Thought for the day ……


Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 27th day of March, 2016.

It is a bright and sunny morning here in Edmonton.

Happy Easter Everyone.

After our early morning rise so that Mr. Alvin can eat and go outside; we went back to bed.

I fell back asleep, and then a bit later woke up and just laid there ….. thinking about life and people.

Today feels like a day more than others filled with Love.

We do not say it enough.

I wrote this poem many decades ago and it is for you …..

To all my friend and family ……

Have a great, great day …….

May you be surrounded by loved ones and great memories.


There is something on my mind

That I want to say

I’ve thought it a million times

And showed it in many ways

And as my mind drifts

To some far island shore

I stop and think

How lucky I am

It’s you that I adore.

But still I find it hard to say

But yet it’s very true

In itself it’s so simple .

It is only – I LOVE YOU !

Written by Carol Lewis (1976)


Special Hello to: my family and friends all over the world ….. Alvin and I would like to wish you a very special Sunday …. Easter Sunday.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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