Thought for the day……

When the sun is shining – make sure that you get outside.

It is just that simple.  Alvin and I went for a walk a few hours ago and it was heaven, really magical.

On these early fall days just when the sun’s heat is slightly less hot, and there is a slight coolness to the air …..

my goodness there is nothing better.  I love these days.  Really love them.  I feel like a child again.

So feel better – get off the sofa – or out of the office at your break – JUST PLEASE GO OUTSIDE.

I promise you, as the sun and fall air gently grace your face, you will feel like a million dollars, no TEN MILLION DOLLARS.

Have a great day everyone.

Always, Carol

P.S.  and yes, Sir Alvin is lying on the comfy chair beside my stool.  Curled up and content.  It is truly a Dog’s Life.  Well at least my dog’s.  LOL


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