend V …. thank you ladies for being so supportive and kind.  Alvin and I love you both.

Always, Carol & Alvin



Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 16th day of December, 2014.

One more day closer to Christmas.

Exactly eight sleeps until Christmas Eve and nine until Christmas Morning.

Last night I took out all of my holiday Christmas tins, all 8 of them and filled them up with goodies to distribute to friends and family and co-workers.

If you celebrate this day …

Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Do you go to church Christmas Eve?

Do you have a big meal on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Do you have family and friends to your home or do you go out?

Perhaps you travel to family at a distance.

I know people celebrate this day in many ways.

Really it is a personal preference  ….. do what feels good to you.

If you prefer to be alone …. then be alone.

If you feel like going to a restaurant to eat then go?

If you feel like cooking for 20 then cook for them.

We open gifts Christmas gifts.

We sleep in a bit on Christmas morning.

We have our big meal for dinner/supper Christmas day.

If there were children in the house it would be gift opening Christmas morning.

I love our personal ritual …… it is quiet and fun.

We enjoy each other’s company and of course, the gifts.

The puppies partake as well.

They get presents, too.

Alvin always tells me what to buy everyone !!

He is one smart puppy.

Well almost time to leave for work at the office.

I hope that whatever your plans are this holiday season that you are safe and happy.

Keep things simple.

Easy “peezy” ….. how do you spell that word ….. “peazy” – well I do not think it is an actual word.

Have a great day, my friends.

Special Hello to: my sister …… talk to you soon.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 3rd day of December, 2014.

Another day closer to Christmas.

I am so excited to do some Christmas baking this Saturday.

The plan is to make sugar cookies, macaroons and fudge.

Those are the main ones and if something else sneaks in there that would be fine as well.

I love to bake.

I am going to try and be a bit fancy decorating the sugar cookies this year.

Will have to figure something out …. no ideas at the moment …. just know that I want to make them different and pretty.

I hope that you have your list made and that you are zipping along with each task on it.

Just take one day at a time.

That is what I try to do.

If you look at the number of days left you might just feel overwhelmed.

Also even if you do happen to run out of time …… Christmas always turns out.

It is more the feelings that you have and are surrounded by than actual physical things.

More than a feeling …….

Well almost time to go to work.

Today I work at the office and then tonight at the store.

I love helping people find just the right gift.

Thanks again for reading my blog.

Have a fantastic day.

Oh, by the way I went to have my eyes checked yesterday afternoon and they are actually better distance wise and a bit less so close up.

No surprise.

I ordered some new specs and sunglasses and then there will be a new me.

It is like dressing up in a costume …. I always feel like a new person when I get new glasses.

The same applies to hair cuts.

Which reminds me …. almost time for me to trim my hair.

Yes, I cut my own hair.

Just basic but it works.

Happy Wednesday.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Special Hello to: anyone with a Birthday this month ….. Happy Birthday …..


Reminder to Everyone – Life is like that…..

The past couple of weeks I have been working on medical appointments.  You know going to the Doctor for a check-up.  Well, now when you get a new Doctor – you must do the “meet and greet” and then see if they want to take you on as a patient. I found this strange but yet a great idea.  Guess it can work both ways.  Anyway, I met the Doctor, and he is nice.  He gave me the paperwork to go to the Lab for blood work, and urine sample and also to go and have a mammogram.

Also I made an appointment to go and have my eyes checked.  Lucky for me, all of the medical offices are in my neighbourhood.  My eyes only changed slightly.  My distance vision improved slightly, so that means my close-up has depreciated slightly.  Oh well, likely a sign of years.  One good thing is I got to pick out new glasses.  Always nice to get a new pair of frames.  Makes me feel like a new woman.  Giggling out loud or GOL.

Yesterday, I had the lab and mammogram appointments (both in same building, how very convenient and I am grateful).

First appointment was at the lab.  The technician, Alma took a few tubes of blood from my arm (which was absolutely painless, thank you Alma) which was followed by the “pee in the cup”.  They have a few rules that you must follow to give them a proper sample but it was painless.  Good instructions.  LOL.  Alma also presented me with this plastic ziploc bag with some papers and stuff inside.  She said “I have some homework for you”.  I thought great.  I haven’t been in school for what 35 years, and now I am getting homework.  Guess what the homework was??  Never thought it was a “stool collection”.  That is not my idea of “homework” more like yuck.  Horror all of horrors, taking a popsicle type stick and well perhaps the details here are not important (I am certain that you get the picture).  LOL.  Wow, just thought of something.  Why would we call something you sit or stand upon a “stool” …..?

Oh, I forgot to say that the building that housed the lab and mammogram offices …. also had some stores.  Zellers and Shoppers.  So guess what – I went shopping.  Always a good way to spend time when you are early.  Found some pj’s on sale, and picked up some notebooks for writing, and yes, the winning lottery tickets.  I have them…..  Reminder to always be early and book extra time in between appointments.

Also had to do the old mammogram.  I feel for those ladies who are less endowed as it is not entirely a fun process.  Although it certainly wasn’t awful.  It seems strange to me in this day and age, with all of our technology – that we do not have a better way to check our breasts for unwanted objects.  I mean really – sticking your boob between two plates of glass. There just has to be a better way.  The young lady that looked after my “boobs” for the mammogram was lovely.  Had a great sense of humour.  I think that would be number one on the list of things needed to do that particular job.  I felt complete, when I had the ladies in the waiting room laughing over the size of boobs.  Since I turned 50 – they really do start to do the Snow Bird thing by going south.  It is not a pretty sight with no bra.  But I know that I am not alone.  LOL.  Appointments completed.  Just have to do the homework.  Remember do not p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-e on this one.

I was also grateful that my kids were able to drive me there and pick me up.  How wonderful is that.  I think that I should buy a car.  A beautiful shiny red – Toyota – RAV4.  That is the one that I would love to own.  Okay back to the story.

Upon arriving at home, I found a phone message from the Optometrists Office letting me know that my new eyeglasses had arrived.  So my wonderful daughter drove me over to pick them up.  When I first put them on ….. I thought yikes, I noticed the difference in the prescription right away.  Love the new frames.  They told me to start wearing them today (better to wait till morning).  Thank you.  Good advice.

Next item on my medical to do list is a visit to the dentist.  The appointment is a couple of weeks away.  Time for cleaning and check-up.

Well, that is it for now.  Just have to do my homework and go the dentist and ALMOST forgot ….. back to the Doctor for the “annual check-up” …… that’s okay.  I’m up for it……

So reminder to everyone – make sure that you have your medical appointments on a regular basis.

All of the technicians, nurses, and Doctors were amazing.  Made the process “painless” …….

Take care, be happy and healthy everyone.

Enjoy your life as much as I am enjoying mine.

Happy Days.

Always, Carol

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