Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 3rd day of September, 2013.

It is a absolutely gorgeous morning here in Edmonton as the children in public schools head back.

Heard the school buses drive by our house and the neighbourhood school ring it’s bell.

I saw a neighbour last night when me and Alvin were out for our nightly stroll and they both had taken today off as their five year old starts kindergarten today.

How exciting.

Oh and I have my office window open and there is the most delightful cool breeze blowing in and it is so refreshing.  Okay back to the point….. LOL.

Anyway I remember my daughter’s first day of kindergarten that was many moons ago in 1985.

We shopped to find the perfect outfit for her first day to school.

She was so excited for school.

We practised counting, colouring, abc’s and all of the things that she would learn in school.

She actually knew all of those things and could read by the time she started kindergarten … some of the perks of having only one child.

You have the time and energy to do all of those important things.

I did also work full-time but I had always loved school so we put the time in to make sure she knew those things.

Also most important was “manners” and I made certain that from the time she could utter her first words that she could say “please” and “thank you” and knew what they meant.

So on this first day back at school I hope that all the children out there have an amazing first day and that school is amazing for you all.

I did love going to school…… the best time of my life.

Well today I am continuing my vacation.

Worked at the store Friday night, Sunday and yesterday but now have some time off at home.

Number One item on the list is to go through my office and get it back in order.

Also have to go through emails and get them cleaned out as I for some reason like to hang on to them.

Can you be a “hoarder” on-line ….. emails?

We could call it “O-hoarder” ……  LOL.

Special Hello to: all those Parents sending your children off to school ….. take a deep breathe you will be okay!

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

OMG, what a gorgeous Thursday morning, and today is July 5th, 2012.

The sky is that powder blue and the SUN is shining.  YAY.

It has been raining here for several days and I, we are excited to see the sunshine.

We had needed the moisture so it has worked out perfectly.

Now for some sunshine so that all the “green stuff” can grow including all of the flowers.

This morning when I looked out my bedroom window there was a huge “bunny” sitting on my lawn by the front porch.

I picked up Alvin to show him and he looked intently.

When I let him down …. he stood on his hind legs and watched the rabbit for several minutes not uttering a sound.

Then he jumped up on the bed and continued to watch the bunny for “action.”

Finally after several minutes even giving me time to run downstairs to grab my camera so that I could snap a couple of photos of our visitor …. then he/she got up, and looked around.

Then he/she proceeded to the edge of my lawn and ate some “weeds” and then looked for cars “I swear, he/she did” …. and then hopped across the street.

Alvin was watching all of this from his comfortable spot on the corner of the bed.

How exciting.

I do not remember if I mentioned this or not but last week while waiting for my ride to go to work …. Alvin was looking out the window in the living room …. he definitely had spotted something out there.

So I checked and sure enough there was a gopher standing up by the corner of the porch just looking about.  Alvin’s barking and excitement did not seem to bother the little guy.

Once again, I grabbed my camera which happened to be in the living room but alas the gopher moved so I did not get that perfect snap of him in the corner by the flower bed / porch.

But I did get a couple.  I will download/upload the photos on the weekend and post them on my blog …. so that you can see all of the wildlife that comes to visit us.

There isn’t just me and Alvin for wildlife in this neighbourhood….. LOL.

I would just like to acknowledge all of my readers ….. I have noticed comments in my email and I am so thankful that you read my words and I hope that they bring a smile to your face.

Sorry for the run on sentence …. there is always so much to say and I am writing this always as I am about to leave for work.  Even thought I am up at 5 a.m. ….. those two hours seem to fly by.

But I love to write and love for you to read my work.

Thank you again.

Have a great Thursday …..

Special Hello: to everyone who reads books, blogs, emails, magazines, signs ….. just as long as you READ….. that is the best thing.

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin (who is having a rest).

Thought for the day……

I was going through my 3000 + emails in my hotmail mailbox this morning,  and was re-reading comments from my friends and family about my BLOG, some about Facebook and some just life.  For some reason, I tend to think of emails as letters, and have a hard time deleting them.  So I made some folders and “saved” the important ones.  The others I deleted.  I only got through about  maybe 300.  It is a big job.  Being a sentimentalist is a FULL TIME job.  Really it is.  As I read all of the kind words and stories that were brought on by the stories on my blog – I realized that “I AM TRULY THE MOST BLESSED PERSON ON THE PLANET”.   When someone tells you that your words brings tears to their eyes or a smile to their face or laughter to their soul, you know that you are truly blessed.  The night before last I was having a “small pity party” …. for one.  Unfortunately Alvin had to listen to the rants and raves and tears of a “semi depressed woman”.   But I am pleased to report that it only lasted for a short time.  It happened just when I went to bed.  You know when the house is quiet (because I forgot to turn on the dishwasher) and the furnace had not cut in just yet ….. anyway it happens.  All is well – great in fact.  I am back on track.  Just wanted to share that with you.  To prove that I am human, too.  We all are.  If you are extra blessed, and have a companion that speaks your language (not Alvin, he speaks dog and I have yet too figure it all out, LOL) you can bounce things off that person (I do not mean, like a vase or anything) but your thoughts and feelings.  I have Alvin in bed beside me at night and although I love him to pieces – he has not figured out how to articulate “it will be okay, Mama so please just go to sleep” ……  He is pretty smart so perhaps one day he will.  Okay, I got off track here.

The thought for this day is really that if you are surrounded by friends and family whether they are down the street or a province away …… you are not alone.  There is email, Facebook, Skype and the good old reliable “telephone” so no excuses not to reach out.  Even if it is 10:00 at night – if you need someone – remember to call.

Have a great great great day EVERYONE.  You are all so important to me.  I shall meet you in my dreams.  We will hook up at the BIG log cabin in the mountains – in front of a roaring fireplace – laughter filling the room and we shall all be sipping on hot cocoa (or baileys) as we gaze out of the wall sized windows onto the most incredible scenery in the world.  So until then, I am going for a cup of coffee.  As I sit on the sofa sipping on my coffee, I shall gaze out my living room windows to the street where the snow banks are higher than the rooftop of most of the cars that are parked across the street from my house…..and I shall think ……. isn’t life GRAND.

Love Always, Carol

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