Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, November 23rd, 2012.

My “day off from the office” and BLACK FRIDAY for all those shoppers out there.

As I type these words I wonder how many millions of people are trudging through the snow and crowds to find great deals.

Is this because people really need things or just because they think they can get a great deal.

I have never had enough disposable income that I could go out and just buy because it was a great deal.

Of course, over the years I have bought things that I really did not need ….. and they are either in the garage, basement or literally gave away at a garage sale.

It is always a good idea to just buy what you need ….. sometimes okay to buy things because you want them…. just as long as you do not go overboard.

I think that is part of our global financial crisis …. we are spending way beyond our means.

Been there – done that.

These days I pretty much buy what I need and treat myself once in awhile.

I think by doing that I am being more of a responsible human being and caretaker of this planet.

Trust me, I know how much fun it is to shop …….. I love to shop ….. I used to compare myself to the character in the books by Sophie Kinsella, The “Shopaholic” …. but I wasn’t quite at her level.

Anyway on this “Black Friday” ….. let us be responsible and smart.

Have fun shopping …. as my Grandmother used to say “everything in moderation” ……..

Special Hello to: to all those shoppers out there ……


Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin ……. “who on any given day, wonders about his Momma” ….. LOL

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