Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 25th day of May, 2016.

YAY, the sun is shining and it feels good.

The sky is that pretty blue.

I am not complaining about our almost five days of rain, no sir.

Because it was just what the Doctor ordered.

But now he orders sunshine and that is good.

I am so grateful for the moisture and hopeful that we will receive more over the course of the summer months as it is needed.


Mr. Alvin was so funny last night.

We were chilling on the sofa, the Momma watching the taped VOICE and watching the top four perform and Alvin with his chew treat beside him.

One minute it was on the sofa and the next it was on the floor and then the whimpering began.

So the good Momma that I am – I picked it up for him.

Not in the beginning paying too close attention to what was going on.

As I mentioned I was watching the VOICE and also enjoying a cup of “steeped” tea.

Again, the treat was on the floor and the whimpering began.

Again, I picked it up and next thing I knew I saw him out of the corner of my eye pushing it to the edge and off.

It was a game.

He got me.

So cute.

We played the game for a bit.

Best of two worlds …. playing …… snuggling with me Alvin and watching the VOICE.

If you know who won …. I do not as yet.


We enjoyed our first walk in a few days last night.

It was a great evening.


Well here we go again time to go to work.

The evenings sure pass quickly.


Have an awesome day everyone.

Take Care.


Special Hello to: my sister ……

Always, Carol and Alvin

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