It is a NEW YEAR.

Good Morning.

Hello Monday.

The sky is overcast between early morning and snow.

There are no colours in the sky to the east.

We will not see the sunrise from this vantage point.

I feel sad as I missed seeing the SPACE STATION in the night sky.

I believe it was last night.

That would have been cool for sure.


Alvin is resting on his little bed beside me.

Coffee is brewing.

Work awaits me …. my start time is 8:00 a.m.

I always sign on before so that I can be all set up and ready to go and yes, sometimes I start early.

I am 62, it is a hard habit to break.

Being early and giving a job 150%.

I am trying to stick to taking breaks and lunch.

Alvin is a great reminder as he already knows our schedule.

Thank goodness, do not even need a watch to be reminded.

He is one smart cookie.


The next few days are to be cooler than previous ones.

Yesterday we enjoyed a nice walk.

On our way home I had to put up the hood on my coat.

But other than that it was pleasant.

The streets / sidewalks were frozen in the morning when we walked so easy on the paws.

Friday Alvin was a big muddy mess when we arrived home from our second walk of the day.

Weather, Canada, Alberta, end of March …… it is always a surprise.

Are we really surprised?

No, not really.

After all, we are Canadians and the weather changes sometimes within an hour or less.


Yesterday I had a video chat / facetime (I don’t really like that term) with my daughter.

It was great.

We walked around our houses …. showing anything that changed.

Showing all the pups, Alvin, Aspen and Milo.

I took the opportunity to show off my plants.

They are doing great.

Big and bigger.


We had a quiet day after the chat with our girl.

Watched television and I worked on my bead painting that I started on the 14th of March when we had a girl’s night.

That seems like forever ago.

I am still not finished the painting but it is coming along.

I will post pictures when I have finished.


Hopefully you had a great weekend.

Able to rest and recharge.

Perhaps did some video chatting with family and friends.

Maybe cleaned out a closet or two.

Read a good book and likely finished.

Watched a movie or zipped through a taped t.v. series or on demand.


Whatever you are doing on this day be safe.

Think about yourself and others when you go about your day.

Stay in the house unless you are walking or absolutely have to leave for work or food.

It is really important that we follow the instructions set out by Medical and our Leaders.

If you think it will not happen to you, you may be surprised.

Keep an eye on the young ones most especially the teenagers who always think they are invincible.

No one is ….

So follow the instructions.

Get lots of rest, keep hydrated, eat properly, get exercise, keep commonly touched areas clean.

Keeping your anxiety/stress levels low is also important.


Okay on that note, I am going to have that cup of freshly brewed coffee before I get signed onto my work laptop.

Please look after yourself and those around you.

Do the social distancing …..

We have the technology so there is no need to be running about to visit your best friend for example.

You can see their pretty face ….. video chat.


In kindness and with respect,

We shall remain,

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Well, as this winter carries on in all it’s glory (by the way it is snowing once again).

What do you do?

Do you remember when you were a child and it was snowing outside?

When it was a school day and the bus couldn’t make it …… I was SAD.

I loved school.

Okay, perhaps I could come up with a better example.

What do you do when it storming outside?

Curl up on the sofa or on your bed with a good book?

Or perhaps your spouse if you are blessed to have one.

Maybe you whip up that yummy batch of chocolate chip cookies.

And then sit on the sofa, watch a movie and pig out on cookies.

That would be good.

Or perhaps you play a game with your children, if you have them still at home.

Or perhaps you play an on-line game of bingo or solitaire.

Or perhaps you call your best friend and talk for several hours.

Maybe you clean the house ……. nope ….. there has to be something else.

There is always laundry but I say no way.

I am seriously considering training Alvin to play some kind of game.

He is really smart and I sure that there is something out there beside “go fetch” that he could do.

Maybe “go fish” ……. ruff ruff..

Well, those are my thoughts for this day.

There is always something to do on a snowy ┬áSunday – you just have to decide what it is, that you really want to do.

So have a great snowy Sunday wherever you are ….

Always, Carol


P.S. if you are more than blessed to be living or visiting somewhere that is dry without SNOW and the sun is SHINING ….. then for gosh sake’s GET OUTSIDE and Enjoy……

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