Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 16th day of July, 2015.

IT IS RAINING …. oh, glorious rain …… the forecast is for two days of rain ….

I love hearing the pitter patter of the drops as they reach the windows.

The grass is already coming back to a nice hue of green as it was starting to turn yellow in the places.

The sky is overcast and that is okay.

We certainly can do without seeing sunlight for a couple of days.

So refreshing …. I am looking forward to my walk in the rain to the bus.

Somehow it is almost time to leave ….

Where does the time go?

I am energized and ready for the day.

I hope that wherever you are that you are having a glorious day.

Rain or not ….. have a happy happy Thursday.

I am sorry for no blog yesterday but I was home “feeling under the weather.”

Feeling great today …… YAY.

So if it is raining in your neighbourhood ….. grab your umbrella and go for a walk.

Nothing like splashing around in the rain.

Better get going here ….

Have a great day.

One more thing ….. I should mention …. there is one person in this household who is not a fan of the rain.

Guess who?

That would be Mr. Alvin.

He hesitated and waited and waited before he finally walked around the edge of the deck under the pergola before going down the steps to the grass.

He is so cute …..

That’s me Alvin.

Special Hello today to: my sister ….. see you soon.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Walking to and through the rain …

As I’m walking along,

Pace, brisk as I have set.

The rain softly falling,

from the sky a tranquil blue.

That yellow beacon peeping thru.

Birds are flying singing their songs.

I’m humming a song in my mind.

Humming and thinking of moments —

Times that were wonderful.

Hoping that I may see them once again.

The sun is covered by dark clouds.

Rain begins to fall with passion,

Hard and heavy.

Drops of rain bead upon my face,

As I hasten my pace toward home,

I’m soaked through but no matter,

Dry clothes await me.

Rounding the corner I’m almost home.

There I will be dry – still thinking of those treasured times.

Wishing you were here – with me.


Written by CY Lewis, August 18, 1990

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