Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 7th day of December, 2013.

There are 18 sleeps till Christmas morning.

Wow, how did that happen?


The western Canadian provinces have been experiencing deep freeze temperatures for the past week.

I heard on the weather channel it is supposed to warm to – 16 degrees celsius, that will be so nice.

As I look out of my office window the smoke from the chimneys is slowly rising in the air.

Even too cold for the smoke from our furnaces.

Just above the horizon the sky is a pale coral whispering up to the soft blue hue.

Very beautiful.

It is so quiet …. no one is out …. too cold.

I must say that once I get my “butt” out of bed I do enjoy the mornings.

It is funny that when it is this cold …. all I want to do is EAT and SLEEP.

I feel like a polar bear and at this point if I am not careful I am going to look like one.

Now all your polar bears living on this planet please do not take offence as you are a beautiful creature.

I only meant “size” … and I am not supposed to be “BIG.”

Oh well, soon this shall pass.

Time to get going …..

I hope that if you are living somewhere with cold temperatures that you remember two things.

Both children and pets should stay indoors.

Play games with them but do not let them play outside.

Too easy to get hypothermia.

Last night on my way to work the bus was late and I waited for over 25 minutes outside in the minus 30’s.

I did dress for it so the only thing cold were my toes.

I guess two layers of socks was not the best idea ( perhaps too tight ).

Anyway, just be aware.

Don’t leave pets or children in your car now either or any time, actually.

Have a great Saturday.

Sorry I didn’t mean to scold but yesterday on my way to work I heard a dog howling outside …..

It may me “mad” and “cry” ……

We need to treat each living creature with respect starting with yourself.


Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 14th day of November, 2013.

How are you this morning?

One of my coworkers and I remarked yesterday about how when we leave work it is all about going home and eating and going to sleep.

I think that is pretty much true of any of us who live in a climate marked by the temperature drop of the seasons.

We are just like the bears …. eat and sleep.

I had big plans for last night but then it was raining after I got home and well no walk for Alvin.

(can you believe, rain in Edmonton in the middle of November!)

He did enjoy being out in the back yard in the rain.

He loves being outside and sniffing about the back yard.

I love watching him.

Oh well, I am like 99.9% of the human population on this planet and we like to eat and sleep.

Sometimes more than others but we do just the same.

Oh well, I did enjoy watching The Voice …… each year the talent is more amazing.

What a way to spend the evening.

So on this Thursday I wish you well and lots of energy.

Perhaps it is time to start using the treadmill who has made a lovely holder of my yoga mats.

Oh well, I am human.

Have a great day.

If I had one wish for everyone it would be that you are kind.

KINDNESS should be the one thing that everyone strives to be.

Special Hello to: all those dear friends and family who have lost loved ones as of late ….. you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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